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  1. Smoked Bambi the end of August on the way back from Gillette. Two of his brothers were already across the road and he just couldn't wait. Thought I had that little bastard cleared, but tagged him at the last second. Dented the front passenger door enough for a body shop trip, caught the bottom leading edge of the RF fender, and whacked the bumper cap good. By the grace of God the headlight and the actual chrome bumper appear to have survived with no damage. That demon also sheared the valve stem clean off the right front, must have caught it with his teeth. Wheel otherwise seems ok, it rebalanced fine, holds air, and there was no concerns from Big O. Got some decent scratches in it though. That, along with apparent tumbleweed damage on the left front (more scratches, I hate scratches), and I figured I'd get 4 new wheels, 4 new valve stems and TMPS sensors, and 4 new center caps to go with my new Defenders. Just waiting to get him in the shop before I start putting on new parts. Also got a new air dam (going to try actually using the recommended torque specs) and a front bumper skid plate (rock damage, keep and repaint the old one) to go on. Thanks to hail storms over the summer, the body shop initially thought December. I got an appointment of November 11th, but the wait is still killing me. After 3.5 years of driving in Wyoming winters, and a few close passes with plow trucks, my AC condenser finally let go. I know the K2s are known for faulty condensers, but judging by the appearance of mine I think it's safe to say airborne debris took it out. Cooling was gradually deteriorating, this past summer it seemed I had to stay at the LO setting more, but halfway through September it quit completely, air was ambient temp of the cabin, if not warmer. Luckily found a Mahle supplied ACDelco unit at the local dealer. Seeing as my radiator has a slow but growing leak, I got a new one of those off ebay as well as the hoses and the T-Stat. I've come to know the parts guy here well, and he's been helpful before, so when he said the original T-Stats aren't kind to the plastic rad tanks, I figured it was a good idea. Speaking of which, if my AC is blowing warm, and I've spotted a leak on the front of the condenser, would it be safe to assume the condenser is empty, and go ahead and swap in the new one? Would prefer not to have to make 2 trips to the shop for a system evac, though if it's needed I don't have much choice. Sigh. When it rains it pours. And the poor guy still needs a proper bath.
  2. THANK YOU I was considering sending a clean sample of Quaker State to Blackstone for kicks for benchmarking. Can't find it on here, but I can compare my reports to see how even used stuff holds up. I'll have to share it with my best friend who has a GT350...he digs this kind of stuff too.
  3. Besides it's more fun to have all your ponies on tap at a moment's notice
  4. Good start, though the mileage is a bit high. Shockingly price isn't too out of line based on what I've messed with on KBB, especially if it's in sound condition. 'Pick your preferred options, color, etc, name a top price you're willing to pay, and let the games begin!
  5. Oh yeah. Gingerly peeled the barcode off the unscathed bottom, hermetically sealed that biohazard in two grocery bags, and hucked it in the dumpster out back.
  6. That's weird. I was really worried about that because I love my TuneSelect (got the max number of saves allowed) so I used a saver cord and hooked up my DieHard out of my Cadillac. Worked like a charm.
  7. The wind can be insane. I live in Casper, WY, and the wind can get atrocious. Back in October of 16 we had 70 mph gusts out of the SW. WY 220 heads southwest out of town, so I drove that for 50 miles, stopped, and returned. On the way out I got 15.4 MPG, and on the way back I got 36.4 MPG.
  8. Glad it didn't hurt anything. Sounds like an odd occurrence more than anything. People aren't perfect, but based on your description of the tech it doesn't sound like lackluster work.
  9. Still available? What does the flapper look like?
  10. Doubtful. If they have nobody to build anything it would make sense they wouldn't bother with taking orders. Sorry man.
  11. WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE! If that beast is anything like mine you'll LOVE it! Best of luck dude!
  12. Looking, will let you know if I find it. Do you have one of the older designs? EDIT I think I found it It's at the top of page four, old vs new
  13. I was laughing so hard I was in tears. You guys are a freakin' riot! For those of you doubting the possibility of these occurrences, I once had to clean up a coffee mug filled with crap. In the Sporting Goods department of a Kmart. People are rotten. Sad but true. So very very very true.
  14. What you may save now could cost you down the road. Inexpensive parts like that are tempting, but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I would try Moog as much as possible.
  15. AC Delco Fuel System Treatment Plus - 88865595 They very recently changed their formulation, it used to be basically rebranded Techron. I decided to give it a shot. I did go a little strong on my test dose, I used two whole bottles. Fuel economy JUMPED based on hand calculations from tank to tank. There was a very noticeable increase of at least 1.5 mpg per tank, and it was consistent across fuel brands (E0 usually nets 0.5 to 1.5 mpg better than E10). I can pull up specific numbers, but it was an eye opening improvement. He does run a bit better as well.
  16. I have a few chrome mirror caps that were on my truck prior to me changing them for ones in better condition (due to rock chips). There's not much left of the mounting clips, so I think I already know the answer, but is there much use for these after they've been removed from the truck? Thank you for your time.
  17. That's very encouraging! Just cleared 131k. All factory, no problems. Tires are close to the end of the road, still look great. Replacing them with identical Michelins. Very happy with the life on these Defenders, warranty is 70k and I'm at 71k with 4/32nds. All front end components are solid, even after clipping a fawn west of Wright, WY. If only the body shop would get their butt in gear!
  18. I use Blackstone, they have been great and they happily send me boatloads of sample containers upon request for free
  19. Those that start with "help me spend my money" OK, cut me a check and I can do that!
  20. Looks good man, that's about what mine looks like after the 35k mark. I agree, no need to drop the exhaust, with some deft maneuvering it can come off with no additional part removal.
  21. Something to consider for the headlamps are WeatherTech Lampgards. Had them on since my incident in June of 2017 and they do a very fine job of absorbing the onslaught of aerial debris around here. The brakes on these are incredible. Nearly 131k miles and there's tons of life left.
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