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  1. Hey Phil, So if I have a 2015 Z71 with no memory seats but I want to retrofit some adjustable pedals, from what you're saying I assume all I have to do is install the pedals to the new switch panel (that will include the switch itself on the switch panel) and run it to the X51L fuse block? I looked at the Adjustable Pedal schematic (it states without A45) and it appears that the Instrument panel Switch and the Adjustable Pedal Motor runs to the X61A junction block which then runs to the X51L fuse box, which also connects to the K9 Body Control Module and then to the B81B Park Position Switch. Am I looking at the correct schematic? am i even correct? lol!! Looking to upgrade the pedals since my wife is 4'11" and she wants to pedals to come up. Page 3 https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/578/Sierra_Silverado_Electrical_Body_Builders_Manual_Service_Manual_2015_en_US.pdf
  2. That’s what I’m hoping for lol!
  3. Sup everyone! New to the page. Recently bought a 2015 Z71 4x4 Silverado with 106k miles. Purchased it on 11/23/20... 13 days later the tranny went out lol! Got the extended warranty and it’s currently at the Chevy dealer. Hoping to get her back soon. Leveled out the front but looking to get a 4.5 Zone lift and some 20x10’s on 33’s. Before the tranny went out added the 2” lift in the front and some swing cases in the bed. Looking forward to learning a lot from y’all. Here are some pics... nothing special right now. Had an ‘07 Avalanche before the Z71... she was good to me!
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