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  1. Experienced this for the first time today. 6,700 miles.video000000.mpeg
  2. I've never met anyone willing to pay for OnStar. But keep in mind even if you don't pay for it and the app has been uninstalled, you still have a cellular connection in your truck, so the potential of tracking and hacking is still there. We may never know what type of data GM is mining from all their vehicles...
  3. That sure is a bummer. Mine ended 2 weeks ago and I've been using remote start on the app every day. I wonder why one vehicle would have it and another not.
  4. Engine Tick - 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3

    Mine is not directly related to throttle position. It is linked to RPM. If I'm at a high RPM and let off the throttle to slow down the ticking noise continues even off the throttle and slows down as the RPMs lower.
  5. Deal of the century?

    Probably discounted after all available incentives plus student discount, first responder discount, military discount, teacher discount. Around here that is how all the vehicles are advertised. I'd like to see a student that turned teacher, joined the military, then became a first responder all within 2 years.
  6. The only two tone I like is the King ranch. Never came across a Chevy two tone that I liked.
  7. No phone ring while XM

    Under Settings > Bluetooth > Ringtone are ringtone options. See what you have configured there. Also, starting with Android v 8.0, in-band Bluetooth Ringtone support is finally added. This means the phone's ringtone can be played through the headset, rather than no ringtone or the headsets manufacturers custom ringtone (in this case instead of a headset it is the head unit)
  8. AFE Momentum GT on 6.2L noise increase?

    Installed the intake today. Don't notice a difference in performance. Didn't install the plug on the air box. Noise is loud when you get on it but not crazy and it completely covers the noise from my GM performance exhaust. Normal driving and you barely know it's there.
  9. I had a warranty and cancelled it before I traded my old car in. The warranty company refunded a pro-rated amount to the dealer I bought it from and the dealer wrote me a check for the refund. Took about 30 days because the warranty company says they issue refund checks to the dealers once a month in bulk. Lien holder had nothing to do with it. Never used it and I'll never purchase one again. Too many restrictions.
  10. Body panel alignment issues

    I wonder what the process consists of and if there are chances of damaging the door. I'd be worried.
  11. The ventilated seat button is the most frequently used button I use! I'm sure it's going to wear out. Why can't all these cars remember the setting you last used? I've got a checklist to go through before I can even move. Unfold mirros- check, lower steering wheel -check, ventilated seats - check, fog lights -check, Pandora radio - check, activate Intellihaul cameras - check. Might as well fly around a helicopter.
  12. With the LED lights on these trucks I don't think it becomes any more difficult to distinguish the turn signal from DRL. I often see vehicles with their DRL off on the turn signal side, which not only looks strange but is confusing because it looks like they have a dead light.in.
  13. Engine Tick - 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3

    I missed that post and noticed the same on mine. Forgot to reply back and update everyone. When I park if I turn my wheel 1/4 either way the ticking stops. Now I don't know if the ticking actually stops, or if it is something reflecting the sound so it cannot be heard from the inside anymore.
  14. Engine Tick - 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3

    I've been using premium since day 1. 6000 miles on it with all premium fuel and I have the tick. My tick goes away when slamming on the brakes or turning the steering wheel.
  15. Cold slight acceleration lunge

    On cold start my throttle isn't as smooth as if it has been running for a few minutes. If I blip the throttle a little after the RPMs increase when they go back down it goes very low like it is about to stall. If start it immediately and start driving at close to idle speed it does have a little variation in RPMs but nothing too outrageous. (I'm on a flat road so maybe going up an incline such as your driveway exaggerates this a little more). Forgot to mention, I have a 6.2L

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