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  1. Exhaust leak sound while under load

    Is there a way to know if my VIN is applicable for that TSB? My dealer said it's not but I feel like they don't know what they're doing.
  2. Looking at the front camera when driving even at low speeds gets me dizzy. The automatic switching to front camera would drive me crazy. I always back into a spot so my front camera is rarely used. The Itellihaul is a pain to switch cameras when reversing. You have to wait 7 seconds after you put it in reverse before you can hold down the back button for 3 seconds to change the camera when in reverse. This means you have to sit there for at least 10 seconds before you can change angles. That is what I hate most about the Intellihaul. The Intellihaul does have a significantly better angle for the mirrors because the cameras are placed on the far outside of the mirror (for the standard mirror) and not under the mirror like the ADC. Take a look at the videos on YouTube to compare the different angles and you'll understand. If you're towing then I would only consider the Intellihaul. Intellihual also replaces the top of the mirror housing so it looks OEM and requires no drilling.
  3. Yes, Yes, and Yes to those questions at least with the Intellihaul kit https://echomaster.com/intellihaul/ It replaces the mirror housing so it looks like it came from factory.
  4. I purchased the GM Performance Exhaust, which is said to be made by Corsa. Has some drone and sounds like a helicopter when in v4 mode. PART NO. 23462044 / 2014-2018 Performance Exhaust – Silverado 1500 with 5.3L V8 – LWB MSRP $1,195† PART NO. 23462045 / 2014-2018 Performance Exhaust – Silverado 1500 with 5.3L V8 – SWB (SHOWN) MSRP $1,195† PART NO. 23462042 / 2014-2018 Performance Exhaust – Silverado 1500 with 6.2L V8 – LWB MSRP $1,195† PART NO. 23462043 / 2014-2018 Performance Exhaust – Silverado 1500 with 6.2L V8 – SWB MSRP $1,195†
  5. Wow, out of a truck for a month!? 15 days into that you could file for lemon law in my state and be half way into a buyback.
  6. Exhaust leak sound while under load

    I have 6.2L and also only use 93. I got a new exhaust installed today and the tick is still present, so apparently it's not an exhaust leak.
  7. Yup that's how long it took, no idea why. It doesn't matter, nor do I care. I was just curious if they were full of it. I know the GM performance exhaust (which is not the Borla one) has a reprogrammimg for the ANC on the 6.2L with Bose system. I assume the reason is the level of sound or pitch of sound changes the way the noise cancelling works (probably making it not as effective) so GM made a new calibration for it. Dealer had no idea about this. I had to have the advisor put it in the notes. The advisor said they had to call GM and ask about it because they didn't know what I was talking about but GM did fill them in about the reprogramming.
  8. It's not as difficult as you would think if you take your time. I was worried about doing this myself but ended up doing it and believe I did a much better job than any shop because I was extremely careful with the door panels and mirror removal. I also know that even my dealer has never did an installation of this unit because they had no idea what it was, so they'd also be reading the instructions word for word and charge you double the hours it actually took. If I remember correctly it took me under 4 hours with no help and the brake light camera took 45 minutes. Intellihual has step by step video instructions for their kit and I'm sure the installation is almost the same. The hardest part for me was getting the mirror camera wire through the door boot but I used a zip tie and fished it through as the video mentioned to do. I did not run the front camera through the firewall boot. I was too afraid to cut it. I ran it through a hole on the driver's side door which you can see goes to the hood. I honestly think if you can change an air filter and replace the battery then this is a project is a step above that worth tackling. It doesn't require any mechanical skills or special knowledge and has very clear instructions. You just have to go slow. Take your time, watch the videos, and don't be afraid.
  9. I purchased an exhaust from accessories.chevrolet.com and paid around $67 to have the dealer install it. I told the service advisor to make sure that the noise cancelling is reprogrammed because I have the 6.2L with the Bose active noise cancelling. The dealer just called me and asked if I could pay them $50 for the noise cancelling. I was shocked, and of course said "no" because they should have asked me before they did the work and that is part of the installation process. They said they only get paid the $67 I paid to GM for installation and lost money so the $50 for the extra programming would cover their labor cost for the hour instead of charging me the regular rate. I don't believe that. Does GM really not reimburse the dealers for the time they spent installing the exhaust? Did they really only get paid $67 for approximately 3 hours of work?
  10. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Looks great. Were they able to color match it well? I wonder if it will fit around the Intellihaul CHMLS camera that goes around the brake light.
  11. What is E Assist considered?

    I would choose "5.3L GAS/ELECTRIC" because the E Assist has an electric motor.
  12. I've had it for 2 months now. 5,000 miles. Noticed it from day 1.
  13. I'd like to know the TSB as well because there's no way in hell my dealer is going to fix this. This happens several times a day and I always think it's a rock hitting my windshield.
  14. Android Auto Stupidity

    Just throwing this out there, I know it's stupid but did you check to make sure the time on the truck is the correct AM/PM?
  15. Exhaust leak sound while under load

    Sometimes I have the noise when I'm parked and I rev above 2,000 RPMs. If I turn the wheel while doing this then the sound goes away at certain wheel positions. I don't know if the sound is actually going away, or the position of the wheel or steering shaft is blocking the sound from going through the firewall so it is no longer noticible.

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