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  1. I'd like to know the same. Only available in new purchase? Can't add it before 3 year 36k expires? It's definitely just adding another 2 years 24k miles.
  2. Issue with apps..

    Called Chevy, what a bunch of idiots. Long story short, they raised a ticket to level 2 support and it will be "about 9 days" before anyone will look at it. I asked them if they had this issue reported by others and he said he received several other calls today with the same issue.
  3. Issue with apps..

    Just started happening to me today. Pandora, Weather, and iHeartRadio all don't work.
  4. I like the 22s and don't have any issues with ride comfort. You just have to be extremely careful around curbs as ShamrockShooter mentioned. It is quite easy to rub them because the sidewall is so narrow.
  5. Oil change intervals

    Apparently the oil percentage is nothing more than the percentage of remaining miles out of 7500 miles. No special algorithm based on RPMs, throttle position, runtime hours, etc. We've been duped. Went to 1% at 7420 miles. Goes down 1% every 75 miles. I would have been at 7495 when it went to 0%.
  6. bluetooth connectivity

    When you first pair the Bluetooth, your phone should promt you to grant access to your contacts. If not, go to Bluetooth settings, look for the Bluetooth device and click the (i) icon and make sure the Sync Contacts option is enabled and below that you have All Contacts selected. For the messages, make sure Show Notifications is enabled from the same screen. For the Nav, you have to have that option when you purchased the vehicle, otherwise you'll only have the Onstar nav. I'd use Apple Car Play for nav which is much better.
  7. They are only on when the doors open. They are brighter than I originally wanted but I'm happy with them now that have had them for a couple months. They are SMD 5050 LED lights, whereas the LEDs on your 12 inch strips are only 3528 so they are smaller and won't produce as much light.
  8. Rough Country sport bar/ tonneau cover

    May want to take a look at this thread: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/182304-bed-cover-with-sport-bar/
  9. Infotainment Apps?

    You only get what developers that have registered with GM for development access have created. I've spoken with two companies that have apps for the MyLink and based on my conversation nobody wants to develop for their architecture. They want to focus on Android Auto and Car Play and not build individual apps for all the different manufacturers. As a developer I don't blame them. It's too difficult to maintain product lines for all the different car manufacturer. Sticking with iOS and Android is much easier. It's s shame because the infotainment API has so many data points that can be used to make some pretty cool apps but I don't think we'll ever see the day where there is a marketplace with a wide variety of apps.
  10. Why only 10 years?

    They just don't want to be responsible for storing the data more than 10 years. If they said unlimited then they'd have to store the data indefinitely and keep the servers up and running forever even after they no longer have the service in newer vehicles or after they discontinue the service and come out with something better. I'm sure it's a restriction their legal department came up with, so they know their maximum liability for keeping the service up and running is 10 years after the last new vehicle that supports the service is sold.
  11. Experienced this for the first time today. 6,700 miles.video000000.mpeg
  12. I've never met anyone willing to pay for OnStar. But keep in mind even if you don't pay for it and the app has been uninstalled, you still have a cellular connection in your truck, so the potential of tracking and hacking is still there. We may never know what type of data GM is mining from all their vehicles...
  13. That sure is a bummer. Mine ended 2 weeks ago and I've been using remote start on the app every day. I wonder why one vehicle would have it and another not.
  14. Engine Tick - 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3

    Mine is not directly related to throttle position. It is linked to RPM. If I'm at a high RPM and let off the throttle to slow down the ticking noise continues even off the throttle and slows down as the RPMs lower.
  15. Deal of the century?

    Probably discounted after all available incentives plus student discount, first responder discount, military discount, teacher discount. Around here that is how all the vehicles are advertised. I'd like to see a student that turned teacher, joined the military, then became a first responder all within 2 years.

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