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  1. Just received a Murray condenser I ordered. I thought it would have the full seam weld but it's the same as oem. Should I return it and look for a full seam weld for peace of mind?
  2. Condenser just failed on me on the same spot weld. 2014 88k miles, purchased new in Nov 2013. Only issue I've had. Looking for options on DIY.
  3. See post above on difference in Springs.
  4. Great color combination. Anything new after owning it a little longer? How's the ride and quietness of the cabin while on the highway?
  5. 2014 Sierra 84,500 miles, original owner. No problems so far, my next maintenance step is to replace transmission fluid and filter.
  6. You can find the complete seats and console on Facebook listings for around $1,200 all day. That would be a start.
  7. 16+ Silverado LTZ and High Country have led tail lights. LT has halogen tail lights
  8. see my post on the previous page on the same flaw on the Malibu. It's basically going to to be the same fix with different size gaskets of course.
  9. I don't own a T1 but my wife's Malibu had a similar problem that I recently did the TSB on myself by ordering the parts instead of going to the dealer. The problem was they used the wrong nuts that with were not locking and with time and vibrations were getting loose. Also the gaskets were so thin as seen on some of the pictures here that the new ones are about 4 times as thick. Here is the TSB for reference. Hope it helps if anyone suspects the leak coming from the rear spoiler. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10165439-9999.pdf
  10. You can do the wiring yourself if you want to save some money. It's super easy as I just did the swap on my 14 sierra to the 16+ LED tail lights.
  11. This doesn't pertain to my sierra but my wife has a 2016 Malibu with CP but does not have AA programmed. How easy is it to get AA programmed to her HMI?
  12. Quick question, what controls the screen display, the radio module or HMI? I want to install this in my Sierra but want to see if there is a way to keep the color scheme the same as I already a denali cluster programmed by WAMS (not setup for AA/Carplay as it wasn't out yet).
  13. Try red tint film over them. I always wondered how that would look.
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