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  1. Quick question, what controls the screen display, the radio module or HMI? I want to install this in my Sierra but want to see if there is a way to keep the color scheme the same as I already a denali cluster programmed by WAMS (not setup for AA/Carplay as it wasn't out yet).
  2. Try red tint film over them. I always wondered how that would look.
  3. They won't fit, the Sierra and Silverado have different beds and tail light shapes/dimensions.
  4. What's the average price for a fluid and filter change?
  5. I would pick up the new panels when they come in and install them myself. Less opportunity for the tech to screw something else up.
  6. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2017-silverado-1500-crew-cab-audio-upgrade-kicker-subwoofer-kit/19303118-p-92292881.html cheapest price online.
  7. I have a 2014 SLT with DL3 mirrors. My puddle lights only come on at night when I unlock the truck. My brother has a 2018 LTZ with DL3 mirrors and his puddle lights also turn on if you open the door while the truck is still on, lets say if you put it in park and get out of the truck. Is there a way to make mine do the same? Maybe as easy as the simple diode mods done for other lights?
  8. Phil, Both harnesses connect to the same pin on the driver footwell correct? What is the wire length?
  9. Any updates on finding this rattle? Mine started doing it about a month or so ago. Currently at 77k miles.
  10. All terrain ready to paint https://www.ebay.com/itm/23258406-2016-2018-Sierra-1500-OEM-All-Terrain-Unpainted-Front-Grille-NEW/282148443417?fits=Year%3A2017|Model%3ASierra+1500&epid=655105377&hash=item41b15b9519:g:JoUAAOSwaB5Xvesl Elevation Edition ready to a paint https://www.ebay.com/itm/84065168-2016-2018-GMC-Sierra-1500-OEM-Elevation-Unpainted-Front-Grille/272533643805?fits=Year%3A2017|Model%3ASierra+1500&epid=518579737&hash=item3f7445621d:g:xvEAAOSw2xRYh7yQ
  11. Anyone in Houston know or recommend a reputable shop to do a transmission fluid and filter change?
  12. Did you ever find out how to get it? My wife's 16 Malibu is the same way. It has Carplay but didn't get the update for AA.
  13. Those are for K2 trucks, won't fit T1's based on the product description.
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