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  1. Confirmed to be the new Silverado via GM Exhibit.
  2. I tend to fold them often when using a drive thru ATM and getting in and out of my garage. I'll look at buying a new one and maybe tinker with this one when I have it apart to try and get it fixed with the replacement gear.
  3. Looking for a driver side power fold mirror for my 2014 Sierra. Located in Houston, TX Thanks in advance.
  4. My passenger side power fold mirror has always given me trouble as sometimes it won't fold. Usually some lubricating grease does the trick. Yesterday it did it again and now it does not fold out or fold in and "click" into position. It is loose, any idea if there's a way to get into it to see where the problem is if I remove it? Are there serviceable parts available or should I just get a used replacement? Thanks in advance.
  5. I see this all the time, I just wonder if the owner even realizes the defect.
  6. I have the same problem, burns 2 quarts every 3k miles. Currently at 95.5k miles. No other problems with it.
  7. I would just give your dealer a call and let them know that there was a mix up and if they can mail you a red set. They might let you keep the black set if they're nice enough.
  8. I really need to do this to mine as well, just dread the huge mess it makes. Hope it's a smooth install for you.
  9. How much would you sell your LED headlights for? I'm sure there is a simple harness that can be made to make them work.
  10. Are those Morimoto headlights? How do you like their output?
  11. I have the same issue, it almost seams like the gears are not aligning as when it does it, the mirror is loose. Takes a couple of tries and folding it manually to get it to lock again and operate. It does open and close slower than my passenger side as well.
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