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  1. 16 to 18 K2 headlights are LED projector. Not HID... Not all of them were LED. There were HID and LED headlights available for the Sierra and Silverado. 16-18 Sierra with halogen front turn signal - HID, same with Silverado.
  2. 2019 trail boss grill upgrade

    Dimension wise where they meet the headlights they are different.
  3. Mac Haik Chevrolet https://www.machaikchevy.com/VehicleSearchResults?search=new&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado 1500&minYear=2019&maxYear=2019
  4. Dealer in Houston already has LT Silverado's at 10k off MSRP.
  5. Seat stitching dye

    it's popular with the Corvette crowd. You can read up on it here and see all sorts of pictures. https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c7-general-discussion/3406768-best-2-49-interior-mod-ever-imho.html
  6. You are correct. 2014-2015 SLE trim do not have led daytime running lights if that is what you are looking for. They use the headlight as a daytime running light. You can upgrade to the SLT or even go to the 2016+ HID or LED headlights with an adapter harness.
  7. I06 Radio - Carplay

    Hardware is different. Carplay was released in 2016+ models.
  8. What size tire? Any rubbing at full lock? Looks good.
  9. They did when I bought my K2 back in Nov. 2013. The rear bumper pad was all scratched up and damaged. They replaced it with a mint one from another truck on the lot.
  10. Frontend Conversion.

    I would of used the LED headlights, which are standard on 16+ Denali's but looks good otherwise.
  11. I agree, ever since Ford has been using aluminum door skins, they look terrible at that angle with all sorts of warping going on.
  12. Have you tried pressing and holding down the voice command button to see if it bypasses the GM voice command and connects to the AA voice command?
  13. Denali cluster in SLT

    On my SLT it showed nav directions but on my Denali cluster it shows the actual map which is kinda cool. As for the other info pages, you might have them not active so they don't show. Check under settings and activate them.
  14. Denali cluster in SLT

    My engine hours, idle hours didn't transfer either when I did the swap. As for NAV, I don't think the SLT cluster showed the map on the DIC unless it was new on the 2018's. Do you have any pictures?
  15. Denali cluster in SLT

    It can be done, you will need a Denali cluster from a 2014. It will have red back lighting though.

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