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  1. 22.5 mpg is really good, are you keeping it under 65mph on the highway? I didn't even get that on mine before I disabled it.
  2. Check grounds like Rav3 mentioned and disconnect the battery for 10 min. See if anything changes.
  3. A bad cat would throw CEL codes almost immediately and you would feel no power under acceleration. I just replaced mine as Bank 2 was clogged after one of my DOD lifters collapsed. Buy oem AC Delco wires and plugs to see if fixes your issue.
  4. OEM Cats are on back order with no eta from GM. Any recommendations on aftermarket that will work like oem and keep the CEL off? Magnaflow cats a good option?
  5. I forgot to mention, after the drive, I used an infrared gun to check the temperatures of the cats while it was still on, bank 1 cat was at ~210 degrees and bank 2 at ~250 degrees.
  6. I swapped the downstream o2 sensors last night and went on a 15 min drive on the highway, as soon as I let off to exit the CEL came back on. Same P0430 for bank 2 so the sensors aren't the problem. I'm sure the catalytic converter for bank 2 is bad. Pics of o2 sensors below, I noticed the bank 2 sensor was cleaner than the bank 1 which I though was odd. Bank 1 left vs bank 2 on right Bank 1 left vs bank 2 on right Thoughts on replacement options? I found a set that was supposedly removed at 9k miles from a 2018 to be replaced with long tube headers. How would I check them visually to verify? Do I remove mine and inspect before I purchase anything? Thanks for the input.
  7. I will do this tonight and check to see if it follows it to bank 1.
  8. I had a collapsed lifter and I had them replaced on the passenger side of the engine. Now after getting the truck back I have code P0430 (bank 2 cat deficiency). Is there a chance that the cat just needs to burn off any coolant that might have been spilled into the exhaust when the head was pulled or do you think the actual Cat converter is now bad? Tips on how to tackle it? I will take off the o2 sensors on bank 2 and inspect them before anything else. I already checked voltage to and resistance on the sensors and both of those check out.
  9. off topic but what do you think about the Morimotos? are they worth it?
  10. I had a DOD lifter fail this past weekend at 104k miles. I will be doing a DOD delete to get rid of it. I'm not worried about mpg at this point.
  11. Good day everyone, Yesterday as I was driving to the store, I got a CEL and reduced power/jerking. Got home and checked the code and it was P0324, knock sensor. I don't know if it's coincidence but I added 80z of Seafoam high mileage to the crankcase and the remaining 8 0z to the fuel tank at 3/4 full (total of ~75miles traveled) as I planned to do an oil change today which I already did. After the oil change I started the truck and decided to take it around the block, no CEL and tick is still present. I did notice that it went away as soon as V4 mode engaged. Am I looking at a collapsed lifter? Tips on what I should do on my own before I take it to a shop? Located in Houston, TX if anyone has any recommendations on a reputable shop.
  12. We use an Ipad and download movies and shows from Netflix/Disney+ for trips since it doesn't use cellular data. We have a headrest holder to hold it in place.
  13. Correct, Only 2014 Silverado's that 3 different themes you can choose from.
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