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  1. I'd guess the clusters are pretty universal. They don't want to spend extra money for more cluster variations than they have to.
  2. Bilstein shocks thread

    From what I've seen I'm not sure the 6112s will ever actually be available.
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    He's messing with you. 6112s aren't available. I put 5100s on and still have the RC spacer and a small top spacer. Left the 5100s on the lowest setting. I bought my truck with the spacers already on it and decided to leave them. It rides much better though.
  4. Pro Comp 2.25” level

    Another option would be to get the Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks and add a half inch top spacer. If you have the factory Ranchos the Bilsteins are a big improvement.
  5. Pro Comp 2.25” level

    I'd guess it would be fine. You can buy the RC kit and a top spacer a lot cheaper than what they want for the Pro Comp kit though. My truck has the RC 2" level and a 0.5" spacer on top of the springs. I bought it that way and actually would have removed the top spacer when I replaced the shocks, but I didn't realize it wasn't a factory part at the time. It's only slightly higher in the front than the rear. I'm tempted to put a step bigger block in the rear now because I'm not a fan of the front being higher, but it's really not much higher so not a big deal.
  6. Bilestein shocks

    There are lots of places you can order from online. I ordered my rears from Amazon and fronts from ebay. That's where I found the best deals at the time. A lot of people here have ordered from 4wheelparts just make sure to order by part number or verify the part numbers in a package. Lots of info here.
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    I don't have any experience with the black shocks since I had the stock Ranchos. The 5100s are night and day better than those. The Ranchos were so bad it actually felt unsafe to drive at times on highway curves. My truck does have 145,000 miles on it, so that may also be a factor, but I saw no signs that the stock shocks were leaking or otherwise bad.
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    The 5100s will help a bunch. I hated how mine felt like it would hop over bumps in the road. It doesn't do that anymore and feels like it stays planted much better without the jarring bumps. It also feels more stable in turns.
  9. Here are the stock style connectors. https://www.mightymousesolutions.com/product-page/oem-quick-connects?fbclid=IwAR0j0WmYM6hNn0unTkj2wJoqNcbxembYpN2CIBSS_eljsbdz92IlAHDySZA
  10. The seats stay up when folded up still. The detent that holds the lower seat up holds it in place.
  11. I did this. It works fine. Kind of wish I would have cut a little less off than what I did, but not for any good reason other than I don't think I need to cut that much off. It works fine.
  12. Another Bilstein thread

    The rear shocks are longer, but they do not change ride height at all. You'd have to change the rear blocks or springs to do that.
  13. So far the only thing I miss when dropping the factory nav is not being able to see speed limits on the DIC anymore. It's minor just something to note. If I can find a good deal on a 2.5 HMI with factory nav I may upgrade. Oklahoma is terrible at putting speed limit signs up so it was handy to have it available in the DIC.
  14. Bilstein shocks thread

    If you are seeing that S/DShockingBIL5100 part number for $297 I'm not really sure what that is, but it's not what you need. It doesn't have any part numbers for the shocks and the fitment list doesn't make sense. It looks like some kind of universal kit for lifted trucks and I bet it's 4 of the same shock. I don't see a package deal for $360 but if I put the correct front and rear shocks in the cart and use the 5% off code it comes out to $356.60 then there is $32 in sales tax of where I live making the shipped total $388.69 I can get them on Amazon for $358.32 right now. Someone mentioned AJUSA earlier and they are $334.79 shipped with a 2% off code. Doesn't look like they will add on tax.
  15. I got my HMI and radio modules back from @th3magpi3 last week and installed on Friday. Everything is working as expected and it ended up being much cheaper than any other option I could find.

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