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  1. Can you re-add the picture? I just got my redarc and trying to figure out where I want to put it. Thanks
  2. Installed my eibach 2.0 kit this past weekend. Really really like how it all came out.
  3. Installed Eibach Stage 2.0 (E86-23-032-01-20) Coilover in the front. Did not touch the height out of box and it set the front dead level with the rear. Up to 4" of lift with just these coilovers (according to their site). Pretty happy with it so far. For the price, I am not sure you can beat these. More pics to come as we dont really have any flat land ? Replaced brakes on all four corners with... Front: Rotors - Brembo 09.A406.21 Pads - Akebono ASP1363 Rear Rotors - Brembo 09.B534.11 Pads - Akebono ASP1707
  4. eibach just came out with their stage two coilovers for $849. I have a set of waiting to go on so no review yet. I did however swap my rear ranchos for 5160s and it made a very noticeable difference even with the stock ranchos up front.
  5. Part number for the BDS leaf? Your overall setup it quite similar to what I’m looking to get out of my truck. I just got the eibach stage 2.0 coilovers.
  6. Excellent, thanks for the info. Last question I have... are you on stock wheels?
  7. Cool, are you running extended travel Kings like kennerz? Thanks for answering my questions by the way.
  8. Reviving this thread. Kennerz, how have things held up with this setup in the last year? This is almost the exact setup I am looking to do for my truck soon. What made you go for the extended travel OEM vs the non as I'm currently trying to decide between the two. Plan is to use these Kings with kryptonite UCAs and my factory 20" wheels. I simply want a level (the right way).
  9. 2016 Sierra All Terrain Picked it up a couple weeks ago and its my first truck.
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