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  1. Which Tuner?

    get a diablew or bleackbear. simple. worth the extra $1~200 for the additional performance. And I appreciate the screenshots 1slow..
  2. Real story is the overall driving dynamics of the 6.2 are a lot better. I drove both before I bought and owned a rcsb 4.8 before. Said never again to a torqueless truck. A stock 6.2 has power, A tuned 6.2 is a hot rod. All the 6.2s out here in the west are holding their value much better. our gas is bad so 91 is mandatory. the simple answer is Yes, get the L86. Have never heard people say who had the six two say I wish I would have bought the 5.3, not for bragging right, or big member status. It just drives better to me.and in the grand plan the initial cost is not that much more vs how much more enjoyable it is to drive plus if you tow on occasion it is really a lot better. 5.3 is good, 6.2 is great IMHO.
  3. oem 22s on 285/55

    How's the ride and handling? loose anything? Looks perfect. Close to pulling the trigger on these, just it's gonna cost a bit and I want to make sure I have the right plan. Read the grapplers have a 99mph speed rating. The G2's in 285/45 have a130mph rating and wondering if you loose high speed stability. Plus is the extra tire weight noticeable? Seems like the look maybe worth it, to me it's the best looking tire/wheel combo on these trucks so far.
  4. Which Tuner?

    The lamest kind of fight is an internet fight. There are some good points made by both sides. Please don't ruin the thread. Seriously you never know whos on the other end. The one your making fun of could be special forces, an agent, a serial killer, a chomo, or a noodle armed geek - YOU do not know so why speculate & try to pump yourself by calling someone who is bringing intelligent information a clever to you name.. about as retarded as it gets. truth is if you just have a cold air and a cat back and you find an expert like Justin from Blackbear and have him do a street tune with HP tuners You would be surprised how your 300 whp truck now runs. I've done that, way worth it to me. So I just don't like discouraging people from doing something that may be cool to them. It's been mentioned: low budget - less expectation get the cheapest handheld, more budget get a custom tuned handheld. want max results find a tuner/dyno/tool to get you there and research more than just all our limited opinions. MNGA - make the net great again. If a guy wants to blow money by getting more tool than he needs who cares, you stand around at the hardware store too? Don't buy that impact! too much! you don't need all those ft-lbs. just get a breaker bar...
  5. Which Tuner?

    Yeah but I can tell you the canned diablo tune is NOTHING like Lew's tune. You leave a lot on the table with the diablo factory tunes. Really depends what you want out of the deal. Budget isn't always best, got to let people spend their own money. Meaning everyone has different cash flow and goals. Once you have a custom tune you realize how weak the factory GM tune is, even if someone just wanted to adjust for tire size I would encourage them to get the engine and trans tuned at the same time otherwise your just plain missing out. A good tune will have NO impact on reliability.. .None.
  6. Which Tuner?

    I have a diablew & am in the tuning process right now. So far (WOT tuning is not done yet) truck is immensely improved over stock. I choose it for ease and Lew's superior customer service(he has hundreds of positive reviews and like 1 or 2 negs throughout the net- I looked). Pretty good so far , he's definitely earned that reputation. He makes great improvements with very little input from you once you send the log. I've had Blackbear tunes and they are quality. But!!! everything 1slow said is the real deal. All depends what your goal is. The Diablo tuner is OK, but the quality is that of cheap electronics, will get you where you need to go and is simple though. I'm sure the scan cable of blackbear is not a whole lot better. HP tuners is a program off your laptop with whatever gear you want to run. The available parameters and tuning of HP is amazing, plus they have been around since the beginning of the LS craze. Only thing you have to so is figure what you want to spend money and time wise. I'm sure HP can be a time sucker to really learn it, plus if you are stupid you can kill your truck quick as it will let you do whatever you want. The other handhelds are wannabees in my book, yeah there better than stock but don't really tap that far into your trucks potential. But the truth was mentioned, everything else is a distant second to HP tuners capability. For me I don't want to spend the time and would rather pay someone for their experience aka Lew or Justin. All depends on what you want out of it.
  7. Maybe I missed this, but any root cause as to why it wiped a lobe and why the valves are not sealing? How do the guides look?
  8. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I plan on keeping the truck till the wheels fall off & getting another car (hopefully a mid-life crisis type car). Just with the overall cost of the truck to begin with and factoring the cost over years to come vs enjoying they way it drives makes it potentially worth it. On the vehicles and atv's I've had the best suspension I could afford put on and tuned and it always transforms the vehicle into something special and much more enjoyable & safer to ride/drive. The initial cost of kings hurts but, I have not heard one complaint which is rare. People tend to spend way more on lifts , that always seem to trade off handling and suspension.
  9. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Thinking about leveling with Kings. I prefer the look in the first picture. 2" in front and 1" blocks in the rear. Going to try 285/55r22 - with whatever trimming is necessary. maybe wheel spacers too. I know the internet will hate this idea, but from what I've seen this sort of combo looks incredible. Super nice looking truck, in both configurations. Like this look the best, not too lifted or extreme. Good Taste In execution IMHO. I'll take a look at CST.
  10. There is truth in this, but to me a blower making 500 whp on a 6.2 is kinda weak. I see how it would be more attractive on a 5.3 where gains are harder, and torque is not readily available. My Opinion: on my L86 I would expect well over 600 whp if I threw on a blower & would do what it takes to reliably get there. To me realistically that is a 7~10k proposition -easily, maybe more if trans work is involved. Then comes all the down stream mods like dive shafts, diffs and other things. If you really want power, rods, low comp pistons, studs, and imagine how much hi flow D.I injectors are, plus the pump to feed them. All that is a lot more than $5k. a $2K cam swap sounds comparably cheap. after all that its still a truck that can't stop or turn (compared to sports cars/muscle cars). Side note: needs to be a truck friendly cam - a high lobe separation is super important for drivability with a heavy, low stall speed vehicle. Kill the VVT on purpose and no wonder the low end is gone. Really it's great whatever anyone wants to do and is cool they share info with all of us. More data the better. I guess I'm crazy but would rather have a 17'+ ZL1 (on the wish list) than blow a truck. If I needed more torque I would get a diesel. If I wanted to be fast in a truck I would look at turbos( I believe vengeance racing has an insane L86 twin turbo Silverado- sooo fast). Can really appreciate a stout running N/A truck though. Cool that people aren't afraid to dig into their late model trucks.
  11. looks like the F350 and the Nissan half ton diesel had a bastard child together. I'm not sure who is running things on the design side at chevy. They come so close with some cool design cues and almost get there stylistically, then somehow manage to really go south with whatever good they had going. Whoever is designing the front ends of things needs to be fired (see 2019 camaro), seriously if they just changed a few things they could have come out with great looking vehicles, it's like they want all the front ends to look like a lexus (which only pulls it off on certain models, otherwise they are kinda just ugly Japanese cars). Best thing for 2019 was the ZL1 Camaro where they kept the old design front - which was excellent IMHO. If they would just get the designs a little better (right overall concepts with bad finished execution) and stop all the safety/warranty de-tuning of everything they wouldn't have to lay people off. They do a lot right , then shoot themselves with these oversights. the wrong people are there in some decision making capacity cause in the current marketplace they could dominate with slightly better styling and just an uptick in overall performance to keep ahead of the other MFG's offerings. Their sales reflect that the buyer base is not that happy with what they are offering and are going to other brands that deliver more effectively at a competitive often better price. I hate saying this cause I'm a Chevy man.
  12. the 285/55r22 really is one of the best looking combos I've seen to date. That's what I plan one doing since my 285/45s G2s are about worn out. Thinking about leveling with shocks, maybe a 2"block in the rear, and wheel spacers on an OEM wheel. I've seen a few (very few ) do this but it looks Fantastic IMHO. Going to mod whatever I need too to get full clearance (will norcal if needed so I can off road too).
  13. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I like other opinions. I too plan on keeping my truck and firmly believe in doing things once. After working on cars (hobbyist) for many years have found that the aftermarket if full of crap products, that in many cases fall well behind OEM. There are some superior products that provide good value, but they are almost never cheap. I appreciate when a voice presents itself that reminds people that the trade offs of inferior products and budget mods just to compromise to get a certain "look" is not worth it. Going to level my truck soon and throw on the largest tires I can & I'm not afraid to mod (cut and clearance). I want to hear people experiences as to what works best. Just don't want an ill riding, poor handling truck. I want a better ride and increased stability along with the lift.
  14. Not sure, not saying 50whp, bit's it not a 20fwhp gain either. There are quite a few camaro guys with cams and supporting mods putting out over 470whp. I know the Silverado is not the same platform as far as drivetrain weight and parasitic loss. With bone stock 6.2s dynoing between 310 and 340hp tells me there is A LOT of meat left on the bone with these trucks. I'm sure a 6.2 with that cam and the correct tuning and ex/intake mods would be capable of over 420whp. or more which would be over 500 fwhp. The gen V heads flow like 340 cfm stock. before ( awhile back, not now) it would take a large aftermarket ported LS casting to flow those kind of numbers. Mods just need to be chosen wisely and work with the right people to tune. To me a blower to take advantage of it's potential needs a lot more mods and money (fuel system to support real HP is not cheap) plus really need other items beefed up like torque converter, cooling mods etc.. argue if you like but to make a strong reliable FI vehicle that did not come that way from the factory takes money. not just bolt on a blower. Of course the reward is bigger but to me not a straight across comparison when done right.
  15. I've read that the VVT on the genV can change the duration by like 30 degrees by changing that angle. That is like a big and a small cam at the same time. Key is finding a tuner that understands the technology and just doesn't want to disable everything cause it's "more reliable". To me there is no argument, if you like N/a and tinkering go for it. You want easy power get the blower. I just think do it right either way and get the right supporting mods to take full benefit whatever you do. for other sites I would check camaro6 since there are a lot of cammed guys over there pulling close to 500whp with just cam and minimal supporting mods. or corvette forums. The Gen V 6.2 really seems to reward with the right mods. even N/A. That cam size in the subject line seems ideal for the 6.2LT for any all around use.

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