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  1. Alljackedup - Just checked and my capacitors/PWM Module is actually plugged in between the ballast and the hid bulb connection. Just as a check, I bypassed the capacitor and plugged directly into my ballasts and the bulb went out on that side. Whatever it ends up being, I hope you are able to find a solution!
  2. Now that I think of it.. I want to say I installed them between the factory harness and the bulb connection and they just hang out inside the headlight housing. The factory harness is the portion that isn't giving constant power due to the PWM. By installing that between the factory connection and the bulb it helps "smooth out" the signal and keep constant power going to the bulb.
  3. Most of my kit is from Xenondepot but with morimoto bulbs. It's been so long since I've last messed with them, but I want to say I installed them either between the bulb and the factory connector or between the ballast and the connector coming from the grommet/bulb. I can check this weekend. I feel your pain though... I went through the exact same issue switching ballast side to side, bulbs side to side and the problem never followed. They recommended those PWM modules and I've been good since!
  4. So when I look at the dual valve set up, it looks like the 3rd line is just run from the intake tube to the catch can and the second intake breather connects to the oil cap supplied. Why couldn't you run a single valve to cover your PCV to Intake, Buy a hose and run it from valve cover breather to valve cover breather (like they do with a dual) and then cap off your intake holes (I have a MIT tube)?
  5. I had the same issue with my HID's as well initially. Added these PWM modules and boom fixed! Haven't had an issue in 4 years now. https://www.xenondepot.com/HID-PWM-Fix-p/pwm-fix.htm
  6. Any thoughts on the UPR Single Valve catch can? Have heard good things about their units as well. From what I gather - the single valve catches PCV operation during idle, while the dual catches from the PCV that operates both during idle and acceleration or WOT. Do these engines have much "blow by" naturally aspirated that would make the dual worth having? I could see in a turbo application, but what about NA?
  7. Same with my idle. I wish they had sent me a pic upon tear down so I could have had the heads sent somewhere to be walnut blasted before it was put back together.
  8. Figure for everyone wondering what your intake valves will look like after 78k miles with no catch can, full synthetic oil changes every 5k and only premium fuel used.. see below. Motor was torn down for AFM lifter failure.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Slvijoe - it has 76k on it
  10. I have been getting engine codes P0300 and P050D recently upon start up with my 2014 6.2. I've ruled out bad batches of gas, have tried a couple injector treatments with no fix. I've read around and it seems 95% of the time it's a bad injector and the other 5% could be coolant getting into the cylinder via a bad head casting. I've hooked up my scanner and watched live misfire data for each cylinder on cold starts and driving around for a week now. In summary, seems cylinder 2 has anywhere for 100-200 misfires for the first 30 seconds of a cold start then drops to 0 and remains 0 or has 1 or 2 like the rest of them for the rest of the day. Warm starts do not seem to pose any issue. I would think an injector problem would always be an injector problem and not just at cold start. Is this typically how they act when going bad? I am leaning toward possible coolant entry at this point with what the data has been showing. Anybody have thoughts? Trying to decide if I should take to the dealer or replace #2 injector myself.
  11. In my experience the autocal does not let you make adjustments to the tune such as throttle sensitivity and changing the shift points like the Diablo inTune device does. The autocal is used as a scan and flash device for the tuner. You will be able to take data logs while driving, view live data, read check engine codes and read out your stock tune and those will need to be sent to Black bear so they can tune it. Any modifications and adjustments after initial tune will need to be made by Justin himself if you are not happy with a certain part of the tune per your request. Coming from the Duramax community and speaking via experience from that, I just got a 6.2 and plan to have Justin tune it since I already have an autocal
  12. Yeah I was going to do that, but BB emailed me back saying " We did testing and surprisingly saw that the Airaid tube did not perform well. The reason why is the tube, when purchased by itself, is a different design than the tube that is included with the full Airaid. That makes all the difference in the power output. They do not make just the airbox replacement but even if they did, it comes down to the tube design so the airbox would not make a difference unfortunately." Soo kinda torn now. Luckily I got the tube for $130 so even at $300 into an aFe is slightly cheaper then the full Airaid..
  13. Well dang... haha guess I'm going to be leaving roughly 16whp on the table after headers and tune since I installed the Airaid MIT before I saw this.. lol my luck! Interesting that the tubes are what bring the gains since stock air box and filter supposedly are not restrictive. It is nice to see that BB was able to make the same gains that aFe shows on their website. Now to decide if it's worth the $300 to me and chuckin the Airaid
  14. Ok so didn't catch this in the engine and exhaust section. Opps! Need to delete
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