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  1. Thinking about installing an actual lift and making the jump from 33s to 35s probably on 18" wheels, but I cant find very many pics of single cabs on that tire combo.
  2. some triple disk converters rattle at idle
  3. have someone tune it so it idles higher, my truck was doing the same thing, 500 is too low
  4. looks like my harness, same purple t taps too , no clue what all that crap is
  5. you're going to have to trim with 305s, it's normal and expected
  6. 1500 in tires, 800 wheels, 500 control arms, ez lift isnt expensive, so if you can change a pair of struts yourself, yes it's expensive. 1000 to swap struts and uppers lo l
  7. dont blow money on a stupid afm delete, just get a real tune and leave the truck stock
  8. my truck did the same thing, bought new pads and it fixed it, I didnt touch the rotor or grease the pins
  9. ir's 140 dollar part and a vac and charge is like 80 bucks lol
  10. pushing both buttons didnt work. Ill disconnnect bat and let it reset and see if that helps
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