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  1. sorry meant the stock 5.3 tube wont fit the 6.2 tb local tuner
  2. didnt relearn since truck is already tuned, the intake tube wont fit the size and angle of the tb are different, I just bought the air raid tube for the 6.2 It comes with the valve cover fittings. You can just use 3/8" vac line for the crank case one, or buy the actual fitting. I didnt even try to mess with the foam just slapped intake on
  3. I have 3.8ish inches lift in the front and only a 1.5" block in the rear and 34s clear, I would run 35s on a 4.5" 100%
  4. just curious how the ride is, currently have bilsteins cranked up and not a fan, just looking for 3.5ish of lift. 2wd truck with aftermarket uppers already. Just trying to justify the extra cost to go to the kings for almost double the price https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/king-shocks-2-5-oem-performance-series-front-remote-reservoir-coilover-shock-absorber-25001-148/_/R-FBJG-25001-148 https://www.americantrucks.com/eibach-silverado1500-pro-truck-front-coil-overs-for-175-to-4-inch-lift-e86-23-032-01-20.html
  5. I imagine an aftermarket upper with basically stock ride height would ruin your ball joint angle since theyre angled for a suspension that is higher
  6. felt the same in my single cab with 5100s and my conclusion was ditching 20" wheels and now the truck rides better than ever
  7. what does your truck idle at? My truck idled super low and shook, bumped 75 rpm and cant tell it's running now
  8. did you sneak the chain passed the oil pump or pull the pump off?
  9. isnt there a way to secure your hood better? there was for other trucks
  10. Ordered my intake/mani/tb/gaskets, I also just bought the PCV tube, but is it the PCV tube on the driver side? I deleted that and plugged the hole on to run my vacuum pump delete from the side of the intake to the brake booster can you stretch the stock air box tube to fit?
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