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  1. my truck did the same thing, bought new pads and it fixed it, I didnt touch the rotor or grease the pins
  2. ir's 140 dollar part and a vac and charge is like 80 bucks lol
  3. pushing both buttons didnt work. Ill disconnnect bat and let it reset and see if that helps
  4. Seems trivial but I get home from work at 2am so I don't like the horn honking when I lock my truck. Am I missing something? This setting does nothing
  5. getting afm turned off alone will probably fix your shifting complaints. I had my truck tuned local and it drives so much better
  6. if you dont buy that intake tube, do you just buy a 4" silicone coupler? got a link to that tube ?
  7. ayy thank you been looking for a week!
  8. Just some tire shop on OfferUp that doesn't reply anyone know what they are
  9. well learned the little knob is the same as the base on the amp so...thats cool I guess
  10. oh the way I read that harness, the fact it plugs into the stock headlight I assume it just used that as as switch on power for the relay so it ran with the headlights always
  11. there is a random button not in the pic but pressing it with the truck in drive and the headlights on does nothing so..idk. The random stuff you can see in the dash pick low is a controller for the amp/sub the truck doesnt even have a hitch, so if that knob is for the trailer which would make sense, it means the pulled their hitch off before trading in, which also is pretty normal I found that fog/headlight harness online and might go that route, but for the price, it's just a 40a relay and a t tap so....we'll see sj
  12. bro I have no idea what that thing does...I've turned it both ways lol. I have no clue how to turn fogs on
  13. That makes sense the wiring doesn't look factory.. Lord knows if they even work or how to turn on then. I'll just buy a relay and tie into the headlights I guess
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