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  1. Ordered my intake/mani/tb/gaskets, I also just bought the PCV tube, but is it the PCV tube on the driver side? I deleted that and plugged the hole on to run my vacuum pump delete from the side of the intake to the brake booster can you stretch the stock air box tube to fit?
  2. Fords have this problem when an evap solenoid under the hood gets stuck, I dont know gms version
  3. I just put 2" blocks in and need a little less, so ordered 1.5" blocks on ebay for 30 bucks since you already have the longer u bolts
  4. I will note the truck drives fine just curious if people mess with the tie rod
  5. I installed this, 2015 2wd sierra The control arm looks great, but the tie rod angle looks terrible. Is there a bumpsteer (I dont know what its called for trucks) or different tie rod that fixes it? https://www.americantrucks.com/readylift-4inf-175inr-sst-lift-kit-0717-chevy.html#customer_reviews
  6. it starts ticking loudly on the lower driverside of the motor
  7. When I bought my truck it had a 1.25" upper strut spacer and a .5" lower spacer, I removed them both and went with 5100s at the highest setting. I have aftermarket upper control arms now so Im looking to lift the front up a little higher. What height increase does a 1.25" spacer end up netting? I know it isnt 1:1, I'm aiming for 3.5" total. Truck is 2wd so not worried about boot angle
  8. I bought some 17" wheels which I wanted to do anyway, so we'll see what that does, if still the same Ill get some 5160s. The front feels fine I think
  9. Im in AZ and my ac is freezing cold and stays that way. It isnt humid here though
  10. When your warranty expires and you turn afm off, just delete it. Brakes feel a lot better without the pump
  11. did you buy the whole grill or just the inserts like this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-15-GMC-Sierra-1500-CHROME-Snap-On-Grille-Overlay-3-Bar-Grill-Covers-Inserts/381850984277?fits=Year%3A2015|Model%3ASierra+1500|Make%3AGMC
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