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  1. world record dyno numbers you got yourself a factory freak my friend
  2. yes there is prob 1/2" of thread above it
  3. if you have 4 cyl mode turned off there is no check engine lights
  4. I doubt any cold air intake does anything to begin with
  5. my vac pump was dying is why I deleted it, since I have 4 cyl mode turned off anyway and deleting it is 10 bucks/the brakes feel better without it. If you intake is for the stock tb you would at least need a new coupler since this one is bigger I imagine
  6. the 6.2 throttle body is cheap on amazon, I bought it and air raid 200-911 to connect it to the stock air box I just used 3/8 heater line to connect the intake to the brake booster since I deleted my vac pump. You can just do that and run it wherever and not buy the pcv line
  7. sorry meant the stock 5.3 tube wont fit the 6.2 tb local tuner
  8. didnt relearn since truck is already tuned, the intake tube wont fit the size and angle of the tb are different, I just bought the air raid tube for the 6.2 It comes with the valve cover fittings. You can just use 3/8" vac line for the crank case one, or buy the actual fitting. I didnt even try to mess with the foam just slapped intake on
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