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  1. It does! Base model doesn't mean much anymore. This pickup doesn't feel base at all. The factory stereo syncs with my phone and sounds great. It has cruise control, air conditioning, tilt steering, power mirrors, power windows, chrome trim, nice seats with fold down center console...it's perfect! Feels like a luxury truck compared to other pickups I've used.
  2. Awesome! I've done this - drafting semis does make a big jump in MPG's. Does yours run even stronger with the tune?
  3. I started driving this truck (original post) a little over two years ago. It had 6000 miles on it. It was a U haul rental truck.
  4. I agree - I don’t see anyone else reporting your low numbers. Did you buy it used? Perhaps that’s why they sold it?
  5. Let it be known, I started my drive (original post) at 5800 ft elevation, climbed to over 6000ft, and arrived at my destination at 2300ft. Then drove home and climbed all the way back up above 6000 ft on hills and canyons, then back down to 5800 ft. This is a very twisty, curvy up and down road, two lanes at that for most of the drive. HWY 77 in Arizona.
  6. I believe it! Last September I drove from Marysvale Utah to Taylor, AZ with a dirt bike in the bed of my 2016 Sierra 5.3. It was a Sunday morning, so I took my sweet time and cruised 55mph the entire way. By the time I hit Page it said 30MPG! When I filled up in Page the "distance to empty" said "999 miles". When I calculated manually, I was in fact doing 30mpg. But I rarely share that experience because people roll their eyes.
  7. It is funny that you got better MPG going 80 than 70 - I wonder what the factor was - could have been headwind. I agree that you should be getting better. I work with a plumber that drives the very truck you own, and he said he gets 18mpg on the road (with his plumbers racks, etc.)
  8. If I were in your shoes I'd do exactly the same. As soon as I'm in a lifted 4x4 truck with big horsepower I flip the switch in my head to "go-mode." I have to say, even this little 5.3 kicks tail. Lots of power for such a light pickup. My bosses both have brand new Duramax 2500HD pickups and I can beat them in a drag race from 0-top speed (we have chunks of "Mexico" around here where it's legal). That's not towing of course! These are zippy little trucks.
  9. I would expect better too...hmm. Several thoughts, based on personal experience: 1. I'm running 91 Octane fuel. You? 2. I run my tires above 34psi = less rolling resistance. 3. I've noticed that the fuel economy drops drastically as speed increases. At 75mph my truck is getting about 21mpg. 4. Yes, my truck is 2wd so there is less weight, and less energy loss because it isn't turning/hauling all of the 4wd components. 5. My truck is also lighter because it's a regular cab, even if the wheelbase is similar. 6. I do run 0w-20 Mobile 1 Synthetic oil in the truck, and follow the recommended service intervals on the display. 7. Running the way I do, my truck spends a LOT of time in "V4" mode. Yet, only the slightest throttle increase bumps it back to V8. So I imagine the larger/heavier all season tires on your truck, plus the added weight and parasitic losses from 4wd simply require more effort to haul around.
  10. That’s the key! I never set the cruise higher than 60mph. Funny thing is...you don’t really get where you’re going much faster at 65mph, or even 70mph. I’ve noticed that mph and throttle input make a huge diff on these trucks! These wheels were the cheapest rim offered by Discount Tire for this pickup, then I put a one size up from stock Cooper highway tire on there. I love how it turned out. Still very good road manners.
  11. Hello friends, I get a kick out of how well my company truck does on fuel. Here's the latest report: (2016 GMC Sierra 1500, 5.3 V8, 2wd, LWB, Reg Cab) Saturday night I filled up here in Taylor, Arizona (northeastern AZ). Reset the trip odometer before leaving the pump. Drove home and slept. Sunday morning I woke up at 3:30am, left at 4am and drove to Sahuarita Arizona (south of Tucson), a trip of 4.5 hrs. Attended a family event (blessing of a child) and then drove back home 4.5 hours to Taylor, AZ. Drove home, slept the night. Got up this morning, drove back to the fuel station and filled up. My guage showed half a tank remaining. It took 17.977 gallons. Round trip was 463.9 miles according to the trip odometer on the truck. I also verified this mileage to be exactly correct on Mapquest.com - which reported 461 miles, but didn't account for a few little detours along the way. So there it is folks! 25.8 mpg. I'm very happy with that. The MPG display showed 25.0 mpg. I love this truck. It looks nice, tows well, hauls well...it's quiet and comfortable and a joy to travel in and work out of.
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