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  1. I have a 2015 sierra z71 5.3L It has a k&n intake and Borla dual exhaust and a dyno tune done today. I ended up with 365hp/385tq. I'm looking into long tune headers next, does anyone have a recommendation on which one to go with for the best gains. Also anything else I can do to it reliably? Also. I recently had a torque converter fail that trashed the transmission. Warrantee covered the transmission but is there a better torque converter I can put in that will hold the extra power a little better and help keep this from happening again?
  2. Hey everyone new to the forum but have been around other forums for years under TurboSmoke. I've had a 99 Yukon, 04 Avalanche and now own a '15 Sierra. She has a K&N intake, Borla exhaust and a dyno tune (was actually done today) 2015 CHEVROLET K15 SILVERADO 4WD.pdf
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