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Found 10 results

  1. I just pulled into the driveway in my new sierra after about a week and on the instrument cluster where is shows my speed, there is 2 rows of a black bar about an inch in width. It looks like the pixels are dead or the display is dead in that area, however when messages come up it displays stuff there. it it just to the right of the 6k rpm reading in the main window. Anyone have an idea how to correct this?
  2. The plastic cover over the instrument cluster on my 2016 Silverado High Country cracked in 3 places. I've tried to find a replacement cover online but with no luck. It appears that the only way to replace the cover is to replace the entire instrument cluster, which seems ridiculous. Anyone come across this before? If so, how did you find a find a new plastic cover for the instrument cluster?
  3. Have a 2017 Silverado 2500 Duramax LTZ. Last week the DIC in the instrument cluster didn't go blank (or black), it looked like an LCD that malfunctioned. I looked and it seems there is only one connector for the whole cluster and I don't think reseating it will fix it, but have not yet tried...Also, it will come back every once in a while and work for a bit, then back to the screen below. Anyone have any DIY thoughts on what to do or do I need a new cluster or to repair this one? Also, the truck is most likely out of warranty, via mileage.
  4. 10/29/2018 - took delivery of my 2019 Denali Ultimate 11/10/2018 - Wife drove truck from Brownsville, TN to Jackson, TN and back. On the way back, the digital instrument cluster and heads up display went black. Came back about 8 to 10 seconds later. Later that evening, I get into the truck to drive to the end of the driveway to get the pizza from the delivery guy (yeah, call me lazy, but we do have a long driveway) - upon starting the truck, the brake, stabilitrack, ABS, check engine lights come on along with "Service PCM", "Check Brakes" and "Speed Limited to 62mph" messages on the digital instrument console. Called OnStar and they confirmed and sent an email. 11/11/2018 - Took the truck to local dealership. There were DTC codes and they pulled them. Dealership stated they contacted GM Engineering and were awaiting a response. I also mentioned the high pitch whine issue when at steady throttle. They were able to recreate the whine and were unsure of where it was coming from. They said they thought it might be the sound system. That didn't seem consistent with me as it is always when the truck is at steady stated load as if it were a hydraulic whine from the drive train. 11/12/2018 - As if by happenstance, there was a software update available this morning. I let it install. Afterward, when I get into the truck and the "GMC" logo displays on the digital instrument console, it blinks on and off sporadically. Sometimes it shows nothing at all. Other times, it just shows a horizontal line across the display. 1/27/2019 - Today I was driving from my home in Brownsville, TN to Southaven, MS with my family to attend a cheer competition for my two daughters. Driving at around 70mph, the typical instrument cluster/heads up display going dark issue happened, but this time the entire truck violently jerked as if the engine shut off but the drive train, considering everything was still locked into gear, pushed the engine over until the power came back on a split second later. The radio was muted when this happened and it magically unmuted itself (as if the power blinked). That was the first incident. Three other times after that, the instrument cluster and heads up display went dark and came back on as if power was removed and it rebooted (individual objects on the display coming back on as the data from the CAN bus was received). - Anytime the temperature drops below what seems to be around 35F, lane keeping and parking assist becomes unavailable. - Anytime I connect my 8x16 trailer, the blind spot monitoring system for both the driver and passenger side goes nuts until eventually the system says it shuts it off on the console, but the mirror lights keep going ape shit... - This has only happened twice, but I have had the "ghost" trailer issue as well. The display on the center console acts as if a trailer is connected, but the digital instrument console shows the message "Trailer Disconnected" warning. How can a trailer be detected and disconnected at the same time? Are there any official GMC reps on here that can assist? Anyone else care to comment? Thanks in advance, Steve
  5. SOLD $375 now $300 (PayPal Friends and Family) Shipped Insured to White Automotive and Media Services I am selling this 2018 Sierra Denali Diesel UHS cluster that I purchased off of ebay as "New - Other". The listing had it listed as a 2017 UHS cluster but what arrived was a 2018 UHS Cluster, P/N: 84385169. WAMS was nice enough to attempt to program it for me even though it was for a different model year but they were unsuccessful to make it function 100% with the vehicle due to the MY difference. This is for MY 2018 Diesels and is US Spec (MPH). I will ship the cluster directly to WAMS once I have received payment AND your Order # from WAMS. I will send you the tracking information once it ships. WAMS's website is listed below to assist you with purchasing their programming: http://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/ This requires special programming before installing in a vehicle. I will ship directly to WAMS to ensure that the required programming is done correctly so there are no tamper flags or anything tripped as there would be if it was installed prior to programming. I am just trying to recoup some of my loss. I have attached pics of the actual cluster. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.
  6. 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 4.8L This is my first post on any kind of forum but I am desperate for answers because I am unable to find info anywhere else online. Today I had my instrument cluster fixed by a guy who says he has done several. The gear indicator, oil pressure gauge, and the backlighting were not working properly. When I went to pick up my truck today he explained to me that everything was working except the fuel gauge. The gauge has worked with no problem until today. He claims that the fuel gauge is not getting a good connection because it has a bad lead, which I've never heard of. The gauge starts to bounce a little when I turn the key on but stops after about 3 seconds or so, which tells me it's getting power. He replaced the stepper motor with a new one. Any ideas on what it could be? I put a full tank of gas in it after I discovered it wasn't working
  7. Poll here for Denali owners. This has been discussed in a few other threads, but I haven't seen a dedicated thread yet. I also wanted to get a feel for how prevalent this problem is. Just a recap - since week one of ownership, my Denali Instrument Cluster resets certain parameters, fields, pages randomly on a semi-frequent basis. It averages about once a week, two weeks at most. I have not been able to determine any triggering event or pattern to the resets, but I have identified two distinctly different issues. Issue 1 - Large Reset This one occurs most frequently. I usually keep my DIC on the Technology Theme and either Trip A or Distance Remaining/AFM page. When this reset occurs, three things happen: A) Theme reverts back to Standard B) Page switches to MPH C) All of the Fuel Economy histories (best 25, 50 400 mile) reset to Zero (I think Hour meter may reset as well, but I haven't used that page in a while) I rarely ever generate a best 400 mile FE average as this reset occurs so frequently. Issue 2 - Small Reset This issue occurs about 20% of the time. I have my DIC pages limited to 4 or 5 most used pages. When this reset occurs, the blank page gets added back into the list (maybe another page as well), and I think it also reverts to the MPG page. This reset does not switch themes or reset the best fuel economy history. I've mentioned the problem to my dealer service once, but they said I was the first person to mention it. I plan to go back again soon for this, but would like to get a feel for how prevalent the problem is. The tech said he was going to have to spend some time on the phone with GM engineers, so I think this would be useful information. Please vote with whether your cluster has this problem. Thanks.
  8. I have a 1994 Chevy 1500 with problems on the instrument cluster. The motors controlling the speedometer and other gauges are acting up. Does the instrument panel remove as 1 piece? I know in my 2003 Silverado I could pull the panel out and have it worked on. Will the 1994 do the same?
  9. Hello, I have a 2015 Denali and the Driver Information Center / cluster screen has a navigation tab. This gives the driver a map view and it is zoomed in to almost an unusable level. It appears to be auto zoomed based on speed but even at highway speeds it's zoomed more than I'd like. Does anyone know if this is adjustable? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have a problem with my AC cutting off, as well as my instrument cluster not working. I don't believe it is either of those, as I have found a loose connection near the interior fuse box. It seems wiggling one of those wires, gets both items to work again. I've asked about this at a dealership, and to me that seams like a total rip off - est. $550 for the Instrument panel, and another $500 for the AC blower motor. Any ideas what I can do?
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