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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everybody! As some of you may know, I've been working hard to help the lovely members of this forums program some of their vehicles to add unique and exciting features to their trucks and cars. Well, I'm happy to announce a project I've been working very hard on over the last few months. Welcome to Coastal Flash! Final_Short.mp4 We have been spending countless hours taking the time to develop new products and features for our line of vehicles and add them all to an easy to use marketplace for all members of the forum to enjoy. We're happy to offer free shipping on all kit purchases across North America and also are happy to provide phone support to anybody who purchases our services. Plus, we will beat any price quoted by our competitors on kits and programming services. It's not about being the cheapest, but about making these upgrades more affordable for the average user. The entire reason this market was formed was because we felt the current market was monopolized and overcharging for their services. Coastal Flash is here to put an end to that. Currently, we offer: Both 2.0-2.5 HMI Carplay/Android Auto kits & Programming Denali Cluster Programming and Upgrades Video in Motion Unlocks Rear Camera in Motion Unlock & Harness Custom HMI Boot Animations and Splash Screens Amplifier repair Late 90's - mid 2010's Radio Linking and Testing Navigation Updates Custom Reverse Engineering Services And many more services... So please, if you are interested in getting any of these upgrades done to your vehicle, I encourage you to take a look at what we've been up to! Feel free to take a look through some of the upgrade threads posted here on the forums and look at the reviews some customers have been leaving for our services. I think their words speak for themselves. I'm also very open to ideas or suggestions from forum members of what you'd like to see installed into your vehicles, so feel free to send me a PM or an email and let me know what mod you'd like to see done next. Nothing is too big or too small. I'll be consistently monitoring this thread and updating it with new services and discoveries as we make them available. Oh, and one more thing, we're offering some special discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so feel free to stop by, take a look around and save some cash on that new upgrade you've been wanting to get. Thanks for stopping by and thank you to everyone who has shown us so much encouragement and support over the last year as we've gotten our products and services tuned in. I can't wait to show you what else we have in store for you in the near future Talk to you all soon... -Mag
  2. 2018 Silverado 3500 theft recovery have no instrument cluster how do I know what cluster to buy and will the mileage stay original or those it stay with instrument cluster
  3. UPDATED PRICES I totaled my truck last week hitting a deer. So I'd like to sell a few of my upgrades. My next truck will have the options I want. Note: I am in Canada but will ship internationally and will accept paypal (via "someone you trust" option) I am open to reasonable offers and package deals. Item 1 – Heads up display package. Sold Item 2 – LTZ/High Country taillight package -$550 Shipped This package includes LED taillights with factory harnesses. I also have the Pgamboa taillight adaptor harnessed to eliminate the hyperflash. I was unable to retrieve the resistors for these harnesses but you could source them elsewhere or contact Harness Dr. to see if he could sell you a replacement set. I would like $550USD shipped Item 3 – Power fold mirror switch - SOLD Item 4 – Heated steering wheel - $100 USD shipped This is a Sierra wheel with the heat and collision avoidance buttons. The collision avoidance button will not function but does not affect the operation. There is a slight blemish on the to of the steering wheel that was there when I bought it from salvage. I would like $100USD shipped
  4. Hello all, I just recently noticed that on my 2015 silverado the plastic piece that is front of my gauge cluster is cracking. Is this a common thing to have happen to a truck with less than 30k miles? Would this possibly be covered under warranty? I have seen some posts about people replacing it with plastic from specmo, how well does it look after its been done? Any help is appreciated
  5. My 2006 Silverado cluster is out and someone has a 05 cluster fully working for cheap will it fit the 06? Or is there a technical difference
  6. Hey everybody, Just wanted to check in again and let you all know about another exciting service we're happy to be offering... The Denali Cluster Upgrade! Many of you have requested this upgrade and I'm happy to report we have successfully completed the mod. If you're interested in this, you'll need to know a few things. Acquire a new or used GMC Denali cluster. This can be a Sierra or a Yukon cluster. (Please note: If you buy your cluster 2nd hand, DO NOT plug it into your vehicle.) Diesel/Gas: The cluster will need to match some aspects of your current vehicle. For example, if you have a gas spec vehicle you'll need to find a cluster that has an RPM gauge that goes to 6000rpm. If you have a diesel spec vehicle (2500, 3500) you'll need to find a cluster that has an RPM gauge that goes to 5000rpm. Both shown below. MPH/KPH: We can do BOTH USA and Metric market clusters. If you live in the USA, you'll want to get a cluster that has a speedometer that goes up to 140. If you live in a metric country, you'll want a cluster that goes to 200. Both options shown below. COLOR: If you have a GMC and you want to keep your RED color theme, you'll want to find a 2016 GMC Denali cluster. If you have a Silverado, have done a blue conversion, or have upgraded your HMI to the newer blue theme and you're looking for a BLUE gauge theme, you'll want a 2017-2018 Denali cluster. Android Auto/Carplay: For all of you Android Auto users wanting the use of your volume and track selection flippers back, this fixes it!!! once installed you'll once again have access to your flippers. This also allows for the long press of the voice button on the steering wheel to activate Google Assistant as well as Siri for Apple Carplay. Year Matching: There has been a lot of talk that all modules that are installed into the vehicle need to be of the same year. After extensive testing we have found this to be mainly false. As long as the modules are of the same generation you should be A-OK for the install. That means if you have a 2.0 HMI vehicle (2014-2015) you can use a 2014-2015 Denali cluster. If you have a vehicle with a 2.5 HMI (Carplay Enabled, 2016-2018) you can use any 2016-2018 cluster so long as it matches your vehicle specs as mentioned above. And if you have a 2014-2015 and would like to upgrade to a blue themed cluster while adding Android Auto / Carplay, we are more than happy to facilitate the upgrade all at once. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or are interested in getting this mod done to your own vehicle. Thanks for watching and enjoy the demo.
  7. I have a 2018 1500 Silverado LTZ Z71 and my analog speedo got stuck. It reset when I restarted but it has been doing it a couple of times now. On reset there is a grinding noise for the needle to find it's 'spot'. Dealership couldn't find any codes. Oil life monitor also seemed strange as it didn't move from 55% for over 1,600 miles and then dropped to 24% in the next 2,100 miles. The only reason I noticed all that was because we went in a 3,700 mile road trip lasting about a week. I had a 2014 before this and never had that issue. Digital seems fine just not the analog. Anyone aware of any TSBs or known issues? Because it's not readily reproducible and they couldn't find any TSBs they say they can't just replace.
  8. 2003 Sierra 2500hd 6.0l If i were to drive from home to the gas station (10 min, Cluster works). Turn my truck off, go inside (maybe 5 - 10 mins). Come out, start my truck. the cluster will not come on right away. I'd drive anywhere from a min to 10 min down the road before it comes on.. now for the most part nothing i do will fix it. i tried: turning it off then back on. (nothing), tapping the cluster thinking a lose connection (nothing). there is only one thing that MAY fix it but i cant tell if it just happens by coincidence... my a/c fan nob doesn't work on 1 or 2, it only works on 3, 4, and 5 (opened it up and it looks like everything is making contact, thats a different problem) anyways, if i turn the nob ether from off to 3 or 3 to off it looks like it makes the cluster come on. any thoughts out there?
  9. I have a 2018 1500 Silverado LTZ Z71 and my analog speedo got stuck. It reset when I restarted but it has been doing it a couple of times now. On reset there is a grinding noise for the needle to find it's 'spot'. Dealership couldn't find any codes. Oil life monitor also seemed strange as it didn't move from 55% for over 1,600 miles and then dropped to 24% in the next 2,100 miles. The only reason I noticed all that was because we went in a 3,700 mile road trip lasting about a week. I had a 2014 before this and never had that issue. Digital seems fine just not the analog. Anyone aware of any TSBs or known issues? Because it's not readily reproducible and they couldn't find any TSBs they say they can't just replace.
  10. We are proud to announce the "GT" line of gauge faces. you can order them now, check out https://usdashworks.com/product/style-gt/ to check them out and place your order.
  11. 1) The instrument cluster between the tach and speedo resets along with the HUD. This happens quite often, I have owned the truck for a month now and it has done it about 50 times. I did find a service bulletin: #18-NA-324. 2) The movable air control door hidden inside the dash seems like it 'sticks' and won't position itself properly for what is asked from either the touchscreen or manual controls. For instance, when I remote start the defroster is automatically set. That works fine; but in order to get ANY flow to the floor one must first select the combo defrost/middle area to 'unstick' the door. You can literally hear the door unstick and move. You can then select to the floor for air flow and it will work. 3) On a smaller note, the right rear door does close properly; it seems like it rubs on something during the closure process; I'm sure that is just a simple adjustment that I will get done at the dealer during my first service.
  12. I have just took out my instrument cluster to replace my odometer gear. When I put everything back in I noticed that my parking brake light keeps on flashing when it is not even engaged. This only started happening after I removed and replaced the cluster. Any help would be must appreciated, thanks!
  13. We are proud to announce the "GT" line of gauge faces. They are available in white or satin, you can preorder them now, however they will not start shipping until october 30th check out https://usdashworks.com/product/style-gt/ to check them out and place your order.
  14. I'm trying to determine whether I have the common gauge cluster stepper motor problem or if it is something else. I noticed today that all of my gauges were pegged to zero and inoperable. Is it common for them to go out all at once like that? (I could understand failure of one at the time.) Or is it some other problem? I pulled the cluster. All of the solder joints looked good --still shiny and new. The only odd thing is that two dozen of the test points (or vias) have splotches or corrosion around them (see pictures). All of my fuses (both boxes) test continuous. No codes from my OBD2 reader. The lights seem all good. I just don't want to send my cluster in and find the real problem is somewhere else in the vehicle.
  15. I just picked up an 01 2500HD 6.0. I know of the numerous issues with stepper motors and other speedometer cluster issues. But what happened has me questioning if it's just the cluster. Anyways, on with the details. - Has 191k - Speedometer worked fine (but was 12mph low at all speeds) - Tach was accurate (but would randomly jump to 5k then back to normal) - Gas gauge bounced around (but after a while seemed to be accurate) - Volts read 3V high - Temp was on (or close) - Trans temp was at 275 with the truck off (and maxed the instant you hit accesory power) - Oil Pressure worked - ABS Light was on (found some brake issues, so must have been working) - CE light was off (but dummy came on during accessory power on) - Cruise Control Light Worked - Message Center Worked - Turn Signals Worked - PRNDL Lights all there - All Backlights Worked I got it home and it had a light bar wired right to the battery that didn't have a switch. So I picked up a switch and hooked that up. Did nothing else with it. Then had to bring the wife to work. Fired it up and Speedo, Tach, Gas, Volts, Trans, Temp were all bottomed out. ABS light wasn't on, Message Center won't turn on, PRNDL lights are gone, and Cruise Control Light doesn't come on. Oil Pressure still works, as do blinkers, CE dummy light (still shows during accesory power), and backlights. Seems strange that all of that died at once. Or that the ABS and Cruise lights don't work, but the CE Light does? Is this just a cluster issue? Or is there more I should be looking into?
  16. Hello, just picked up a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali this week and have a couple questions if anyone can answer then would be great. I'm curious if there's a way to have all 4 gauges on when in theTechnology and Media Themes without engaging the tow/haul mode? Also, are there any additional themes either available or being made available besides the 3 that come installed in the system? Thanks, Storman22
  17. Good afternoon all, I'll try to make this short and sweet so here's the deal: 1) Gauge Coolant Temp wont respond. 2) I have done the necessary test with the coolant SENDING unit. (Ground out to see if it pegs hot) 3) Used Voltmeter to check for signal to sensor which it has. 4) Checked Fuses. All are good. 5) Rest of gauges work. And here's where I'm stuck. Apparently the 1995's don't use stepper motors? (I haven't taken the cluster apart yet) But if they do, I cant find the right ones. Seem to be for 1996 or 1997 and up models. This cluster does not have a conventional pigtail that plugs into it but rather the cluster "sinks" into the adapter. The circuit board is flexible. Does anyone have any info on this type of cluster? If its a simple stepper motor or resistor I can fix it. (I think, lol) However, rather than replace with a refurbished or used one where the mileage will not be correct I'd rather upgrade to a digital cluster if possible or even swap in a later model chevy cluster. Anyone know if this is possible? One thing ive found out with the 95's is that it isn't very compatible with other models. Please ask any questions that you may have. I look forward to your responses!
  18. I was wondering about upgrading my small cluster in my 2015 sierra WT to the multi-color/4.2 inch cluster. Is this something that is possible? The connectors are the same on the back so I guess all the wiring is there and its just a matter of getting the BCM programmed. Any info would be great!
  19. Looking to make some customization to your 03-06 GM full size truck or SUV dash? Our company is well known for our custom clusters. Buy brand new or reman with an exchange. Exchanges require a refundable $200 core deposit and core must be repairable. Mix and Match Pointers, Add LED's, Add the transmission temp gauge, change the face to an Escalade style Black, White, or Silver, add an Escalade platinum lens. So many combinations and just a few are shown below. Please call us during business hours for questions, pricing, and to order. 860-583-0629 M-F 9-5 EST Stock 1500 cluster start at $200 and price can go up $400 with customization's. We will need our odometer disclaimer form for mileage and VIN programming. All forms needed to complete your order can be found at the following link. http://www.fixmygauges.com/forms.html pictures of other possible combination can be found at our Ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/SPEEDOMETER-SALES-AND-SERVICE/REMAN-TRUCK-CLUSTERS-EXCHANGE-/_i.html?_nkw=03+04+05&_fsub=985009018&_sid=23796228&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322
  20. Alright! my silverado has the infamous stuck speedo and tachometer, wondering if anyone on here has actually repaired them your self, like with those cheap little motor kits. is it worth it!?
  21. I bought an 05 avalanche for a fixer upper, it has no power to the drivers door at all, and half of the instrument cluster is dead(left side). All Fuses are fine. Whats the usual culprit for the door, the module or the harness? If i get another cluster and door module/harness would i have to get it/them reprogrammed?
  22. Hi, I have a 2005 Yukon XL 5.3 liter. I replaced the fuel pump two months ago due to a pressure issue (having to start twice to get it to start). Everything went fine with the installation and for the last two months all worked fine. My Wife filled her tank up 3 days ago and the gas gauge went well beyond full (See Pic). The computer range works fine. After a couple of days it looks like the gauge goes down but when its empty it shows half a tank (see picture). Anyone have any idea what the problem is. I disconnected the battery hoping it might reset but that didn't work. I don't think its the sending unit since the computer (miles til empty) is working. http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab45/iam4uf_2009/614f725c-4ef7-4d56-89ae-f7392c6dd993_zpst0fzctot.jpg http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab45/iam4uf_2009/IMG_22711_zps00yrc7sz.jpg
  23. Have any Denali owners had their instrument clusters fixed? If so, how? And for how long? I'm talking about the random reset problems as referenced in these threads: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/156722-dash-info-screen-randomly-resets-all-settings/ http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/160783-denali-owners-does-your-instrument-cluster-reset-frequently/ Just curious as to people's success in finding a solution. Or if you've actually tried to get a fix? Truck13 claims to have his fixed a couple of months ago with a cluster reprogram (OP Code #1031660 ?). But my tech contacted GM engineering and they didn't have a clue. They updated my HMI module and only made my problem worse. I scheduled another service visit and PM'd GM Service Rep Jonathon on here for more help. It's really starting to annoy me and I want mine fixed. Anybody else take any actions? I'm curious as to what people have done or heard from GM with respect to this problem. Thanks.
  24. Hey, I have quite the problem solve for all you techs out there. It's been brought to a GM Dealer; no luck. I'm far from unable to work on my own stuff and am mechanically inclined but this one has me stumped. Problem: I'm from Northern Ontario; where an average winter temp is minus 15-25 degrees Celsius. All summer long in warm weather, my dash cluster will work perfectly fine. Last winter, the only time I would have a problem would be when it was around -20 or colder. This year, anything from +2ish and below, absolutely nothing on my dash cluster will work except for the black light (back light works normally, turns on and off when the lighting is proper) this includes speedo, tach, battery, gas, cruise control, odometer... until my truck warms up and I shut it off and warm it back up. And when it's cold, that's no drive around town, I'm talking if it's cold it takes a good half hour on the highway and then I have to shut the key off and turn it back on and my dash flickers and works from then on till I shut it off and it gets cold again. When you cycle the key, the needles kind of flicker and try to go, but no dice. I am beyond stumped. Let me know if any of you have had the same problem or have any type of solution. Justin.
  25. 2005 Silverado 1500, base fleet with the 5.3- I was driving down I-65, and all of a sudden, sensor gauges all went out, gear selector, etc- but speedo, tach, and odometer still worked. Same time, air conditioning went out- still blows air, but no A/C. The gauges would occasionally reset to normal, but would shortly after die. Saw the security light flash as well as the brake indicator light. As I was hauling furniture, and had the dog with me, I was hesitant to stop, as the truck was driving just fine, and feared it would not restart due to a security feature. Fortunately (maybe?) this is not the case- truck cranks just fine, but gauges don't function at all at this point. I had had the cluster rebuilt in april due to faulty speedo step motor, so first thing, tried to clean out the plugs and contacts off of that to ensure that was not the issue. Ran into an interesting issue when I was replacing the cleaned cluster back in the dash- Now, when the truck is off, key out, and blower switch on: if I hit the brakes, or turn on the hazards, the blower turns on. It even cycles with the lights on hazard (on when lights are flashed, disengages when lights are off. When the key is in, and the hazards or right turn signal are on, the indicator lights stay lit. Turn the key off, they function as normal. Air bag in picture is normal- vehicle was in previous collision, and the previous owner replaced the air bag on driver side with a plain cover. As this electrical line literally spans the length of the truck, and I have already checked fuses and breakers and the connector for the cluster, any one got any ideas where the likely point of failure(s) is? I am thinking ignition switch is likely culprit, but unsure how to diagnose.
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