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  1. You wouldn’t happen to be needing the actual radio and the HMI as well, would you?
  2. *************Radio and HMI sold. Cluster was returned to vendor on eBay.************* Not to make you change your mind, but, it could be done less than what was mentioned above. I have a radio and HMI 2.5 coming from White Auto and Media Services. I bought those from them and we’re programmed, but my truck got hit and I don’t need them any longer. They charge $600 for those with programming and just $100 for programming. If you’re interested, I’d sell them to you for half price, $300. I also had bought a Denali cluster, but that’s only if you’re really wanting the full upgrade. Let me know. I just need to sell them and want to make sure they go to someone looking to do what they’ve got their mind set on like I did.
  3. I have a radio and HMI that are coming in from White Auto and Media Services that I no longer need (my truck got hit). They’re able to be used for the upgrade for CarPlay or more that they offer as a service. If you were to get these from them, it would be $600 programmed. I just want these gone and can sell them for $300 plus I can provide you the USB part number. I’m bummed I can’t use them at the moment, but I need my money elsewhere and want someone to be able to get the use out of them. Let me know if you’re interested.
  4. *************Radio and HMI sold. Cluster was returned to vendor on eBay.************* That sounds terrible man. I have an HMI and radio that I bought but don’t need any more. They’re coming from White Auto and Media Services, who program them to your VIN. I really want to get rid of them, so if you’re interested, let me know. White Auto and Media Services program them for $100. It is the same factory products you’d get from a dealer. Dealer likely would charge you too much. I sourced my radio and HMI through them, but in the short time after my purchase, my truck got hit and I don’t have a need for them. I would gladly get these to you for a reasonable price.
  5. I have no problem waiting until Friday. You're good. White Auto and Media Services has the part # as 13519224. I searched online and confirmed it is correct - https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/oem-parts/gm-auxiliary-jack-13519224
  6. I did not have the USB hub already. That was the last thing I was getting since it was easy.
  7. Thanks. Yeah, huge bummer because I was looking forward to the Denali Cluster upgrade. Had just put new Bilstein 5100's on too, but those I was able to salvage.
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