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Found 23 results

  1. hey yall, been a while. I have a message that's been coming up in my cluster display saying service trailer brakes... uh no trailer on atm . so I pulled the trailer plug out, inspected for corroision, none found, check for shorts in the 7 pin connector itself no problems, I have continuity through all the 7 pins and the associated 4 pins below, only fault in the trailer brake module was for voltage to low from by battery being dead this morning. im thinking the battery died because of the trailer brake faults. it usually after it rains and then the sun comes out, but this morning was the first time my battery died, anyone else have a problem like this. anyone have a good wiring diagram for modules to the plug on the bumper?
  2. I have a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado C1500 5.7. I removed the top dash piece today in order to replace the climate control unit. Seemed simple enough (I only had to disconnect the 2 wire harnesses from the dash cover). Replaced everything, cranked it, and noticed the blinkers were stuck on and the wipers wouldn't work. Pressed the hazard light button and the left blinker stayed on. Pressed it a couple more times and the blinkers eventually went off. This is when I noticed that the gear indicator light was also not working. These don't have anything to do with either wire harness that I disconnected, nor the HVAC control unit I replaced. What could cause these 2 issues to happen at the same time? I can understand that by some strange twist of fate the turn signal module died at the time of replacing the HVAC unit, but the gear indicator light too? Anyway, I've checked all fuses/relays and everything seems to be fine. Any ideas?
  3. Hey guys, Sorry if this topic is in the wrong spot, but I was wondering if anyone has or has seen an iPad dash for a 2017 Silverado. I’ve seen a couple around the internet of an iPad and an iPad Mini (I will attach some images of what I’ve seen) but I’m going to get a new iPad with cellular data this Christmas and didn’t want to get it if it won’t even fit. But let me know what you find or attach some images in the comments. I’m having an after market company make the whole thing I just have the bring the iPad but I didn’t want them to call me and say the iPad doesn’t fit. But what I was wanting is the iPad to be removable and the factory radio screen to be behind the iPad.
  4. We are proud to announce the "GT" line of gauge faces. They are available in white or satin, you can preorder them now, however they will not start shipping until october 30th check out https://usdashworks.com/product/style-gt/ to check them out and place your order.
  5. Has anyone tried this? My truck came with the blue tooth/Apple play capabilities, just would prefer the bigger screen found in the LT and up. Anything hard to swap about? Also looking to swap the black plastic trim around the display for the finished silver plastic trim
  6. Hello, I have a 2005 Silverado. It has about 157k miles on a 5.3L. I drive about 20 minutes to and from work, and lately my dash will start having issues while driving. It doesn't happen all of the time, and usually only lasts until I hit the gas pretty good. The radio usually loses power and intermittently goes on and off. The battery gauge will drop and the low battery light will illuminate. The door lock security light illuminated. Also, a chime will alarm during the cycle in which it happens while driving. This morning at a stop sign, I shut it off and restarted it. The gauges all acted like it was still off for a minute then jumped to proper location. Then I shifted into Drive, but the IP showed it still in Park. I drove about 1/4 mile before the doors locked and the panel first displayed as it should. It still had a failure cycle; though, until I got to work and shut it off. The automatic door locks did not unlock after I shut it off. Is this caused by a faulty battery ground for alternator issue?
  7. ISO 2014+ Dash Harness

    Hey everyone, I'm on the hunt for a dash harness for a 2014+ Silverado or Sierra. If you have one reasonably priced please let me know. Thanks!
  8. Quick question for those of you who have a High Country. Is the dash leather, or is it a faux leather like material?
  9. Hi Guys, Have 2014 Sierra SLT AT 4x4 with 1600km's and this past week had the seasons first couple inches of snow and tried out the 4 wheel drive for the first time and right away noticed a slight but noticeable pinging high frequency noise coming from the dash when in "4 wheel high" or "4 wheel auto" but immediately goes away when back in "2 wheel high". When I first heard it I thought is was my keys jingling and grabbed a hold of them and ruled that out.. (only one other key) Mind you it's nothing cranking up the radio can't take care of but otherwise it's annoying as heck.. Anyone else experienced this? It sounds much like jingling keys but high frequency. Only happens in 4WDHigh or 4WDAUTO, never in 2WD.. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this at all? Will mention it to the dealer next time I'm in.. - Al
  10. Hey Everyone. I’ve been looking at buying a diesel 6.6 L duramax denali GMC automatic transmission. Both of the 2014 models in separate cities I’ve looked over have two, 3/8 or 1/2 inch holes drilled on the left side of the steering wheel in the dash. I can tell these are not manufacturer drilled, and was wondering why I have seen this on that model twice. At first I thought to mount the trailer brake controller, but the holes are way bigger than necessary for screw mounting. The holes are big enough they are very noticeable, an ink pen could easily pass through. So question 1: why drill these two holes? Both models I’ve looked at have a trailer towing feature engaged by pushing the end of the shifter on the right side of steering wheel inwards. Would that not mean this model also comes equipped with trailer brake controller? I’m concerned the previous owners removed something I will need for trailer towing or some other feature of interest. I can see the gooseneck mount, or trailer hitch and the 7 way round plug, so I’m baffled on why these holes are there in the dash. Thanks in advance.
  11. I just picked up my new 2014 Double Cab LTZ. Red with Cocoa Dune interior. Love the truck but have an unsettling problem that's driving me CRAZY!!! The top of the dash where the soft touch materiel meets the hard plastic piece where the defrost vents are is warping!!! (see photos) It's happening right in front of the sensor in the middle and on the passenger side. I took it into the dealership a couple days ago and they seemed pretty surprised and concerned. I'm dropping it off tomorrow. Hopefully they can replace the dash piece or something and fix it. I'm wondering if you guys can compare my dash to yours and see if you are having any of the same issues. I live in Michigan so it's cold right now and I'm thinking maybe the temp change from cold to warm (defrost) is warping the plastic? Anyways it's staring me in the face every time I drive it.
  12. 2006 Gmc Sierra 1500 SLT In KY this year we had some snow so I got out to play in it last night and went to get on it alittle and when I did all my lights inside including my radio dash and even headlights shut off for maybe two seconds like the key had been turned off (truck is still running) and then came back on after everything came back my battery light was on. It is a new battery from end of 2017. Got home had to run back into town and got on the brakes hard one time and didnt complety shut down on me but the lights surged hard having a hard time finding anything on this any input would help.
  13. So my dash just cracked a couple days ago and it's getting bigger. Apparently all the interior protector crap doesn't do much more than shine.... Any ideas on how to stop the cracking or fix it? I would post a pic of it but not sure how.
  14. I'm installing a line out covertor for an amp in my 2016 Silverado WT. it does not have the BOSE system. I need to know what color the speaker wires are behind the radio and which plug they are on. I have looked every where for a diagram but I can not find one.
  15. 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 4.8L This is my first post on any kind of forum but I am desperate for answers because I am unable to find info anywhere else online. Today I had my instrument cluster fixed by a guy who says he has done several. The gear indicator, oil pressure gauge, and the backlighting were not working properly. When I went to pick up my truck today he explained to me that everything was working except the fuel gauge. The gauge has worked with no problem until today. He claims that the fuel gauge is not getting a good connection because it has a bad lead, which I've never heard of. The gauge starts to bounce a little when I turn the key on but stops after about 3 seconds or so, which tells me it's getting power. He replaced the stepper motor with a new one. Any ideas on what it could be? I put a full tank of gas in it after I discovered it wasn't working
  16. Hey guys and gals, i did a couple of searches but found nothing on the topic but here goes. I just bought me a beauty of a truck 2014 Silverado. Stereo and all works fine, except the system sounds like the signal clicks etc.... the OnStar and the handsfree phone when pressed and I have the volume all the way up is very faint and I can barely hear it almost like a faint whisper. There is a Clarion EQ installed which I think may have something to do with it because there is absolutely no sound coming from the upper dash speakers at all, even when the radio is playing. I contacted Chevrolet and they confirmed that the Handsfree and the OnStar radiate from the top dash speakers. Again this is a new truck and I haven't had a lot of time to tinker with it. If it is with the Clarion EQ ive noticed that its hooked up to the door speakers. I guess Im hoping there is a quick and easy answer vs. take everything apart to see whats wrong kindof approach, but that may be just wishful thinking on my part.
  17. Looking to make some customization to your 03-06 GM full size truck or SUV dash? Our company is well known for our custom clusters. Buy brand new or reman with an exchange. Exchanges require a refundable $200 core deposit and core must be repairable. Mix and Match Pointers, Add LED's, Add the transmission temp gauge, change the face to an Escalade style Black, White, or Silver, add an Escalade platinum lens. So many combinations and just a few are shown below. Please call us during business hours for questions, pricing, and to order. 860-583-0629 M-F 9-5 EST Stock 1500 cluster start at $200 and price can go up $400 with customization's. We will need our odometer disclaimer form for mileage and VIN programming. All forms needed to complete your order can be found at the following link. http://www.fixmygauges.com/forms.html pictures of other possible combination can be found at our Ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/SPEEDOMETER-SALES-AND-SERVICE/REMAN-TRUCK-CLUSTERS-EXCHANGE-/_i.html?_nkw=03+04+05&_fsub=985009018&_sid=23796228&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322
  18. Hi all, Long time lurker. I recently purchased a 2015 1500 AT in the end of October. It's my first GM truck and so far I'm digging it. I needed a bigger truck since my family has grown. I had a 2010 Tundra DC which was getting way too tight in the back. So I opted for the Crew Cab to accommodate the growing kids. I haven't done any mods to it yet but I'm planning on it. I'll be putting a clear bra on the lower bumper and installing the Bilstein 5100's in a few weeks. I did notice one issue which I have not seen raised in the forums. It started when the temperature dropped to around 60's-50's. I never noticed it before during the warm days. It seems the dash area between the leather and plastic part of the windshield vent is warping. I've attached a picture fo all to see. Has anyone ran into this issue? I've got an appointment with the dealership for my first oil change tomorrow and plan on addressing it with them then. I sure hope this isn't a preview of all kinds of problems.
  19. I am not sure if I am posting in the wrong place...so I am sorry if that's the case. I have a 2003 Sierra on which I had the heating coil replaced last month. A couple of days after the vehicle was returned to me I noticed that the cruise control stopped working. Last week my wife was following me home and noticed that I did not have any brake lights (all 3 brake lights not working, but signals and tail lights are fine). I checked all of the obvious things (fuses, pedal switch, and bulbs) and found that I had 12v on both sides of the fuse, but nothing at all in the switch plug. I found a schematic and realized that the only way this could happen is if the wire from the main fuse box to the switch has lost connection somewhere. So I traced the wire from the switch back and found that the mechanic who replaced my coil did not plug the brake switch back in. My problem is that I cannot find where it goes. For clarification, it is the wire that comes off of the switch on the brake pedal. It runs up behind the dash (I had to take most of the dash apart to find it), just under the top dash cover, and runs horizontally across the dash to about the center ofo the dash and stops. I have looked all over that area and many others but I cannot find anywhere for it to plug in to. I have looked for pictures online and cannot find anything. Please someone point me in the right direction here. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  20. Hey, I have quite the problem solve for all you techs out there. It's been brought to a GM Dealer; no luck. I'm far from unable to work on my own stuff and am mechanically inclined but this one has me stumped. Problem: I'm from Northern Ontario; where an average winter temp is minus 15-25 degrees Celsius. All summer long in warm weather, my dash cluster will work perfectly fine. Last winter, the only time I would have a problem would be when it was around -20 or colder. This year, anything from +2ish and below, absolutely nothing on my dash cluster will work except for the black light (back light works normally, turns on and off when the lighting is proper) this includes speedo, tach, battery, gas, cruise control, odometer... until my truck warms up and I shut it off and warm it back up. And when it's cold, that's no drive around town, I'm talking if it's cold it takes a good half hour on the highway and then I have to shut the key off and turn it back on and my dash flickers and works from then on till I shut it off and it gets cold again. When you cycle the key, the needles kind of flicker and try to go, but no dice. I am beyond stumped. Let me know if any of you have had the same problem or have any type of solution. Justin.
  21. Hey guys, I'm having a huge issue with my truck, for some reason I can not get the brake warning light on the dash to go away. It all started while I was driving at the desert (it's a long travel truck). I was taking it easy and I succumbed to my dads peer pressure to abuse it. Thats is when the dash light came on. A variety of other things came up, but ever other issue was fixed. I've exhausted every evil plan to murder this light but nothing does the trick. I changed out every light bulb, I replaced the rear tail lights, I replaced all the brake lines, bled the entire system, checked every fuse, replaced every brake and rotors as well, the parking brake is released, the parking brakes have been replaced, at this point I was thinking of ripping out the dash light but as a mechanic I just can't fail. Now yesterday on the freeway I realized my cruise control is not working either. Anybody have any idea how this could correlate to my brake light issue?
  22. I have a late year 1999 Siverado (2000 body style)that has a strange issue.. Our lights all.. exterior, interior, radio, dasj , etc all dim .. sometimes to being almost off.. Our dash gauges.. all except the alt/voltage gauge goes randomly to around 11V.. this includes the speedometer does not work.. The blinkers/turn signals worked thru it all.. The dash command lights.. had a red battery indicator and of course said we had no fuel.. but I am sure that was since everything else was not working.. The battery is only 1.5 years old and there is no corrosion neither.. Then it would all of a sudden the system would just start working again.. everything.. I checked the connections to the battery.. good and tight What do you think I should check, test? Thanks for any input!
  23. I am replacing the center console of my 05 Silverado with a jump seat. I am looking for the center section of the dash, which includes the cig lighters and ash tray. I am having a bear of a time finding anything online. I have read quite a few threads on there about going from jump seat to console, and reverse, but I don't seem to remember seeing how people went about replacing that center peice in the dash. Anyone have any ideas? What is that piece called? Also, I have the CJ2 option (HVAC ayti control). Since the AC will no longer be ran to the rear of the truck, there will obviously be a piece needed to seal up the hole up front. I wonder if that center dash peice actually does this, since it replaces the section which through the center console... Thanks for your help.

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