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  1. Recently went with a full JL audio build. C1 6x9 components in the fronts and 6.5 for the rears. Great speakers for "entry level". Powered by the RD400/4 and it sounds awesome.
  2. Interested in these tires as well. How have they held up? Got any pictures you can share?
  3. Quick update on this. Ended up with JL Audio C1 6x9 components in the front, and 6.5 coaxials in the rear. I left the dash speakers in place and mounted the tweeters flush on the door panel right behind the handle. Powered by the JL RD400/4 and left the stock head unit. Everything sounds amazing and no loud chimes to report just the same as before. EDIT: I did not do this myself my local shop did lol
  4. Yea that's what he meant was to add the tweeters in under the dash. Would this be a wise thing to do in terms of overall sound? I've seen pictures of other set ups where the tweeter is custom installed on our trucks away from under the dash.
  5. I want to get some help from the forum with my audio set up. I want to upgrade the factory non-bose speakers. I spoke to my local audio shop over the phone about replacing the speakers on all 4 doors. Then I asked about the dash speakers and he said yes, he can add tweeters there as well. I assumed the tweeter would be placed in a custom location (like sail panel or A piilar), and the dash would receive its own upgraded speaker. Am I on the right track with that set up? Or does it all really depend on the type of dash speaker I go with? Thanks.
  6. Good setup haven't seen one installed like that before
  7. Awesome thanks for sharing! Did you have to remove the bottom panel to run the wire? I'm not sure what this is all about I'm just looking for pictures man lol
  8. As the title suggests. Looking for ideas for where to add mine! Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Great thanks! I actually don't have the brake controller sorry forgot to mention that. I have the pocket there. So the entire aluminum/plastic piece comes off first, then you can remove the black piece?
  10. Which panels and in what order did you have to remove to add the knob? Going to have your same bass setup installed this weekend and I want to explain to the shop how to add the knob just to be on the same page. Thanks!
  11. Got it thanks man! I'm going with the LOC afterall as its a must now a days.
  12. Awesome man thanks for your help! I think I'm good with all the components now. I'm excited been saving up since I bought the truck two years ago so hoping its worth it lol
  13. Yes that would be the one. The tech mentioned that as long as the amp has speaker lever inputs the LOC wouldn't be necessary. Here's the description on the site.
  14. So according to the Crutchfield tech I won't be needing the processor since the JL 750/1 amp already has the high level inputs. So i'll just need the wire to RCA adapters to provide it with the audio signal https://www.crutchfield.com/p_136XDCLR2S/JL-Audio-XD-CLRAIC2-SW.html But the audio shop guy says that I do need a processor. What do you guys think?
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