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  1. .. just had my recall performed today at the dealer and my rear defrost circuit is live again.. may put together a monitoring circuit when i get some time in the new year to keep tabs on the "fix"
  2. .. yes this was issued in Canada on Nov 8.. scheduled my service appointment with dealership .. recall N192270330
  3. .. just seen this recall update in myChevrolet app today.. looks like they are rolling out a fix:
  4. .. Brown/white stripe in pink plug is cargo light .. Brown/blue stripe in brown plug is reverse light
  5. .. thanks for the post.. bumped me to go ahead and install one of these also.. easy to install and looks great.. temp was only 3C so I fired up the heat and went for a drive just to make sure everything stuck ok.. not really any more glare than before.
  6. ..I got around 2" on the third notch.. Eibach has updated their documentation since I installed mine..I was only looking for 1.5". They were originally underestimating how much lift would be achieved. Screenshot from their current documentation:
  7. .. pull the trigger you won't regret it. I'm set on 3rd notch with stock springs.. night and day difference in ride and control.. especially towing.. gives me just the right amount of ground clearance for the winter driving around here.. I also bumped up to 275 60 20.. fills out the wheel wells better with slight rub on control arm at full lock only
  8. .. started mocking up an OBA compressor system for my air bags.. will be placing it in the spare battery hole.. GM decided to make removing the battery tray a PITA with a tab underneath both the fuse box and the washer bottle.. to make future removal of the battery tray easy the small tab that fits against the washer bottle needs to be bent up then the tray can be easily lifted out.
  9. .. installed a set of BLE TPMS for motorcycle on the manual fill valve for my air bags.. now I can keep tabs on the bag pressure from my phone.. they are surprisingly accurate as well.
  10. .. look outside the OEM box.. many things are then possible
  11. ..I aired down to around 5? now.. bounce is gone. I don't have an accurate measure for less then 10psi.. ordered a 1-20 psi gauge from Amazon
  12. .. grabbed a quick shot on the way to work this morning.. hill in distance is about 5 telephone poles ahead.. definately better light output than just the high beams were alone. I still want to add a diode to the trigger wire
  13. .. ok grabbed a couple night shots in my driveway of my yard.. the tent in the back is probably around 300' or so from where the truck is parked.. zoomed out so you can see it. Definately makes a difference in light output with the bar on..I pulled the relay fuse for the high beam shot without the bar. Not the brightest bar I've had by far but satisfied for a 20" 90W chinese bar that I got on sale $47CDN on Amazon. .. the install was straight forward.. used a 4 pin fused relay, 16ga power & 18ga control wires.. mounted relay directly behind right headlight with existing plastic plug.. ran all word thru PE split loom for protection.. trigger wire routed across front under plastic trim panel to left headlight and tapped white wire on plug with a Posi-tap (I live in salt belt and these work great). Pop off the grill - held with 4 10mm socket bolts and pressure clips.. used mounting tabs that came with the light bar to bolt down and used a couple oversized nuts to lift up the bar even with the lower grill opening. Grounded light bar with 16ga using a large bolt behind the bumper (there are plenty back there). Then wait until dark, hit the high beams and aim the bar thru the grill and lock down.
  14. .. yes I have the shutters.. this bar has plenty of clearance where I mounted it - it's only 2" deep and around 1 1/2" tall. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B076S5MPCB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_OVqPDbHCDSQYT
  15. .. got my light bar all mounted up.. still need to connect the relay trigger from the high beams but everything else is wired and ready to go.. needed to take a mental break from the drivers side head light plug location before my blood pressure reached thermal runaway ?..I swear you need hands the size of a child to work on these things! Low profile bar mounts nicely to the grill Totally camouflaged from the front If you get right down and look thru the grill you can see the bar
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