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  1. LOL, yes I've been to Halifax a couple of times.. but in the summer of course.. we do try to compensate for your natural salt air by spreading more than 2 million tonnes of salt on the roads in Ontario each year.. and now we're converting to using calcium chloride too.. which does an even better job attacking vehicles
  2. I just ordered them but they will arrive Monday.. I'll throw up some pics when I install them next week.. cost wise they are around $400USD or $500CAD.. I also need to deal with winter salt living in Ontario - the salt center of the universe
  3. .. finally ordered a set of running boards for the truck today. After much back and forth on a couple different drop step options I pulled the trigger and ordered the Westin HDX bars. Truck finally goes in tomorrow morning to dealer to have the console power socket replaced which shorted out couple weeks ago.. been holding off on installing a sub/amp and a few other things until the dealer is done messing around with my harness and pulling my console.
  4. HD Reverse Cam Options?

    ok I'm familiar with digikey, I use them often at work. You don't happen to have the part# you used?
  5. HD Reverse Cam Options?

    My test camera arrived today.. size looks good. Where did you get a spare plug from to make another cable? I would prefer to keep the OEM camera/wiring intact
  6. Old Habits Die Hard!

    .. just purchased my 18 less than 1 month ago so I'll be around and active for a long time to come.. sorry I just cannot get into the styling of the 19s.. if you ever Google image search the Chinese automotive clones the 19s are exactly what I would expect a Chinese clone of an F150 to look like.. no originality at all.. very disappointed.. now the 18 Silverado - well that's just plain sexy!
  7. HD Reverse Cam Options?

    .. this is the one I ordered to try.. stated 600 TVL resolution, 0.1 lux, 1/3" image sensor and same 20mm cube size..
  8. LOL.. not if I'm driving an invisible truck!
  9. .. no no, I'm not worried about you... but.. everyone has a crazy ex in their past
  10. HD Reverse Cam Options?

    thanks for the info.. started exploring aftermarket options today with better resolution that meet the same form factor size as the GM original
  11. .. white tailgate handle installed.. happy with the result
  12. .. started the install on my remote drop gate today
  13. ..considering a new RAM? Nope..a new F150? Nope.. the reasons for one person to pick a particular truck/option over another are as individual as it gets. My choice was to move to a new 18 Silverado 1500 LT from a F150 King Ranch 5.4 lifted on 35's. Nobody makes the perfect package but this was hands down the package for me
  14. .. sounds like a short in harness or could be ignition switch or multiple other causes.. gremlins like that are process of elimination.. got to start ringing out circuits. Buddy had a Chevy van with similar situation.. happened to die in my driveway when he went to leave while visiting me.. process of elimination determined worn wire in harness coming through firewall near dead pedal shorted (he rested his foot here while driving and caused wire insulation to wear).. start at the switch and ring out the circuits from there

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