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  1. The "Catch Can" Explained

    double post
  2. The "Catch Can" Explained

    My catch can from UPR arrived today (fast shipping to Canada) and was waiting for me when I got home from work.. but it will need to wait a couple days for warmer weather to install..-35C is just a little too cold for that!
  3. The "Catch Can" Explained

    .. just submitted my order for the UPR plug n play catch can for my truck via their website.. now the waiting for the shipping begins!
  4. ..added tailgate weatherstrip to keep water from getting in white pressure washing.. seals the gate up awesome.. also need to add 2 small strips to the gate itself due to the curve of the bedI've yet to see any leaking from my tonneau cover and now this should close the loop 100%.
  5. got them at Princess Auto (Canadian version of Harbor Freight) but you can get it on Amazon or anywhere that sells trailer accessories.
  6. .. added e-track bracket to tailgate so I have somewhere to strap/tie down to when carrying loads longer than the bed (eg. lumber).. installed a couple threaded inserts and bolted it on.. now I can just pop the straps in when I need a tie down point
  7. ..noticed my oil pressure dropped at idle last night.. did a little research and discovered the 2 stage oil pump GM uses on these trucks.. drop the oil pressure at idle by design. Wow the unnecessary over complication in these trucks continues to amaze me.
  8. .. something's not lined up.. you don't need the bolts to hold the trim in place they're there to keep you from popping it off under your weight when you hang off it.. if you're using the bolts to position it then it's not lined up. You are doing it right - start at the bottom, work it around until it is fully seated in the groove along the dash then line up the plastic centering post with the hole in the pillar (you can use a trim tool to work the weatherstrip into position) and snap the pressure clip into the slot in the pillar (make sure you attach the metal pressure clip to the trim first and fully seat it - do not try to insert the trim into a clip that is already in the pillar).. everything should be tight and in position without gaps. You should only be re-using the metal pressure clip from the old trim piece. ..edit.. snapped a couple pics in the dark
  9. Cargo Lights on with Reverse Lights

    .. that's because the RAP senses the drivers door open/close.. your passenger can exit the vehicle without disabling the RAP
  10. .. they are Michelin hybrid blades I picked up from Costco.. I've put these blades on all my vehicles every winter for a few winters now.. they work great
  11. .. you definately want to be off the plastic cowl.. remove the trim cover (3) from the end of the wiper arm (1) and remove the nut (2) holding it into the post.. you need to pull your arm off the post (you'll need a puller) and rotate it to where it's inline with the driver side and bolt it back on.
  12. .. changed out my wiper blades with a set of winter blades.. those little plastic tabs are a pain in the cold and the dark but I managed.. first world problems!
  13. .. love the Minion on the lawn! .. went for a short drive in 4 Hi today.. was still engaged from playing in the snow yesterday and didn't notice.. my old truck had a nice bright orange light on the dash to remind me the 4wd was on.. really easy to miss if 4wd is enabled on the Silverado
  14. .. there have been a few studies on the engine cold start run vs idle warm ups.. here is a snapshot from the summary of a study by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (.. ya I live in Ontario Canada and we get our share of cold starts!).. sorry didn't mean to hi jack the thread, we can get back on topic now
  15. .. warming up an engine is a left over misconception from the days of carburetion. Your Silverado's modern engine and fuel injection system require no more than 30 seconds warm up time before driving.. - the fastest way to reach operating temperature is by driving; idling is a surprisingly inefficient way of heating up an engine. (as has been stated already drive conservatively for the first few minutes) - prolonged cold idling causes more harm than good.. your fuel map will run rich when cold and this extra gasoline can strip oil from your cylinder walls .. unless your driving a classic muscle car just start it up, then roll down your windows and go. ..btw short cold weather trips are also murder on your engine as the condensation present never has sufficient time to be removed and turns everything to sludge.. take the scenic route to work .. just my .02 cents

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