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  1. ..lol since I'm in Canada it costs more to ship it then it's worth..$55USD item is costing me $105CAD shipped!
  2. .. hey thanks I didn't know about this option.. just ordered it from Rock Auto
  3. ..I have 3 of these lights mounted in trees around my property I got at princess auto..3yrs old now - working great and super bright. https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/led-solar-1-500-lumen-motion-light/A-p8718207e
  4. .. they're 315 so should work.. may not be the exact one that your particular truck had inside the rim so different part #.. OEM had multiple part numbers but used the same 315 freq (until 19) just changes to physical design of sensor and or valve stem. I just buy cheap aftermarkets.. work as good as OEM. They're all only as good as the battery.. my .02 cents .. BUT easy check to be 100% sure.. you can program them to your truck BEFORE you install them in the new rims.. just remember to move your original tire/sensor away from your truck when you program the new sensor.
  5. +1 for prevention vs false hope police will do anything.. it's unfortunate but it's the world we now live in.. I've been victim of property theft more than once. I too have video surveillance of entire property but I rely on deterrents - well placed motion activated security lights (brighter the better), wifi motion sensor in driveway which turns on lights inside the house.. and a loud hound dog that barks at anything that moves.
  6. .. pulled off the chrome mustache on my bumper to remove the dent in the air deflector (left by some moron at work in the parking lot who used my truck as a limit stop for parking their vehicle) and reseat all the mounting clips so everything sits flush again. Bumpers are NOT a parking aid!
  7. .. any local spring/chassis shop can make you a set any size you wish
  8. .. this and no option with white trim kept me off the list
  9. .. got annual Krown rustproofing respray done today .. tip for anyone planning to do this.. pull blower fuse (right side panel fuse 43) until the oil is done dripping to prevent your blower fan from accidently engaging and coating all the interior windows with an oil film (auto climate control is great!). I also give all weatherstripping a good wipe down with silicon spray to keep oil free
  10. ..jeez, 3 weeks ago I was paying $1.68 per litre in northern Ontario .. or roughly CDN $6.35 per gallon .. now home and payed $1.33 per litre today or roughly CDN $5 per gallon (calculations via online calculator with currency correction)
  11. .. mounted up my winter rims.. gonna run them like that for a couple weeks & see if the chrome grows on me before I paint them black..
  12. .. picked up a set of GMC wheels for a great deal to transfer my winter tires to
  13. .. update on my rear block lift.. I put my OEM block back in the rear today and the truck is back to level vs the rake I need in the rear for towing. I had pulled the trigger on another solid 1"lift block (2.25"block) from Readylift after searching YouTube after the crappy Skyjacker block I bought initially - problem - the block has a taper cut in it which in turn knocked out my pinion angle causing vibration. My truck rides BUTTER SMOOTH with the Eibach suspension and I won't accept any driveline vibration. This is strike 2 on the lift blocks now and honestly I don't really want to roll the dice on yet another vendor with sub par blocks. I think I'll just wait until next spring and install a set of Firestone air bags for towing and leave the truck leveled.
  14. what is the correct part number for 2018 KPH Denali metric cluster?
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