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  1. .. GM is out of touch with current technology and pricing for services available..20yrs ago their OnStar service and pricing was reasonable.. but in today's world they are disconnected and oblivious
  2. ..lol I hope the marks on the pavement aren't from you with the trailer!
  3. ..I use Fluke only at work (electrical/electronics) and I personally have 3 different Fluke meters at home but for DC clamp on home use I have a "cheap" DC clamp on.. suits my needs for home use and accuracy... and for under $60 CAD you can't go wrong. UNI-T UT210E True RMS AC/DC Current/Voltage Mini Clamp Meters with Capacitance,Resistance Measurement http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01FNMCA6Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ycG3CbXJEV5AQ
  4. ... swap my cheap cheap tailgate light bar out with a better cheap light bar.. first one didn't make it thru the winter so great-not sealed the greatest (didn't figure it would last but I just grabbed what was cheap and quick at the time) so for $5 more a got a "better"one that is sealed MUCH better
  5. .. took the truck to the dealership for it's "second" free oil change at 16000km..all the mechanics loved my sheepskin seat covers lol.. picked up a touchup paint pen while I was there and took care of the winter stone chips I've collected on the front end of the truck
  6. Thanks.. mom was black & tan coon hound and dad was blue tick.. his name's Remington.. now just need to get him to stop treeing the family cat lol!
  7. .. not sure what the brand was, I picked it up at Costco
  8. .. took the pup to the vet for his last set of vaccinations today.. glad I invested in a waterproof rear seat liner.. poor little guy got sick on the ride home.. payed for itself x10! (.. no the pic is not from today)
  9. ..spring weather is finally here so got a chance to give it a wax and detail today
  10. GMC .. founded 1911 GNC .. founded 1935 .. so that's 84 years without any brand confusion but just for argument sake the red GNC logo long predates the modern red GMC logo
  11. Usb charging- Android

    .. have a look here.
  12. .. link to file complaints for Canadian owners https://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/7/PCDB-BDPP/fc-cp.aspx?lang=eng
  13. Phone mount?

    .. I understand why many members here would want to use a phone holder with a dedicated charger.. the downstream Android Auto USB ports are great for data connectivity but fall far short for charging capability. These USB 2.0 ports spec is 5VDC/0.5A -barely enough to trickle charge a modern smart phone.. couple that with the power demands of GPS and audio streaming and you result in a negative charge rate. A dedicated Qi wireless charger can provide 10W of power or a Qualcomm standard charger can provide fast charge at rated 5,9,12 and even 20VDC bringing charge times measured in hours to minutes.
  14. Plugs for those ugly round tubes

    .. if you look back along the tube you will indeed see holes.. these are not sealed tubes.. I have plugs on mine to keep all the road salt and crap out of them living up here in the North

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