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  1. .. I've owned this truck since August and never knew this! Thanks for the info
  2. console disassembly

    .. awesome.. thanks for the help Nasty .. the other 2 were above them at the very top of the cubby
  3. console disassembly

    .. I did find the screws in the cubby area and removed them but I wasnt able to remove the rear trim panel ..I even tried some force with a trim tool but still it holds on.. am I missing something?
  4. ..I want to access the area behind the rear trim panel on my centre console.. maybe those that have done the console swap can help me with how to remove the rear trim panel?.. I am hoping it is not attached from the inside and I won't have to pull the entire console.. any exploded view parts listings I have seen only show these individually and not how they attach.. I've tried searching the console swap threads for pics but came up empty.
  5. .. so I was thinking about this window problem as a short resulting in an increase in current flow..and the possibility of introducing some form of current limiting/monitoring to prevent overheating/melting/smoking ..BUT.. I haven't seen any reports of the fuse blowing - this is at its simplest the weak link in the circuit and basic overcurrent protection.. so why didn't it blow? let's assume the current flow never reached the 30A threshold at the time of failure.. what is the current draw under normal operation? I measured the current flow of my rear defog circuit today; and for the purpose of simplifying the hypothesis here it I'll round it off to: 18A at cold startup of 0C or 32F. Let's also assume that the circuit voltage is always constant. ..so if we are correct that the current draw never reached the peak 30A rating of the fuse where did all the heat/smoke come from? .. now this is going way back to my days in school but it then only makes sense that condition responsible is resistive heating (l2R).. increased resistance from poor contact of the middle sliding window.. think toaster oven, space heater etc.. this phenomenon causes thermal expansion and can literally melt wires. .. Circuit design theory is not my area of expertise.. my background is Robotics.. so I'm hoping for members with expertise to chime in with thoughts. .. If the window is indeed experiencing resistive heating from a high resistance connection due to poor/short sighted design what can be done as a preventive failsafe?.. add a cycling thermostat or thermal fuse like used in a clothes dryer?.. would be a rather ugly preventive measure to what is likely a design flaw with the window connection.. and seems unlikely that GM would step up and go the design route given what also seems to be a known problem with the Ford window design (same glass supplier??)
  6. yes the heated mirrors still work.. they are on their own fuse
  7. .. just in case you thought this was just a GM problem.. nope, appears to be a sliding window with defrost problem.. seems like a pretty common failure on F150 as well (maybe more common).. http://www.carproblemzoo.com/ford/f-150/rear-window-defogger-problems.php ...WOW nearly 130 documented F150 cases here https://www.glassbytes.com/2013/12/several-ford-f-150-owners-report-shattering-back-lites-to-nhtsa/ .. link to file complaints for Canadian owners https://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/Saf-Sec-Sur/7/PCDB-BDPP/fc-cp.aspx?lang=eng .. also found this interesting GM bulletin.. https://gm.oemdtc.com/1974/14815-heated-back-window-glass-structurally-weakened-due-to-surface-flaw-2015-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra
  8. .. those lights are awesome..433mhz.. should be able to learn them to your homelink buttons too!
  9. .. curious what your dealer comes back with as I can see mid 20 idle with roughly 6 month old Silverado.. there is some good info in this earlier thread as well..
  10. .. there are also a couple spare empty slots at the front of the fuse block you can store your fuse in.. then it's always there ready for you to plug back in if you ever want to use your defroster again.
  11. I added stick on foam tape when I installed my soft roll up cover on (supplied with my cover).. seals it up great
  12. .. I just removed the stock plate bracket (riveted on) and mounted a clear universal plate bracket from Amazon to the plastic trim on the bumper.. I will be installing a curved LED bar between the tow hooks when the weather warms up
  13. .. that psi variation is normal operation of these oil pumps. I was concerned when I first noticed this too until I learned that GM uses a variable displacement oil pump in these engines .. they are designed to drop oil pressure at idle to minimum engine requirements in order to achieve better gas mileage. .. here is a cool little animation on you tube for the operating theory (not GM specific). .. caveat, I am not diagnosing your particular engines operating variables.. just noting that these oil pumps are designed to drop pressure with reduced load.
  14. .. underhood fuse box 30A fuse10

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