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  1. ..2018 Double Cab Z71 I ended up gaining more height than I wanted - gained a hair over 2" but I'm hoping it will settle out at 1.5"..I pull a camping trailer and still want some rake.. if not I'll be pulling them again and dropping a notch
  2. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    .. leveled with Eibach set at third notch.. gained a hair over 2" but hoping it will settle to 1.5" as I tow a camping trailer so I still want a little rake
  3. .. finally installed my Eibach struts on the third notch
  4. .. installed a set of Timbrens to help when towing the camper
  5. .. color matched shark fin
  6. .. Used an old school rodders trick to blend the tail lights with the truck.
  7. .. threw together a bike rack option to my cargo rack using strut channel and a couple second hand bike roof racks. First of two installed.. still need to fine tune the layout of the rack and set it a little farther back from the cab.. tomorrow
  8. ..umm looks like you just snapped the head of the bolt off.. should be nothing holding it to the arm now
  9. .. unless you plan to wire more in series just cut them and heat shrink them
  10. +1 on antiseize.. it is a MUST up here in the North.
  11. LED DRL’s

    .. well besides the obvious winner 16-18 Silverado!! ..my pick hands down is the F250 LED lights
  12. Illuminated Door panels

    .. like this? ..yes you can dim el wire.. you just need to use PWM you can't just add a resistor
  13. .. installed AVS paint matched aeroskin.. no more stone chips on the hood for me! Blends in really nicely with the truck . can't even tell it's there unless you get the angle right
  14. .. finally got around to re-routing the cables for my console tablet.. they run under the console now out of sight

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