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  1. hahaha i messaged WAMS and chose the "I'm Ron Burgundy?" option, hope it doesnt get auto rejected.
  2. Was looking to make it so you could watch video while moving, and screen mirror your phone, also provide connections so you could hookup an HDMI/USB displayed device to the screen. Also would have included a front facing camera for parking and the programming for all that stuff.
  3. Anyone know any discount codes for MVI modules? mvi360 doesnt work.
  4. I'm somewhat new still. Trying to contact admin about changing something, please send me a message admin. Thanks
  5. When I get home I'll take a look. That cost I said earlier was broken down in first post on this thread.
  6. Seems to have some sort of mesh or foam or something in that opening. Not sure if that sticker on that box is valid for this filter, its just what I received my old filter in when I went to pickup truck.
  7. I believe that is the bottom, this side points towards the ground. More pics soon. Won't be cutting it up for a week or so, but hopefully this helps
  8. Believe this is the top view because of the circular port. Also that gives you a better idea of how dark the fluid is, yuck.
  9. Oh ok, well then maybe I'm wrong. I'll see if I get any shuddering I guess.
  10. My understanding is that adding the friction modifiers for limited slip in these types of diffs causes them to wear out faster. Also was told by dealer that they don't add any additives in with the gear oil and they use NON-limited slip style gear oil. So would you consider the gear oil I got high quality? And yea I just said max trailering cuz that's what I have and I didn't remember what size diff comes with the pkg. Ultimately the VIN or the stamped number in the diff housing will tell you in a non modified version of our trucks. But long story short, multiple dealers said the truck dont use limited slip additive, but the car versions of these diffs do. So that's why I picked what I did and recommend what I recommend.
  11. Ok so I got my transmission fluid flushed and filter changed. Used the correct stuff (Mobil HD LV blue label), they told me theyd only use 20qts but they used all 24 qts which I feel is bullshit. They changed the filter (which I will attach pics in following post). Cost me 597$ out the door when I provided the trans fluid for them to use, that includes a 10% discount, includes tax. Got sample analyzed for 28$, took about a week but wasn't 100% paying attn so email might have come sooner. It was slightly darker and didn't smell terrible, so I assume it was still ok. Attached is picture of fluid and my fluid analysis report. They said aluminum was slightly higher, they guessed since this was most likely original fluid that it was due to during break in of transmission's built in pump. But the maint schedule said it should have been changed at 45000 miles....so I'll have to keep an eye on it.Other than that there was nothing outrageous seen. Also NO WATER CONTENT which is what I believe caused many of the issues these trans saw so that's GREAT! Pics of the filter will be coming in following posts per someone's request, I'll cut it in half another day and post that pic too. Also changed the front and rear diffs and tfr case fluid. takes 18mm socket on front diff fill plug and tfr case fill and drain plugs, front diff drain and rear diff fill uses 3/8" ratchet drive directly. I used NON-limited slip additive style, full synthetic 75w90 Mobil Delvac 1 Gear Oil for front and rear diffs, barely had enough by purchasing 5qts. DO NOT GET LIMITED SLIP ADDITIVE STYLE IF YOU HAVE MAX TRAILERING PKG FOR THIS YEAR. At the very least contact your dealer with your VIN to verify. If I remember correctly, the cars with limited slip use the additive style diff, not the trucks. If you have Z71 PKG, you will have to drop at least 1 skid plate to drain and fill front diff. For tfr case, used AC Delco Dexron VI, p/n = 88865601 or 10-9394. Bought 2 qts, maybe used 1.5, not sure just had some left over in 2nd bottle. Hope this is helpful to someone! I don't plan on flushing trans ever again unless there's an issue, only drain/fill every 45000 miles from now on (maybe buy aftermarket pan with drain plug), and I probably do the filter every other drain and fill depending on how filter media itself looks when I cut it open.
  12. Also, theres a sale on SummitRacing that you buy 6 quarts of the correct transmission fluid, you get 6 free, so I ordered 24qts and paid for 12, just saved myself the 30$ off the original quote, plus I'll have some extra leftover. Apparently its limited time deal though, so might be over by the time you read this haha
  13. *update* Called 3 different dealers, got around the same price. One of the posts on this thread hit the nail on the head when they said labor was higher because the exhaust has to be removed. People were adamant about not replacing the filter though, but I think its mostly because they think I'm having the shudder issue which I'm not really (to my knowledge). I'm most likely going to go with the first guy that offered the discount, but see if i can get a bulk discount on transmission fluid for cheaper than what they could get it for. Have to wait 2 weeks now because getting ceramic coating done next week and they need it for a week to do that....I'm running out of money quickly haha, hello credit card haha
  14. But the 90000 miles service recommends changing the filter too. I 100% understand that the TSB's say for shudders and stuff that you just need to flush it and not change the filter, the only reason I'm interested in changing filler is because maint schedule requires it. I just don't want to take any chances because I know these has issues from the factory. This one has lasted 90k so I'm sure it's fine but I just want to take care of it.
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