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  1. hey yall, been a while. I have a message that's been coming up in my cluster display saying service trailer brakes... uh no trailer on atm . so I pulled the trailer plug out, inspected for corroision, none found, check for shorts in the 7 pin connector itself no problems, I have continuity through all the 7 pins and the associated 4 pins below, only fault in the trailer brake module was for voltage to low from by battery being dead this morning. im thinking the battery died because of the trailer brake faults. it usually after it rains and then the sun comes out, but this morning was the first time my battery died, anyone else have a problem like this. anyone have a good wiring diagram for modules to the plug on the bumper?
  2. I saw a 2017 duramax today with the hood scoop in the middle of the front and I was just wondering if anyone has taken a 2500 hood and put it on a 1500. my 1500 is a 2015 and I would love to put this hood on it if it just bolts on. thanks for the help Jamie. heres a pic of the hood.
  3. Small shop in Kitchener ontario, working on medium duty trucks, canyons colorados rangers dakotas, brakes, oil changes, tire installs on rims already. Follow link to Kijiji ad for contact information information Please view this ad: Light duty truck repairs , http://www.kijiji.ca/v-auto-repair-maintenance/kitchener-waterloo/light-duty-truck-repairs/1237560242?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttonsVIP&utm_content=app_android
  4. Hey I have a 2001 chev 1500 reg cab 8ft box and I have put in a prebent brake line kit but... I can remember how they were routed in the clips that hold the four lines and the wiring harness to the frame, if anyone has a picture of the clip with the lines in and can lable which are the master and which are the left and right to the flex lines it would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jamie
  5. anyone have a mid to late 2000s palomino truck camper that they put on there 15 sierra, I have a double cab 6.5ft box just wondering if it fits and what kinda stuff you need as far as the tie downs or chains go. pics too if you got em thanks
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a first gen canyon/Colorado for my brother. Are there any COMMON problems with the 2.9L engines I should worry about, any general issues with the trucks to watch for, (please don't respond with a "my engine blew up at 6500rpm with no oil at 350,000 km" stories just actual common issues). I have done a couple googlings but not much found in the way of a list of things, if you know a list post em here! Thanks a lot from me and my brother
  7. Also if anyone has a tire size that works well I'm doing a 2" square (2" front and rear) lift from zone off-road, I have been thinking about nittos or maxxis but that's $$$,$$$.$$$ any info would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hey everyone, the time has come to gather bits to modify my truck, I'm looking for wheels for a 2013 Sierra, for the sake of budget and looks I like the American racing steel d window style wheels, my problem is finding that style in a 17x8/9 and a 6x5.5 in chrome. I'd like the chrome to keep the chrome package look that came with my truck. If anyone knows a site, make, style there's wheels might be on please let me know. Thanks
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