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  1. Hi all, I'm new to the forums as well as new to trucks. Just about a year ago I got a 2017 GMC Sierra SLT and I'm interesting in some upgrades. I need some help determining the pros and cons of various things as well as if there's anyone with experience who wants to weigh in with things they recommend, dos and don'ts, or even things they would have done differently. I've seen a lot of the forums and I hope im not replicating other posts, but I can't seem to find any feedback on items related to the build I want to do in addition to the fact that being a first time truck owner, I don't really have much to compare various things to. Top priorities for me: ride quality and comfort (lots of highway driving), looks, and function. I've broken up what I want to do into 3 "steps" (based on finances and affordability timeframe). Money is important, but if I have to wait a little longer to have strong, durable, good quality components, I would rather have it that way. Step 1 (next 3-4 months): Level the truck - leaning towards fox 2.0 coil-overs to keep ride quality. I've seen a lot about how spacers diminish ride quality (please correct me if im wrong) 305/55/r20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers - I want do some mild off-roading and trail riding, nothing too crazy, but at the end of the day this is a daily driver and I want a quiet ride. (I have no clue how much louder the tire would be compared to stock, although most say that it is pretty quiet) 20x9 Fuel Maverick rims or SCA performance rims (https://www.scaperformance.com/gmc-products/sca-performance-20-inch-wheel-gloss-black-with-milled-spoke-accents) Step 2 (maybe within the next 8-12 months): GM installed 6.2 Cat back (I'm a GM employee and the part discount is a plus for me) AMP Research Steps Step 3 (maybe within the next 1-2 years): 4 inch BDS lift with the upgraded fox coil-overs with the reservoirs (non-dsc) Fender flares - haven't decided between bushwhacker, rough country (more lower profile), or the brawny SCA performance ones (https://www.scaperformance.com/gmc-products/2016-sca-gmc-1500-pocket-style-fender-flares) Any advice or thoughts on a build out like this would be appreciated! Ride quality and comfort is a huge one for me because I don't want to have buyers remorse since I've not been in many lifted or upgrade trucks, so my only metric of comparison is to a stock vehicle. Thanks in advance!

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