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  1. I found this on Facebook Marketplace. The guy is asking $50 for it. It looks to be one of the original RX cans. He claims to have the hoses and other stuff for install. Would you guys run a used can for ~$100 after I drive to get it, or should I spend the additional $$ for a new one?
  2. Hello from Oklahoma

    Good morning folks. My name's Matt and I'm from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I'm new to posting on here, but I joined quite a while ago and lurked quite a bit. I've had some history with GM. Started with an 85 K5, then a 94 C1500, 02 S10, 06 Silverado RCSB, 04 Silverado ECSB, and 08 Denali. A month ago I sold the 08 and got into a 16 Denali. It's got the 6.2 and 8-speed with only 43k miles. I drove over a dozen trucks when searching for my replacement, and this ended up being the best shifting 8-speed out of all of the trucks I test drove. It was owned by a retired teacher in rural Oklahoma so I trust that it wasn't driven like a madman. I use the truck for my window cleaning business. I already replaced the stock muffler with a Magnaflow and removed the resonator. I also put on a set of Michelin Defenders, both after reading up on them both on this forum. Much appreciated for the info! I'll be getting it tuned with Black Bear since I have an AutoCal from my previous Denali. I'll also add an intake and maybe LT headers.
  3. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    So for the last 3 years and 58103 miles of tracking I was driving a 2008 Sierra Denali AWD with a Black Bear tune and Airaid MIT with an AEM dry filter. That truck got a lifetime MPG of 13.1. Over the last 25k miles, I averaged 12.8 which was after I put in a Texas Speed custom grind cam. Since getting my 2016 Sierra Denali 6.2/4WD with 3.23 gears on 12/18 and putting 1065 miles, I'm averaging 16mpg. I use the truck for work. I own and operate a window cleaning business, so about 60% is highway, and the other 40% is city/rural with lots of starts and stops as I go from job to job. I also carry about 400lbs of equipment/water with me in the bed and I don't really have a light foot. I'm quite happy to be getting better MPG and am hoping to get that up to 17 or more average. I've ordered a Magnaflow 12909, and will be getting a tune and CAI soon as well.
  4. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Rainy day means no work for me so I had a set of Michelin Defenders installed on my (new to me) '16 Sierra Denali. Stock Bridgestones had 4/32 left at 44k miles. Lots of praise on here for the Michelins and lots of guys saying they get 70k+ on them. Hope to be one of them! I use the truck for work and put about 25k miles a year on it with a 60/40 mix of highway/city.

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