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  1. Yes rhe price includes the flash only not install labor you get a authorization code for the reflash that dealer uses to go to GM for download. Dame for GM perf exhaust it comes with an authorization code For refash no - charge ONLY if dealer installs. If you but intake or exhaust over counter and install yourself they charg for reflash
  2. Ah thought it was an 8 speed so yes pbly a six speed. In a WT the tube did look like it might work on an 8 spd
  3. I changed my trans filter on my 2017. 6.2 8 spd. Of course no dipstik tube so pia to refill I was at my friends shop other day ( they do alot of fleet truck service ) he had the engine / trans out on. 2018 5.3 it was a 1500 WT it had a dipstik tube !! He had it off to show me so maybe on fleet trucks they get the tube fyi truck had been submerged in high water engine hydrauliced
  4. My April build 2017 All Terrain CC has never squeaked have 30k plus miles on it yet I know others that have this problem Expected to have problem so When truck came in I did tighten up the U bolts when I first got truck they were pretty loose not even close to factory torque value FWIW
  5. You would think if oil that low the oil pressure guage would show low at idle assuming op looks at the guage Hard to believe 6.2 would be that low on oil from a leak or oil burning that driver would not notice more to this story for sure
  6. That’s it Tks i will try again but did not see the infotainment version in there
  7. Remind me what the 3 button push trick is , I think I did that Yes it shows software versions but not the infotainment system unless I missed something
  8. Ok Tks but how does this tell me what version of Intellilink software I have
  9. Yes I see calendar and settings that are new but I don’t consider them apps really but maybe others do I always had Google Maps Waze But never heard of Webex
  10. Ah yes go into settings scroll thru you will find software update you must be connected to wifi for it to work I enable my phone hotspot for the data wifi source
  11. What new apps did you see ? My 17 upgraded new look etc but I don’t recall any new aps
  12. I do same once a year I have a 2017 fabric liners front and back no rust so far not much dirt in there I do spray with fluid film. Behind tailites is were most of crude gets trapped I pull them and clean and spray with FF
  13. Yes I know I can update but it has never downloaded an update since new always says I have most current version I would like to know if the version build number is shown somewhere I can’t find it
  14. On a 2017 Does anyone know to tell what version is installed I know on the 2019 805 is the most current When I update always says most current installed but I’m not convinced
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