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  1. Yet if you buy the GM CAI and they install you will have no warranty issues , ironic isnt it kinda blows a hole in the “ trans cant handle the new power “. All about getting out of a claim
  2. The other way to do it is get s 2016 8 spd used TCM from a truck then it can be tuned the normal way no unlock needed by efi live or hp
  3. OK finally installed my Morimoto DS5 5500 bulbs ......... looking for better hi beam distance , initially disappointing on high beam distance , however I was told can take up to 20 hrs of use for these bulbs to get up to full intensity ?? so I have left them on during day for past few days and yes they are brighter than first installed for me it seems they project differently than the stock bulb definitely a sharper cutoff ...... for me the hi beam is now better just took some getting used to ..... in the end the the stock projectors dont allow these bulbs to perform the best ..... they do project the road better on low beam right in front of truck no need for the fogs FWIW Im going to play around with aim setting and see if that helps on stock bulbs setting them a bit lower helped alot on hi beam
  4. Hmmm I bot the 5500 when the deal was on too for my 2017 GMC just getting around to install them this week hopefullytonite I want to improve the high beam distance Question did you reaim them after install ?? My stock hid were terrible onhigh beam I set them down a bit made big difference even for stock bulbs on the distance they light up But of course I want better so hope I see a real improvement on high beam with the Morimotos
  5. Yes the better tires are grt idea I think you said 8600 lb trailer I can tell you I had significant wear in my rear stock tires After a 2500 mile round trip with my 7500lb trailer in high heat and high speed so The 1” diameter increase performance loss is really a matter of your expectations and or where you tow For me I noticed it for sure and I want good perf mpg was always better between 2 k and 2200 one thing you dont need a “ tune” to have the dpeedo corrected for taller tires and or gear swap just a recal on stock ecm 1st thing I would do is talk to a dealer to see if they can recal for rhe different tire diameter and or gears and and what gears they can recal for I know in a 2017 they won't do a recal on a gear swap if not available from factory FYI some tire shops can do the tire size recal again just not sure on a 2016 when I changed my gears in my 2010 I used a rpm / speed inline calc to pick ratio I wanted to tow st 70 and knew rhe 5.3 had to be over 2 k to have any torque 3.73 was not enough and 4.11 was a bit too much rpm went 4:11 and later switched to the 33 tire was perfect 68 mph at 2200. In 5th never any regrets towd for hours at that rpm trans does mot downshift much so trans never got hot rhe up and down shifting creates the heat Your newer 5.3 wil do better thanmy 2010 5.3 but your towing more wt so IMO tow aroynd 2200 theses new engines can handle the rpm Hope that helps
  6. You need to change ring and pinion in both front and rear diff not a big deal but you need to have the ecm reprogrammed for the new ratio not sure if a 2016 can be done by dealer you may need to find a custom tuner I already had a custom tune in my old truck so easy to do when I installed 4:11 now have a 2017 6.2 so not that easy to reprogram so sticking to stock tire ht as I tow my car trailer alot
  7. Your gonna need alot of throttle to move that load with 3:42 and 33” tires cruising rpm not that big a diff but the starting gear ratio is not great I towed 7000 lbs with a 5.3 cc 4wd and a 6 spd with 33” tires but changed to 4.11,gears towed in 5 th at 2200 at 68 mph if you dont have alot of hills or headwinds might be ok but for 33” you need min 3:73 to perform decent IMO. KEEP THAT 5.3 above 2k when towing find an online gear ratio / rpm / speed calculator and plug in you actual trans ratios by each gear then you will see the difference with 33’s
  8. I towed 7000lb loaded car hauler with my 2010 5.3 6 spd with 4.11 gears but with 33” tires so close to 3.73 on stock tires I towed in 5th at 2-2200 rom at 70 mph towed fine yes in headwinds / big hills mileage was poor but still able to maintain speed limit. Just keep the rpm up trying to use 6th just makes the trans shift up and down too much. Builds heat
  9. I have never had it freeze up on me and had one in last truck too. I just think when mounted away from engine it forms more condensation / water in can only sunce it cools then gets hot under long drives esp since new trucks have grille shutters they are closed on higheay in cold weather The stip and go in vold weather is where the condensation forms IMO The extra wayer in can does not effect engine as it stays there Im in AZ for winter now and back to normal oil collection no extra water vapor chocolate milk
  10. I have the elite dual system with clean side separator. Rubber hoses with ck valves no issue I have it mounted where 2 nd battery would ho and yes in very cold weather I do get alot of condensarion / water I live in canada so damm cold but works well gor me 2017 6.2 esp when towing
  11. Im on my secoynd one had one in my 2010 Silverado luved it never had a cracking issue and I used it alot. Have new one in my 2017 Sierra it is made of more ABS. Than last one but seems ok so far. This time I mounted mine as high as possible so you can slide more under it but as has been said easy to lift off I heard the 2019 will have something similar from factory as option
  12. If your mirrors are body color do those too I had the the lower doors/ rockers done too
  13. Ive had last 2 trucks done with a PPF my black 2017 was 1 week old when done with Xpel Ultimate. No regrets my 2010 front end looked brand new when sold best advice I can give make sure you get a self healing product so any scratches or marks will “ heal” after a day or so in hot sun lower cost versions will scratch even when rubbed with a soft cloth. Maybe not a big deal on a white truck but black you want the self healing product
  14. No issue for me Im on my third Gm truck with v4. My 2010 5.3 with 150,000 on it no issue no oul consumption yes clean oil and not anything thicker than 5/30 I tow 8000 lb car hauler all over the lower gear rear teally wakes up the v 4. Engages sooner abd stays in longer 2010 5.3 6 spd with 4.11 rear was perfect v4 stayed engaged way better with 4.11 plus I had a BB tune my 2017 6.2 8 spd v4 mode works the best of any one so far no goofy in out
  15. My dipstik just has 2 dots on it about 1/2” apart no other markings I assumed correct level would be between the 2 dots however have had 2 oil changes so far and both times the oil level is about 1/2” ABOVE the top dot ??? is this correct ?? 2 nd oil change at dealer I watched him add the correct amount of oil with filter 7.6 Liters or 8 qts Seems like a odd dipstik marking anybody else noticed this ????

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