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  1. My 2017 All Terrain 6.2 2 yrs old this week Havin the factory 20” wheel powdercoated GunMetal next week
  2. I like the style of my factory 20” wheels just want to powdercoat them a solid color can get that done for 125.00 wheel
  3. No Just referring to color going to have my factory 20” wheels powder coated that color
  4. Thanks for the comments it all helps Think Im gonna stay with the grey / gunmetal. Color on my stock wheel Like this wheel which is close to my stock style this one is a 24” I think
  5. FYI service manager and my go to service writer are both women no BS if they don’t know they say so
  6. 2017 All Terrain with 20” Factory Wheels want to powder coat wheels a solid color what do you think would look best ?? Gloss Black ?? OR Metallic grey basically like the factory color on center of wheel now what do do you think Most of my young guy friends say Gloss Black Im kinda leaning toward that dark silver / grey metallic like the AT grille on my truck Tell me what you think I’m a mature ( old) guy so want something that looks factory
  7. 2017 6.2 8 speed AT 23000 miles with all this talk about 8 speed shudder and GM requiring a test before they would do fluid change I mentioned I “thought “ I felt it on a long 6000mile trip just back from. Told them not sure it would do again in city ... no problem dealer said no need to test if it felt like going over rumble strip at speed we have lots of 8 speed with t that issue In now for fluid change I’m lucky I have a dealer who has always been fair. After hearing the hassle some of you going thru to get this done whether I really had the shudder or not I want the good fluid in my truck a I keep them for 60-70 k
  8. I have a 2017 All Terrain and a 22’ enclosed Mission alum car trailer just added Sumo Springs ( like Timbrens ) they replace factory snubbers. I like better than air bags that I had on last Silverado with car in it only 1” sag gotta be how your hitch set up IMO
  9. My dealer has a ton of “ take off “ stock exhaust systems from dealer installed performance sales. They keep them And sell off to wreckers etc When I ordered my truck I just negotiated a good price on GM perfect exhaust and intake and installed my self easy and way cheaper they charge you full retail plus labor for those add ons plus keep the oem stuff
  10. Mine a 2017 don’t see an ABOUT ?just system update just says have the latest software not sure it has ever updated
  11. How can you tell what version you have now
  12. Yes in that link he calls it the VLOM filter “under pressure sensor “ there are more filters in the actual VLOM manifold easy to see if you have VLOM off engine google it if you want more clarity those filters are not something you typically need to check unless you changing lifters or major sludge or trash from a broken part like a lifter trust me they are there some shops don’t bother to clean when they change a lifter. And they may not be dirty so they get lucky for the average guy checking the filter under pressure sensor at say 100k is all you need to do if it’s teal bad the low oil pressure light will come on
  13. To clarify the screen under the oil pressure sending unit is the one that “ can” plug up on hi mileage or poorly maintained engines it is the first screen to check if you have concerns clean it or replace The VLOM tray also has Multiple screens in it that “ can “ require clean typically only when you replace lifters etc you need to take tray apart tray to access them the link shows them. Typically the screen under the pressure sensor plugs up reducing pressure to the sensor that also sends signal to AFM
  14. Ceramic Coating

    Chad gives good advice as he can’t know how fussy you will be when you wash it swirls will occur unless you wash properly. Really up to you I have ceramic on for 2 yrs now no swirls that you can see without really looking and they are very fine, worth it to me I like the no swirl permanent shine and don’t need to wax often to me Xpel to repel stone chips is first thing to do but we all have different needs and budget
  15. Ceramic Coating

    My opinion only but since you live in a state with winter I would use an undercoat system that is basically a spray on oily wax. And have it redone every other year I pay 130.00 to have it done up here Krown is the brand there are others even buy fluid film and do it yourself Also depending on your budget I would have the front and mirrors and lower part of truck covered with a paint protection film like XPEL. As stone chips are gonna happen on the thin paint these trucks THEN I would spend money on A Ceramic coating I did both but I budgeted for it when I ordered my black truck The Ceramic coating goes over the Xpel

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