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  1. I do agree you WDH should reduce the drop more if set up correctly 900 seems like alot what total wt you towing but Sumo Springs will help a lot I have them on my 17 1500 and they work great. do not effect unloaded ride. I have the 1000 lb version adjust my hitch to put 600lb on hitch and truck rides level I have 1 1/2” level kit in front 7500 total wt enclosed car trailer I had airbags bags on my previous 1500 and a PIA leaks etc the Sumo are way better IMO.
  2. gm offers 2 aftermarket exhaust systems one by Borla and one by Corsa. I have the Corsa on my 17 6.2 perfect no drone at highway speed but under acceleration sounds great perfect balance between nice perf sound and too loud with drone
  3. Fogs on with park/head lights

    Assume this for 2019 do you still need the diode for a 2017
  4. The Ultimate is rhe self healing which I use not the toughest one they have but does not show scratches etc and heals if you get any Ive never had a problem getting warranty when it bubbled or peeled back but I would say your installer should have wrapped it under the edge I know they say a template but a good installer will and can wrap the edges I made sure they did that in my hood. Sounds like an installer issue to me Good luck
  5. I have xpelon my 2017 Sierra and other trucks over the yes surprised it tore thru lifting on edge yes have seen that and xpel replaces no questions asked take your warranty card to any xpel installer what version of xpel do you have they have 3 versions
  6. HATE My High-Beams

    Yes its the projectors upgraded bulbs are brighter whiter etc but dont throw farther down road I upgraded to Moromitos 35w. Brighter but high beam is not farther
  7. Do the transfer case for sure especially if you have driven in Auto alot I change mine every 25k. Ive had 4 GM 4wd over the years ignore the transfer case and it gets $$$
  8. If its level with no extra wt on the rear axles the hitch is not set right
  9. Agree WD needs to be adjusted I tow car hauler same total weight same hitch wt with 2017 6.2 and I had to change mt adjustment a few times to get front of truck down abit in the end my truck squats about 5/8” in rear when it tows best for me i did add Summo springs ( they replace the stock rear rubber snubbers ) I like them way better than the airbags I had in 2010 silverado I towed same wt trailer
  10. Have 2017 GMC yes weather chanel to the my link but not on Apple CarPlay
  11. I got the Google Maps and Waze working great on CarPlay no issues so far I wish there was a weather ap that worked on Apple car play
  12. 2017 GMC Sierra ALL Terrain with factory brake controller /tow package ........... is the fuse factory installed / or do you need to add like the GMT 900 trucks assume no wiring to hook up under hood like the GMT 900 , also does anyone know what pin on the connector is the trailer battery ??
  13. The OEM pads are decent I tow 7000 lbs never had an issue of rotor warp and I tow alot I on my last truck I upgraded to EBC pads yes a bit better but lots of dust and did not last as long as factory pads The14and ip trucks have bigger rotors than my 2010 Sounds like you have a rotor issue id go to a different dealer if yours dont change them out
  14. Fuel tank size?

    Agree too small a tank for towing I have a 2017 GMC All Terrain 6.2 you would think Max Tow would have bigger tank I checkin out aftermarket
  15. Not yet they working on it be a few months more

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