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  1. Another vote for rubber mat had mine in 2 trucks does not scratch my kayak if it’s clean I have factory spray in liner everything slides around on it rubber mat stuff stays put
  2. Google Sumo Springs they just replace the factory snubber already on your frame above axle I’d never go back to air bags I use the blue light duty version do not effect ride when truck not loaded I carrya yard of stone in my box does not sag
  3. I tow a enclosed 24 hauler with my car in it to events With my 2010 5.3 and now my 2017 6.2 wind will I’ll be a big issue as said I don’t use tow / haul. The more the trans up and down shifts the more it heats up with 8 spd trans tow in 6th gear so engine rpm about 2500 2700 at 65 mph. Engine will be fine I’ve towed my rig 10000 miles with the 5.3 at that rpm over 5 yrs my 6.2 I tow same rpm it gets better mileage than 5.3 plus the power the he real problem is the rear suspension even with a quality equalizer hitch it will sag stock. I used air bags on my 2010 and now Sumo Springs on my 2017 they great they are rubber “spring” that replaces the factory rubber snubber and not that expensive easy to install my 1500 stance with trailer loaded with car. Sumo Springs and Equalizer Hitch No sway or bounce. Well worth it yes into to strong headwind you will get 8 mpg at 60 mph
  4. ANC is part of upgraded Bose system and only if bucket seats are ordered available on my All Terrain when I factory ordered it in 2017 Im sure on SLT too
  5. With regard to “ dealer tune “ in the 6.2 all it does is adjust the Noise cancellation system for the louder sound you get a activation key number with the exhaust that lets the dealer get the software update from GM. I know as my intake and exhaust came in boxes in bed for dealer install but I did install my self so I could keep the factory stock parts and then had the software update done about 2 weeks after install No perf improvement all about the “noise”
  6. Swing case. I have had one on my last 2 trucks great idea just mount them a bit higher on front end to account for sag over time
  7. Yep feel your pain GM water base clear is soft !! been thru that with all GM vehicles I’ve had since 2010 My 2017 Black All Terrain I had it ceramic coated and had entire front end and hood covered with Paint Protection Film sad when you have to spend 2500 on a brand new truck to keep it from being chipped up ceramic coating helps a lot when washing
  8. My 2017 All Terrain 6.2 2 yrs old this week Havin the factory 20” wheel powdercoated GunMetal next week
  9. I like the style of my factory 20” wheels just want to powdercoat them a solid color can get that done for 125.00 wheel
  10. No Just referring to color going to have my factory 20” wheels powder coated that color
  11. Thanks for the comments it all helps Think Im gonna stay with the grey / gunmetal. Color on my stock wheel Like this wheel which is close to my stock style this one is a 24” I think
  12. FYI service manager and my go to service writer are both women no BS if they don’t know they say so
  13. 2017 All Terrain with 20” Factory Wheels want to powder coat wheels a solid color what do you think would look best ?? Gloss Black ?? OR Metallic grey basically like the factory color on center of wheel now what do do you think Most of my young guy friends say Gloss Black Im kinda leaning toward that dark silver / grey metallic like the AT grille on my truck Tell me what you think I’m a mature ( old) guy so want something that looks factory
  14. 2017 6.2 8 speed AT 23000 miles with all this talk about 8 speed shudder and GM requiring a test before they would do fluid change I mentioned I “thought “ I felt it on a long 6000mile trip just back from. Told them not sure it would do again in city ... no problem dealer said no need to test if it felt like going over rumble strip at speed we have lots of 8 speed with t that issue In now for fluid change I’m lucky I have a dealer who has always been fair. After hearing the hassle some of you going thru to get this done whether I really had the shudder or not I want the good fluid in my truck a I keep them for 60-70 k
  15. I have a 2017 All Terrain and a 22’ enclosed Mission alum car trailer just added Sumo Springs ( like Timbrens ) they replace factory snubbers. I like better than air bags that I had on last Silverado with car in it only 1” sag gotta be how your hitch set up IMO
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