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  1. I'll take the throttle body for $125 shipped to 74014 if it's still available.
  2. Yeah, there's been a lot of that lately it seems. Davenport⁶⁵ messaged me right away claiming to have a set of Kooks for $500, but then wouldn't answer basic questions without me clawing for it, and got bent over me asking for pictures of it with a sign with my name and date on it. The last message was 4/29. Looking at the dates on the posts and the messages, they seem to be auto-sending when someone posts in this thread. Davenport messaged me again (twice) after your post calling out the other joker's post. We shall see if I get another message today after my reply to you.
  3. Well I found some Kooks in stock ready to ship, so I ordered them. Helluva lot more than I'd hoped to spend, but oh well, I've always liked the way they looked. Mods can close this thread now.
  4. So I waited too long to order from Speed Engineering, now they're not expecting any more stock until June. I've got a cat going out, and I'd much rather spend the money on headers than to replace it. Does anyone have any they're parting with? I've got a 2016 Sierra with the 6.2, so I'm looking for 1 7/8" with a catted y-pipe preferably. Thanks!
  5. I requested my update on July 7 and told the same 20 business day wait. Still waiting. I don't know what position I'm in.
  6. I had the fluid change done at 63k miles after the shudder showed up at 61k miles. The 1-2 was always bad even with the "good" fluid. I've made the switch for all fluids to Amsoil over the last year since it's true 100% synthetic. The trans was the last thing to make the swap, which was only because I was waiting for the new converter. I did about 100 miles today while working, and even without the updated tune file, it drives so much better than factory. Not once did it clunk or slam into 2nd.
  7. Hah! Yeah, I'd been watching each one that he'd listed for over a year at this point, and each time I didn't get around to buying quick enough. Since I was doing the converter, I wanted to have the dipstick too so hopped right on it when I saw he had one listed. Glad he got another one up for you pretty quick after I grabbed that one. From the look of it, it's a bit difficult to reach compared to the typical factory dipstick on the 4l60e and 6l80e.
  8. I picked my truck up from the shop yesterday after having this Circle D converter put in. I also had them install this dipstick that I got off of eBay and changed the fluid over to Amsoil. So far, it's a significant improvement over the factory converter. I'm still waiting on the initial correction from BBP, then I'll datalog and have them get it more dialed in.
  9. Would you be willing to throw the frame plugs into an envelope for me? If so, I'll send you a few bucks to cover that. Zip is 74014 if you wanted to check the postage cost.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/Lisle-18232-Offset-Funnel-Cap/dp/B01HRH2FRO I just bought this funnel a week or so ago and changed my oil shortly after receiving it. I was able to have it held in place by the brake fluid reservoir which gave me plenty of room for the 5 qt jug. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/flotool-16-quart-super-duty-drain-container-42003vmi/10972754-P?navigationPath=L1*14924|L2*15045|L3*16237 I've had this drain pan for several years now. It's never overflowed when draining. I was able to change my motor oil, front and rear diff, and transfer case fluids with room to spare.
  11. You said that you had Jason turn off the AFM when your below 50 MPH. Was that Jason at Black Bear who did that tune for you?




    1. DenaliStone


      Justin at Black Bear, yeah. I used the Autocal that I had from my previous truck. He can set it however you'd like I'm pretty sure.


      - Matt

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