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  1. Just for my knowledge, where at exactly is the sub located in the center consul?
  2. 2016 and up Hood swap?

    That’s what I do, back in and the water runs off. Too bad I never figured it out for my ‘08.
  3. Just wondering, will the buffing pads from Adams install on the Griot’s buffer?
  4. Who Knew

    The lights in the door might be giving off a little light to be able to locate the door handles if your not use to them, but when I use them, I have always been in a lit parking area so the were drowned out I guess. I like the console overhead light, gives off the right amount of light to see in the cab while not having to turn on the big overhead light.
  5. Who Knew

    I was cleaning the inside of my Sierra All Terrain and found a little light in driver’s and passenger’s door handle. Who knew it was there? Nice little touch by GM when they could have done nothing.
  6. Sound off! Gas Cap!

    I gues I’m the only one who just stands there and holds the handle.... all alone.
  7. Choosing Baby Car Seats

    I am suprised too with the low response. I would talk with other parents and see what they have and what options they actually use. Willing to bet just the basic seat will suffice. Now with what I am about to say hopefully no one will be jumping me. Back in ‘98 the wife and I bought a new Greco car seat with the detachable base for her car. It was pretty nice for 20 Year’s ago. Not sure what the big name brand is now. I then bought a car seat at a garage sale that was just stap in, it didn’t have the detachable base. After I tore it all apart and inspected the seat for any signs of stress, I ordered through Greco new belts, padding and fabric. Ended up paying less than half the cost. I used this seat in the truck because I just carried my daughter in my arms wherever we went. We used both seats for both of my daughters then sold them after reinspecting them. They were never involved in a collision. I am not saying this is what to do, it’s just what I did due to our financial situation at the time.
  8. Anyone else want the bed storage?

    Seems like they would be a good idea but all depends on what you store in your tool box and how you use your bed. For me it wouldn’t work due to the size of my tool box I carry in the bed tool box but then I don’t use my bed that much. Hopefully they come out easily when you need to use the ful bed.
  9. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Went and picked up a load of garden mix this morning and spread it out in the flower beds. Then went to Lowe’s and bought some new plants . Monday I will pick up a load of mulch to top everything off. When all is said and done I can give the truck a little TLC.
  10. Sierra air dam removal

    That actually looks better than having it off I think. I might have to try to do this too. Thanks for the idea!
  11. Looks great! Didn't realize you had to do that much disassembly.
  12. Painted Tow Hooks Or Not?

    Thanks! I miss that truck everyday.
  13. Painted Tow Hooks Or Not?

    Y'all have given me some great ideas that I haven't thought about. Will look around for a chrome shop and also check my dealers in my area. I am not so worried about getting them chipped due to never had to use them. Not that I say that, watch me need them the first day I put new ones on...
  14. I have a 1 1/2” level and drove around on the stock SR/A tires for about two months. Then installed the G2’s in the stock size. I am very happy with my set up.
  15. Painted Tow Hooks Or Not?

    Well, I went and pulled off the red and put my black one back on. I will wait till I get the chrome ones like I originally wanted. When you swap out your chrome hooks, you maybe selling them?

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