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  1. Nice! Love my All Terrain.
  2. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Took my oldest back to college, next week will take the youngest. Also bought a web netting to make sure everything stays in the truck!
  3. To me both trucks are the same, I just go by which appeals to my eye and make me tingle inside. The Sierra did it for me the last two times.
  4. Had a great time yesterday talking mods with you Bubbles. Your lower air dam looks great, guess we didn't hack it up too much! Truck looks good with the steps back on too. There's something I love about that paint color...
  5. Got some goodies in the mail earlier this week. Installed them today then washed the truck.
  6. From what my brother in law told me (he works at a dealership in the service department ) the level kits they are selling now are like my RC kit mounted on the lower strut. They are a “GM Part” when sold and installed by the dealership. These kits are warranted as long as they are a GM Part. I bought and installed my own leveling kit so I have no warranty, but had I done it through the dealership it would be warranted.
  7. That’s one mean looking truck from the front, love it!
  8. Sweet deal, congrats! My dealership has them on sale for $42K. Enjoy and post picks of your mods.
  9. Gotta be nice to use a lift when you want, even one at work. Always better than using a jack and jack stands!
  10. Thanks! Really appreciate it.
  11. The bumpers were painted because my truck has the All-Terrain package.
  12. I used a Dremel cutting tool that I bought at Lowe's over the weekend on sale. I had been wanting to do this for over a few months but didn't have anything to cut it with until now. I just followed the curve/bend in the valance. I had to have my daughter help hold the valance as I cut it to keep it from flopping all over the place. Yes I have a 1 1/2" level kit on the front. Didn't want to go the full 2"s.
  13. Sierra air dam removal

    Totally agree, it’s the best of both worlds. Best mod I’ve done by far.
  14. Sure, we can try to meet up and work on it one weekend. Shoot me a message if you want.
  15. Sierra air dam removal

    I had my valance off for a while now and been wanting to do this. Finally got a Dremill and cut it in half. Looks a lot better than having it totally of in my opinion.

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