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  1. The link was already posted in one of my replies earlier in this same thread.
  2. That's EXACTLY what happens with this issue. First you start getting Stabilitrak errors, then other errors, and eventually the wheel will be jerked out of your hands. When the dealer checks for codes there will be anywhere from 8 to 30 codes thrown so it is very difficult to troubleshoot. Make sure your dealer tries EVERYTHING in PIT5405. Sometimes the G218 ground fixes it, sometimes it's replacing the battery cables. There are also a few other things in that PIT that the dealer is supposed to check to troubleshoot the issue.
  3. Why? Just use these like I did: https://www.lowes.com/pd/TimberWolf-Actual-0-1875-in-x-1-5-in-x-7-9375-in-12-Pack-Composite-Shim/3377156 $2 for the whole pack and I only needed 2 for the shimming. Now I have a bunch left to use for projects around the house!
  4. This. The traffic service you are talking about is provided by XM and shows up on your factory NAV screen. You need to already have XM service then it is an add-on called "NavTraffic" (but last month was free for a few weeks like mknnoyz01 said): https://www.siriusxm.com/infotainment?intcmp=GN_HEADER_NEW_Subscriptions_MoreWaystoConnect_InfotainmentTrafficWeatherampMore
  5. Your dealer is wrong -- it's not going to work. Was not available on 2015's and even some of the early 2016 builds still had leftover 2015 HMI's so it wasn't available on some of those either (GM offered those owners a small cash payback).
  6. Overhead Console

    Phil, What is the p/n for this switch? I will be adding some Putco Dayliners to the front of my truck and wanted to wire them to a switch like this. I saw this switch in previous threads about the lights on the sport bar package but haven't been able to locate the part number. Will be following this so I can see what else the switch can control!
  7. Very nice! I have wanted to do this mod for over 2 years now but like you I want the blue gauges (2015 Silvy 1500). I still would like to have blue in the center screen but will definitely be following this to keep up with the progress!
  8. I am definitely in the minority but I don't mind the GM NAV. I push the talk button on the steering wheel, say "navigation - address", and speak the address I want to go to. The NAV routes it without any problems (but you do need to press "Go" on the touchscreen or on the DIC to accept the directions). I don't have traffic service but most of the places I go if I hit traffic there isn't an easy reroute anyway so I just deal with it or at that point I get out my phone and use Waze. With all that being said I will NEVER pay for map updates -- this is a ridiculous move by ALL the vehicle manufacturers. Right now my maps are only 2 years old and are mostly correct but I know someday I'm going to try to go somewhere that is not on the old maps then I will need to use my phone and data ....
  9. You do not need anything additional for the NAV system to keep working but it will only have the maps that are currently downloaded to it. In order to get map updates you need to pay for them. They are specific to your VIN and are only available directly from Navteq/Here which supplies to GM: http://www.gmnavdisc.com
  10. They changed the plug in 2016. I don't know the correct harness number but if you search the forums or go back in this thread you should be able to find a couple different kit numbers depending on the year of the truck.
  11. Try the Leer Trilogy. I don't have personal experience with them but the local retailer that I deal with sells a ton of them and he says he does not get many complaints about leakage.
  12. HaHa - you complained about the heat while you installed a heated steering wheel! ;>)
  13. Intellilink

    That's for the number of favorites. The OP asked about TuneSelect. Unfortunately - NO - you can't add any more than 15. Stupid GM!!
  14. Just FYI -- a couple bucks cheaper on Amazonn: https://www.amazon.com/2007-2017-Suburban-Avalanche-Lights-XB/dp/B06W5J2NVG/ref=sr_1_22?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1527792196&sr=1-22&keywords=morimoto+xb+led

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