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  1. There is a reset procedure that the Techs actually get a copy of it if they install window vents as a GM accessory. It goes something like this: Open window the whole way. Close window. As it reaches the end keep holding up on the switch for 3-5 seconds. Open window. As it reaches the end keep holding down on the switch for 3-5 seconds. Close window. As it reaches the end keep holding up on the switch for 10-20 seconds. If possible leave the vehicle sit in the sun with the windows up for 48-72 hours for the vent visors to "settle in" around the window.
  2. +1 on the BedRug (original one, not the BedTred). For what you will be doing it will be great. They really doomed themselves by putting "rug" in the name since it makes people think of carpet. This is soft like carpet but you really can't stain or hurt it. I had one in an open-bed truck for 22 years and hauled all types of stuff without ever hurting it. It was the first thing I put in my new 2015 when I drove it off the lot.
  3. No offense but try the "Search" function in the upper right corner. There are 7 or 8 threads discussing cluster replacement with a ton of info, pictures, part numbers, etc. th3magpi3 and GTPprix are both VERY knowledgeable and offer the programming service you need ...
  4. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/14-for-salewanted/
  5. There are no other factory locations for the lights if you have the "short" or "standard" bed (they are only supposed to have 2 lights). The kit should have come with self-tapping screws. I just held the new lights where I wanted them up under the rail and used a cordless drill with a nut driver to run the screws in (stop before they go all the way then finish the tightening by hand or you will crack the plastic tangs on the housing). After that just run the wire loom from each light back toward the existing lights and splice the wires together.
  6. My first new truck was a '94 K1500 with the Silverado trim package. Back then that was the top-of-the-line (like the High Country today). It included tons of "luxury features" like a/c, power windows, manual sliding rear window, tilt steering, cassette deck with equalizer, and fabric on the door panels instead of vinyl!
  7. They definitely misspelled "Metalic" (should have 2 L's)
  8. There's no ripping into the dash to swap the cluster: Pop off visor above cluster (just clipped on) Remove a few Torx screws Disconnect the harness and the cluster comes right out ...
  9. Yeah I think we were posting at the same time The TSB says that but some people with 6 speeds have gotten the dealer to swap the fluid and have seen improvements.
  10. This isn't a big deal but it also changes the lane change blinker time. If you move your turn signal slightly (it's spring loaded so it will bounce back to center) it will flash 3 times in "normal" mode and 7 times in tow/haul mode.
  11. Just FYI -- GM now calls for an updated fluid. I don't remember all the specifics but it's supposed to help with the "shift jerkiness" of these transmissions. The TSB just came out a few weeks ago. Supposedly the bottles are similar but the dealers were given detailed info on which fluid to use and how to get rid of any remaining inventory of the previous fluid. Here is the info: https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11127
  12. Normally there is 1 spot below OFF (twist the knob back toward you) that is spring-loaded to just do 1 pass then the knob rotates back to OFF. Maybe the spring in the stalk is broken??
  13. Also FYI -- there are different part numbers for the black vs. cocoa wheel ...
  14. Yes the Sierra Denali comes with a digital cluster. On the Yukon/Tahoe/Suburban the up-level cluster shows an SUV. On the Sierra Denali the cluster shows a truck. I don't know if GTPrix or th3magpi3 can change this graphic or not.
  15. I noticed you posted a bunch of places and got responses on some of the other threads. The reason the dealers say they haven't heard of it is because GM doesn't do it. That Tech Bulletin only applies to late-build 2016 model year trucks. In order to do it to a 2014-2015 (and some early-build 2016's) you need to replace numerous components in your truck with similar ones from newer model years: HMI radio module possibly USB ports These MUST be programmed to your VIN BEFORE they are installed. There are many threads on here and if you use the Search field in the upper right corner you will find them. Also contact "GTPrix" or "th3magpi3" and they can get you a quote to do the programming and can help you find the correct part numbers for the hardware you need to buy. Plan on spending anywhere from $500-$1000 depending on what features you want to add.
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