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  1. Just be careful -- not all the OE and ACDelco rotors are FNC. They sell "standard" ones, "coated" ones (not FNC but it is hard to tell that), and "FNC" ones, both in GM OEM and ACDelco brands. The FNC ones are actually very hard to come by. The coated ones are still very good and will last long too just not as long as the FNC ones. As a side note -- FNC rotors should NOT be turned down. Any shop that is doing that will definitely "smooth" the surface but they are actually removing the FNC (that's where the GM minimum thickness requirement comes in since it relates to the depth of the process into the steel surface). FNC is not a coating; it actually changes the metal properties to a certain depth in the rotor. After that layer is removed the rotors are basically just untreated steel and will warp/shred faster than even cheap auto store rotors.
  2. There is another ground you can check. On the passenger side front wheel well on the frame to the rear of the wheel. Jack up that corner of the truck and you will see it when the liner moves out of the way. Take that ground off, clean the lug and the spot on the frame, and re-install then cover with some protectant. It may not solve the problem but it only takes about 15 minutes to try and doesn't cost you anything so it's worth a shot.
  3. I've had 20" Yukon Denali chrome wheels like these on my 2015 Silverado for 5 northeast winters now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/282448838849 I just make sure to keep the salt washed off them and then give them a quick coat of wax in the spring and fall. No corrosion or delamination yet!
  4. Another vote for the Extang Solidfold 2.0. I have the "non-2.0" version for 5 1/2 years now with no problems. The 2.0 has improvements that make it even better!
  5. sk

    Funny Pic

    With the way TP is right now that truck will be up on blocks with the rollers missing in no time!
  6. This! Stay away from Chemical Guys stuff, they are overpriced knockoffs. Adams stuff is pretty good. The Rag Company seems to have better quality towels. Also they have an agreement with Optimum Products for other things like wash soap, shine products, paint protectant. Optimum is what most of the professional detailers use.
  7. Well the first one is not a rendering -- it's the actual Hummer Hx concept that was shown at the January 2008 Detroit show. But since you ask, personally I like the second one. The last 3 just look like an H3T with a new grille.
  8. So does the mid-engined C8 Corvette. Doesn't mean it's a good idea ....
  9. This. There is a TSB out for the vacuum pump and some lines to be replaced. That's the only thing that will fix it.
  10. Haven't tried the install yet but instead of the GM one there is one here that costs less and is plug-and-play: https://camera-source.com/automotive-cams/gm-oe-fit/2014-2015-sierra-silverado-hd-replacement-camera.html
  11. I don't see any pictures ....
  12. Upper right corner -- use the "Search" field After you type something in make sure the dropdown box is marked "Everywhere"
  13. I bought the AMP one when I did it a few years ago. I just unscrewed the factory bracket and mounted one side of the AMP one in its place, made the connections, and zip-tied the extra wires up under the dash. Nothing looks any different and the dealership still plugs into the OBD port at the same location as factory.
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