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  1. I just installed one of these: https://camera-source.com/2014-2015-sierra-silverado-hd-replacement-camera-evi.html I wasn't expecting much change but was honestly AMAZED by the improvement in quality. Simple plug-and-play installation with great instructions. I let the factory guidelines and the aftermarket guidelines on so now I get straight ones that are red/yellow/green and orange ones that turn all displayed at the same time. Much better resolution and low-light capability than the factory one, all for around $180 ...
  2. Search these forums for "G218 ground" and "PIT5405". They will show you how to check some grounds that are known to cause problems.
  3. It's just a chrome replacement for the all-black one that comes on the Custom and Work Truck trims.
  4. Search these forums for "G218 ground" and you will find tons of threads showing you how to check the grounds.
  5. I will probably pass for now. Looks like a great deal but until I get it painted to match my truck I'll have a little more invested than what I need (only plan to use it part time). Good luck with the sale though!
  6. Chris, Can you post a link to the Leer 100XQ?
  7. You might get more replies if you post in the correct forum (you said you have a 2014 but posted in the 2019-2021 forums).
  8. I have seen this one but I haven't tried it yet: HD Replacement Camera for 2014-2015 Sierra, Silverado – ADC Mobile
  9. Those are exactly the OEM ones you are looking for. But FYI -- the price is EACH so they would cost you $160. You should be able to find knockoffs on ebay for much cheaper.
  10. I buy all those hard-to-find parts here: http://www.kalecoauto.com/
  11. Gen5DIY makes a kit: https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/14-18-silverado-diy-kits/products/external-bed-light-switch-kit Or if you search the forums there is a thread on here where a guy ordered parts off Amazon for much less and tells you exactly which wires to tap into at the back of the trailer plug. I followed this way years ago and both switches (factory below the HVAC and 2nd switch in the bed) both work great! Found it!: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/225685-add-bed-light-switch-to-truck-bed/?tab=comments#comment-2274881
  12. Search the forum for "G218 Ground". There is a thread with a video in it showing you exactly how to fix it. There is also a similar ground on the passenger side that I would do at the same time while you have the top of the dash off.
  13. This is what most professional detailers use: https://optimumcarcare.com/ Also rags and supplies from here: https://theragcompany.com/
  14. Ryan, That looks interesting. I can't comment on the Gen5Diy setup but I followed this thread and it worked perfectly. Takes a little more time but only costs about $17 in parts:
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