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  1. Onstar Basic

    Correct. Follow the link in my post above to compare plans but here is a quick review (doesn't cover everything for each plan): "Connected Access" plan: Free for 10 years Only includes making service appointments through the app and a monthly email with diagnostics "Remote Access" plan: Free for 1 month (starting with the 2018 models, earlier models got longer freebie, some up to 5 years) then $14.99/month after that Includes above plus remote lock/unlock, remote start, remote horn and lights, vehicle locator Everything else most people think of with OnStar (advisor, crash response, vehicle disable): Free for 1 month (starting with the 2018 models, earlier models got 2 or 3 months) then various cost after that Requires even higher plans shown on that page
  2. 2014 silverado

    Yes it will fit but IT MUST BE PROGRAMMED TO YOUR VIN BEFORE YOU INSTALL IT. Yes I am yelling but otherwise it will set flags in your BCM and HMI that the dealer will charge you to remove. If you contact GTPrix on these forums he can help you out.
  3. Yes the switch should be at full pull both up and down.
  4. The OEM ones from GM will definitely fit but I don't know about the ones you have pictured (they are aftermarket not OEM). But if they fit the 14-18 then they should fit the new ones as well.
  5. Trailer Gain Settings

    You need to adjust it EVERY time you pull a trailer, even if it's the same trailer you pulled before. As weights, brake drums, humidity, etc. change the trailer will react differently. And of course each trailer will be different (the saved presets are only to get you close). Adjusting is easy: Find a safe section of driveway, road, or parking lot. Drive around 15 mph and add gain until the trailer wheel brakes lock up. Remove 1 step of gain (usually -0.5 on the GM integrated controllers). That's about all there is to it.
  6. Spy shots have already been posted but they are so camouflaged that you can't make much out. GM just announced a huge investment in Arlington to build the next gen. They don't give a date for sales but the plant upgrades are supposed to be "completed by next year" (whatever that means) so I wouldn't expect the new models before then: https://media.gm.com/media/us/en/gm/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2019/jun/0625-arlington.html
  7. GM just released a TSB about brake shimmy and premature wear. Right now it's only on the K2xx body style (which includes the 2019 "LD" model): https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11650
  8. Technically they ARE a replacement for halogen bulbs but some vehicles come with Halogen bulbs in Projector housings (2014-2018 LTZ, High Country, Denali). However the lower-model trucks come with halogen bulbs in Reflector housings. So you are correct -- the 2.0's can replace halogen bulbs. They just are meant to be used in projector housings. Unfortunately neither TRS or Morimoto explain this on their websites.
  9. Onstar Basic

    No problem. I think we are both on the same page now. When you first said you had service for 10 years for free the OP was asking about using the app for remote start so I thought that is what you meant you had. Later you clarified that you have the Connected plan for 10 years which as we both said doesn't include the remote start. No offense taken here .... See response above. The Connected services gets you basically nothing but GM thinks they look good by giving it to you for 10 years free!!
  10. GM just released a TSB about brake shimmy and premature wear but I think it's only on the K2xx body style (which includes the 2019 "LD" model): https://gm-techlink.com/?p=11650
  11. Onstar Basic

    As you figured out in another post just above, you have Connected Access for 10 years but that doesn't include the remote app stuff it just gives you email status alerts and the ability to schedule a dealership visit through the OnStar button. Like I said the cheapest plan you can get that allows you to do remote start/lock/unlock/vehicle locate is the Remote Access plan. Comparison of all the different plans is here (click on "Compare Plans" in the middle of the page to see the features and price for each): https://www.onstar.com/us/en/plans-pricing/compare-plans/ I was able to negotiate a slightly lower price for my retired parents. They just bought a new 2019 Equinox and the trial expired. I was polite to the OnStar advisor but the best I got was $99/year if they paid for the entire year with a credit card. After taxes and fees it comes out to just over $9 per month. My parents really like the remote start and vehicle locate options so they agreed to that price.
  12. I don't know much about the difference except that it has something to do with the plug. The light pods themselves are actually the same. Just call a dealership and give them your VIN and they will be able to give you the correct part number for the kit you need. Then just look online for a better price (there are usually a bunch for sale on ebay). As for the diode just do some searching on here. I know there were a bunch of members who had to buy something like 10 or 20 and only need 1 or 2. Most of these guys will mail you a couple of diodes if you offer something to cover shipping (which is only a few postage stamps anyway). ADDED IN EDIT: Here is one thread that has some diode part numbers.
  13. Not trying to start an argument - you can run whatever bulbs you want - but I can tell you they were NOT designed for use in reflector housings. This comes straight from Morimoto (not TRS). I dealt with them last year during the development of these bulbs. They are made to replace halogen bulbs in projector housings. That's why I asked about your housings. Again, I'm not flaming, just informing. You can run whatever you are happy with (that's what is great about USA!) That is exactly what Morimoto found during testing. The 2.0 bulbs are a great design but the GM projectors suck. Morimoto recommends retrofitting with better projectors if possible but they will still sell you the bulbs either way.
  14. Black DL8 stock mirrors

    You need to change your title -- those are DL8 mirrors.

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