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  1. I wouldn’t be planning to drive on the spare for very long either but I drive across the country a lot and want to have some built in security if I get a flat in the middle of nowhere. As far as a narrower 35 goes I’ve been looking around for one but haven’t seen a promising size yet
  2. What is everybody running for spare on lifted trucks with 35s? I read somewhere of guys running a full 35x12.50 in stock location but I’m not sure if that would hang down too far and look weird. I’ve also thought about running a 315/70/17 or 275/65/20, not a 35 but pretty close in a pinch. Just need to figure out a 20” wheel I could run if I go that route
  3. I’ll start by saying I’ve read every light bar post I can find for these trucks and I haven’t found anything concrete for trucks with the Z71 grill. I’ve seen the rough country kits but I think they are grossly over priced compared to something I could build. My original idea was to mount a combo of spot and floods 7-8” long in the openings of the grill, like this. After more measuring I don’t think that would work. So I’m on to other ideas. One of those is a 22” curved bar that has tall enough mounts to be able to bolt it to the bottom area of the opening between grill and radiator, but that area is plastic which makes me nervous about stability. Any thoughts on how to make that a better option? Or does anybody have something they have done that works well with this grill and can be replicated?
  4. I’m happy to find out there are some N/A 2014+ trucks running meth. The truck has a 93 tune right now in the lower 48 but if my wife and I make the transition to Alaska full time I might need meth since premium is only 90 octane up here. For now I’m really more interested in the cleaning function of the meth. I think it would be much better than a catch can since it can clean buildup that’s already there.
  5. Thinking about doing water meth injection on my 6.2, mainly for cleaning/longevity but increased power is never bad. My questions are would it be worth it or even work on a N/A motor? And would I need to make any adjustments to my tune? Looks like snow performance makes a kit that would probably be good option. What do you think?
  6. You might want to look into a light bar too. Good for cutting the dark Alaskan winter.
  7. Look what I got today! Leer 100XR with windoors headliner and drop down front window. Color match is perfect and install looks great. Absolutely loving this thing
  8. Look up the tests blackbear tuning did on the new 6.2s with all the common CAIs. Gives hp and tq numbers as well as dyno graph. Very interesting, wish I had seen that before I bought my MIT.
  9. Where does a guy find a cover like that?
  10. Just got it ordered. The local dealer was awesome and even knocked off a few extra bucks while I was in talking to him. He ordered it right in front of me before I even finished paying and told them it was a rush order because I'm leaving in a month. Can't wait!
  11. TopazBlue6.2


    Putting on Doug Thorley headers and ORY
  12. Cash is king. Got my local place to price match and install for $2101! I'm going in tomorrow morning to get the truck measured for the order. They said Leer usually takes 2-3 weeks for delivery, fingers crossed it gets here before I have to leave. Pretty pumped about it! This thread was a ton of help in deciding what I want/need on my shell. Thanks to all who contributed
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