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  1. Never saw pics of somebody with a 315/70/17 spare so here is mine. Pretty tight but fits nicely.
  2. BDS 4” with fox coilovers and rear leaf pack. 35x12.50r17 BFG KM3 17x9 +1mm Fuel Shok D665 3.42 gears
  3. It’s been an awesome truck thus far, cant believe I’ve owned it for over 5 years already. I have a few more mods planned and will post them here whenever they get done!
  4. I had my brothers shop install the lift. Got a great deal on these slightly used muds too. Only had about 2000 miles and I got them for $500! 35x12.50r17 BFG KM3 Fuel Shok D665 17x9 +1mm offset Fox coilovers going on!
  5. This brings me to my most recent modifications a BDS 4” lift with coilovers and 35s! I opted for the rear leaf pack instead of a block and so far I’m really glad I did. The thing rides like a dream! And surprisingly doesn’t rub one bit after a small trim to the valance. I also added little things like LED fog lights and projector specific LED low beams from The Retrofit Source. And I had the front windows tinted to match. Ceramic tint is the way to go! My brother also details it for me a couple times a year. This is after a wash clay bar and Adams h20 guard and gloss, wow!
  6. About a year after that I needed more room in the bed so I ditched the tonneau cover and purchased a Leer 100XR shell. It’s perfect.
  7. I bought this truck in August of 2014 from a dealer in Milwaukee. It had 8k miles and the previous owner had custom ordered it used it for 6 months then turned around and traded it in for same thing but 2500 with a Duramax. This is its journey.... The truck also did really impressive burnouts for being completely stock, this one was into 3rd gear A few months after I bought it I started with upgrades. First was a rolling tonneau cover. Didn’t love it but it worked. I wanted more power from it and chose a set of Doug Thorley tri-y headers and catless y pipe.  Had a little issue with y pipe not being the right size for 6.2s catback, welded factory flange onto the y pipe and it works great! Plus they look sweet! At the same time as this I also bought a Diablo inTune, it paired alright with the headers but didn’t have the parameters in it to tune out cats so I had to have someone do that for me. The truck did have some pretty amazing fuel economy though. This tank was hand calculated 24.5!! I drove the truck like this for a couple years but did a few minor things, one was an MIT tube and the other a custom tune from DiabLew. Trans tuning was biggest improvement by Lew.
  8. I did some searching around but haven’t seen a pic
  9. I wouldn’t be planning to drive on the spare for very long either but I drive across the country a lot and want to have some built in security if I get a flat in the middle of nowhere. As far as a narrower 35 goes I’ve been looking around for one but haven’t seen a promising size yet
  10. What is everybody running for spare on lifted trucks with 35s? I read somewhere of guys running a full 35x12.50 in stock location but I’m not sure if that would hang down too far and look weird. I’ve also thought about running a 315/70/17 or 275/65/20, not a 35 but pretty close in a pinch. Just need to figure out a 20” wheel I could run if I go that route
  11. I’ll start by saying I’ve read every light bar post I can find for these trucks and I haven’t found anything concrete for trucks with the Z71 grill. I’ve seen the rough country kits but I think they are grossly over priced compared to something I could build. My original idea was to mount a combo of spot and floods 7-8” long in the openings of the grill, like this. After more measuring I don’t think that would work. So I’m on to other ideas. One of those is a 22” curved bar that has tall enough mounts to be able to bolt it to the bottom area of the opening between grill and radiator, but that area is plastic which makes me nervous about stability. Any thoughts on how to make that a better option? Or does anybody have something they have done that works well with this grill and can be replicated?
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