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  1. Yup. Are you running a tune? I have been thinking about getting a tune to fix the speedo, disable AFM, make the tranny act better, and of course to add some power.
  2. I hear what you saying, but in reality I am pretty confident that I lost more than just 1mpg.. My AFM doesn’t kick in near as often, the added weight and rolling resistance has made me have to be heavier on the throttle, and I definitely have to stop at the gas station more often. I didn't mention above, but when I was stock I could get about 20-21 mpg going 60mph, But overall I averaged about 18 stock and about 14-15 mpg average after the wheels and tires. So considering I got about 20 -21mpg stock at 60mph and now get about 17mpg at 60mph as you pointed out after adjusting for the tires, that would really be around a 3-4mpg loss. I will try and remember to hand calculate my fuel economy with my next fill up to get a real world number.
  3. FS: Tow mirrors

    Bump. Make me an offer.
  4. 295/70R17 and 17x9 XD Misfits (+0 offset).
  5. I’m running 17x9 wheels with a 0 offset and 295/70R17’s on my 2014 Silverado with a 2.5” level. The 295’s rub some at full lock so you should be good with 285’s. As far as MPG, stock I was averaging around 18 mpg and now I am getting around 15 mpg according to the lie meter in the gauges. However I am in Texas and spend a lot of drive time going 75-80 mph on the highway, which isn’t exactly a good speed for fuel economy. I can get 16-17 mpg going around 60 mph. So 🤷‍♂️ But I am not sure on the accuracy due to the tire size change.. I hand calculated once after getting the wheels/tires, but don’t remember exactly how close it was.
  6. FS: Tow mirrors

    Still for sale.
  7. FS: Tow mirrors

    I have a set of Trail Ridge tow mirrors for 2014+ for sale (Power adjust, heated, turn signal). They are in great shape and everything works, No scratches. Only had these on my truck for about 6 months, however decided I liked the smaller regular color matched dl8 mirrors I originally had and went back to them. Asking $150.
  8. LED headlight bulb recommendation?

    The LED lights of the past where far worse than the newest ones. Reflector headlights are designed specifically to reflect the light from the specific spot the halogen light bulb lights up, in years past LED lights did not mimic the specific light output location as the halogen lights which made LED lights scatter the beam very badly and blind everyone. Now the newer LED’s mimic the halogen light output location far better. However with that being said, the LED’s still put out a much brighter light and can still be blinding to others on the road, but not near as bad as years ago.
  9. LED headlight bulb recommendation?

    My truck is a 2014. Currently I have some Sylvania silver star ZXE bulbs. They are ok, but not that much of a upgrade from stock. I just think LED’s look better and are brighter. I was kinda looking at some HIKARI LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit on amazon, they have good reviews. They have a cheaper one and then of course a more premium higher output one. 2 year warranty. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GKPR452/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_OwkhDb8N6VV5N https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077BT6M6Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_QzkhDbWQRQTKP
  10. Looking to upgrade my halogen headlight housing (reflector) light output with some LED headlight bulbs. I understand many people say not to do it as it blinds others, however I rarely drive at night and even then I live in a very rural area with little traffic. Most of the usage with be during the day with the DRL’s. So does anyone have recommendations for what kind of LED bulb I should go with, one that works good in the reflector style headlight housing? Looking for a simple bulb swap, I think you should be able to just swap the bulbs out right?
  11. Ya, what you are describing sounds like what I had. Go tow a hefty trailer around for awhile, because that’s when mine stopped lol. My best guess is either the noise is coming from the dash and the sound is kinda echoing off the windshield causing it to be hard to pinpoint, or the windshield has a very small leak. What stumps me is how mine came out of nowhere and then suddenly went away. The only other thing I can possibly think of is the overhead console which I know others have had rattle problems from a loose screw. But mine wasn’t coming from the overhead console.
  12. I have no idea what was making the noise.. I had it for about 3 days and then I pulled a trailer and didn’t hear it pulling the trailer, after that it completely stopped and I don’t hear it anymore. So I don’t know 🤷‍♂️. Where does yours sound like it’s coming from? Mine was from the passenger side.
  13. dl3 chrome mirrors

    I might be interested in them.
  14. Sounds like the screw just came lose and is rolling around.. There two screws and two retainer clips that that hold it up there. If you open the sunglasses holder you should be able to pop the cover and reveal the screws, and then just put the loose on back in. You should be able to just take the cover off and not have to remove the entire console. When you take it apart be sure you don’t let the screw fly into another dimension where you can’t find it, lol. That’s never fun. This video is how to add home link, but he shows how the overhead console is assembled and shows how to take it apart. Pretty simple. Skip to 1:05 in.
  15. The shark fin antenna is known for developing leaks like that I believe. Haven’t had the problem myself yet, knock on wood, but have read about many others with the issue.

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