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  1. Sign me up. 2018.........4k miles on it. -7 degrees this morning and I could not drive 45-55 mph. It would shudder/shake pretty serious. I ran it up to 60 and it would clear out, but, I backed it down to under 45 and kept it slow instead. My tachometer was not fluctuating though. I almost thought it was trying to do it once last week at -10 obe morning, but I had to slow right down for traffic and it went away and/or I forgot about it.
  2. On the last two fords we've had, hours worked out to be 33mph average. Driven slowly, small country roads, no highway, no real idle time either .
  3. Rear U-bolt torque spec?

    It's not about the threads, it's about the bolt itself. Although I know lots of shops/dealers that reuse those bolts too.
  4. Rear U-bolt torque spec?

    Mine are on with 120, as of tonight. 120 was two turns tighter than 100. Stock ones were not very tight. I removed them with my 1/4" impact driver. Given, it also removed the wheels, and I know I had those at 140ft/lbs. little Milwaukee fuel impact is handy.
  5. Leveling Kit

    I installed my spacers today. 2". (2018 ). Alignment in the morning. Stock tires have 2k on them, and they sure don't do mych for looks or traction. I'm going to price the BFG's while it's getting aligned. I was hoping you were going to say that you had no rubbing at all. My driveway is on a 10 degree angle, with a 90 degree turn into it, and then again asi get closer to the house. If mine ends up rubbing once I get bigger tires, I'll go nuts. Is yours maybe just hitting fender liner plastic, that could be trimmed a bit? Thanks
  6. Rear U-bolt torque spec?

    I actually just found instruction for the kit I purchased, listed through another vendor, and it says 120. With the thick washers and deep nuts, and lubricated threads. So that's what I'll do. I know I use to take similar sized U -bolts to 200ft/lbs, 20-25 years ago, when I as younger and didn't know much. I remember borrowing my uncles wrench, because it went to 250,and mine only to 150. I also had the rear axle/springs etc out of that truck atleast 3x, had it for four or five years, and never replaced the U bolts. So they were way over torqued, several times. It had significantly more weight and traction than this truck too. Not as much Hp though.
  7. Leveling Kit

    Nice truck. Bfg's? What size?
  8. A guy would think that a quality (not a cheap one) lift block and leveling kit would have come with directions..... But mine didn't. Found generic directions on their websight that say to use the factory spec. Anybody know what that is in a '18 sierra 1500? I've installed over a dozn sets of u bolts but they were mostly on 3/4-1 ton (fords) and they were all in the 135ft/lb area. I think the last haf ton 1/2" bolts I did were 90 ft/lbs.. I'm seeing things online that say these may only be 65/75 lbs. Seems light? I'd rather not say the brand I purchased and have it look poorly for them. I'll post pics when it's done though. Thanks
  9. These things? I have another thread going where I asked what they were and a guy did say trailer controller. I had no idea
  10. Can you look in from the engine bay and see it? It may have just shifted out of place. "Spring clip" "nut-sert" "u-nut". Auto and hardware stores have something that will work. See your dealer for the correct and 10x more expensive option, that they won't have in stock anyway.
  11. huh, maybe. I've got no idea. Thanks.
  12. I see how it works.....same as 30 years ago...I was just hoping it was different. This day in age I just would have thought it hard to believe that a manufacturer wants to have that rotating mass (the shafts....although not the differential) turning all the time, wasting energy.
  13. Ford has used the vacuum actuated hubs to disengage the front shafts since '04 or so. I've owned four and put 300k (combined) on them with out ever replacing one. I need to install my leveling spacers next week, just went with 2", hope the shafts don't lookto be on that much of an angle.

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