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  1. I gave $1100 (leap of faith) to have my last new truck under coated with this AutoArmor stuff that was black and dried -hard-, almost like spray in bedliner, not like rubberized soft undercoating at all. They warranted the truck against surface rust for 100k and against "perforation" for ten years. I know surface rust and perforation of the body do not apply to this thread, but, I'll say that I had that truck (in NY) for 113k for over 6 years and when I just traded it in, it had Zero rust on the frame. There were a few spots on the bottom of the box and along the seems on the bottom of the cab where it was starting to flake/peel off though. My truck sold off the front line of the dealers used truck lineup, in 6 days, for 21k. It was priced the same as two similar ones that he had, that were newer, but not as clean. Without hesitation I would give $1100 to do it again, but the local shop that use to apply that product for the dealer closed up and the new shops here Krown/Ziebart, Im hearing mixed reviews on at best. I have another truck, 4 years old, that I have been hitting with fluid film twice a year. It's taken me about $45 to do it (total) and it is rust free as well, but, only 45k on it. I just bought a case of the nox-Rust stuff and am going to try the yearly re-application of wax thing on the frame (I just put two cans on it, month old truck, washed and dried it over night in garage) and then I -carefully- applied fluid film to the inner body panels and such.
  2. I thought it looked more robust, but I was spraying fluid film, getting dripped in, didn't hang out under there long. I will check again. Thank you for the reply
  3. Bummer. I really didn't research this truck at all. Has GM always been like that? I know they were back in the 80s.
  4. I have not gotten around to having my wife drive this thing down the driveway while I stand back and try to look, but do the shafts turn with the tires all the time? And the dis-engaging occurs in the center section? I'm more familiar with fords that use the (occasionally troublesome) Independent Wheel Actuators that use Vaccume to disengage the shafts out at the hub/bearing. Thanks.
  5. Is that what that thing is? I'm new to GM. Looks fragile, and poorly located. I'm hoping I'm just being paranoid. I had an '05 (ford) and those were known for have a fuel computer/module bsck there under the box and the road salt would eat them. Thanks for any info.
  6. Frame Coating

    Does anybody know a gm part number for the Daubert stuff? The part number listed earlier in the TSB from '16 is no longer current and my dealer's parts guy had No idea what I was talking about. Maybe I should try their body shop, but I'd hate to bother them to look too. (I know I can buy it online direct, but I have financial motivation to buy from dealer and would rather do that if possible). Thank you.
  7. Frame Coating

    Thank you
  8. ReadyLift UCA's

    In function? Who knows. The cognito certainly look to be of much more robust quality
  9. Frame Coating

    Do I get the daubert chemical stuff or Cosmoline black? Price is the same. My '18 was built a month ago, I figure now is the time to give it some extra protection. I tried to research the Daubert stuff and can't see any link where it actually claims to be the stuff GM uses. Is that referenced someplace? If it definitely is, I'll get that, with the idea being that it should bond with the fresh stuff in the truck better than the Cosmoline. I think. Thank you
  10. 18 F150 3.5 EcoBoost + 10 speed = Fast!

    I just sold my ecoboost this week after 113k trouble free miles. Jumped on that big gmc end of the year rebate on a 5.3 slt premium plus 8spd. I just wanted to try something different. So far.....I think I did wrong, but the price was right.
  11. ReadyLift UCA's

    Wait for it......... youre gonna get guys that say both ways.
  12. Actually BigBlue, you probably already know: 13 vs 18, different much ?
  13. I need go check back and see if they list those ones just above, for a pre'14. Then find a pre 14 truck to look at. They've gotta be close. I can work with clse, but I don't want the $150 stainless ones that some guys say Rub the door, or the sand paper step gripper stuff $10 ones.
  14. Not listed for our trucks? I had seen those, that's what I want but it says not available
  15. GM use to offer a plastic plate set for the older trucks. Forgive me for not knowing anybody with an older one to look at, but at 55mph on the road.....I thought they were the same cab. Can anybody verify that the cab sill is actually different on a 14-18 for me? v.s. a pre 14. Thanks

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