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  1. Through a link posted here, I contacted what i thought was a factory GM warranty co., turns out it was an after market co., that contracts with GM, Liberty bell Protection, and they quoted me prices about 60 percent cheaper than what Lico-Diablo just posted. I gave not researched the company yet though. Maybe it wasn't bell. It was definitely Liberty xxx Protection though.
  2. Bummer. That vandenGmpp sight doesn't open up.
  3. Thanks, I'll check that out. I Heard no mention of cookies, mugs, or caps for me from my salesman, I'll get over it. I couldn't follow the gmc/Hyundai/Camry reference though. I usually find a used vehicle on the lot, same model/year/mileage, and that is most closely optioned as mine, and I park beside it. If they want 30k for theirs and mine is equal or superior in every way.....how can they offer me 20k? Will they have to run mine through their shop? Here's the service history. Nope. Will they have to put tires or brakes on it. Nope, nope. Wax it or clean it? Nope. Just put it on their lot, and ask >30k. I've yet to find a used one, on a dealers lot, that compares in condition to whatever I'm driving. I just rotated the tires on my wife's suv tonight. Cleaned and waxed the inside of the rims. Lifted the calupes to lube the hardware. Lightly sanded the rear aluminum calipers and hit them with a shot of clear. Stuff like that. I also make Real clean deal offers, willing to buy out right and keep my trade at anytime, if the price is right. I had a young guy offer me a pretty good deal once, if I was willing to pay for it right then, like within my first five minutes of walking into the showroom.. Then he coughed and about pooped himself when I immediately shot my hand out to shake on it whike reaching for my checkbook with the other. He back stepped 100 miles an hour. I didn't need the truck, and it was only about 5k less than what I figured his best orice would be, so I let him back out of it, but made it clear that he was in the wrong for talking out his arse like that.
  4. What does a GM extended 100k warranty cost? And where's a good good place to buy one or price one online? I hadn't thought about that yet. Last time I purchased one, dealer wanted 800 more (factory warranty) than I could buy it online for, so, I jyst brought it up on my phone and said he could match that, or I'd click the "buy it now" on my phone. I didn't ask him to beat that price, just match it, and he did. I've never used a "free" oil change, so I'm not concerned with those but this truck came with 3, or maybe it was 5, and I tried to trade them for a set of mud flaps and he wouldn't do it (I think it was five. 2 on GM and 3 more on the dealer?) He really wouldn't do the mud flaps. $220 value I think.
  5. I put a deposit on one two weeks ago. Very late build '18, still in transit they tell me. Maybe it'll show up next week. No idea if I got a good deal, but I've bought a few (dozen) new vehicles before, and I can't say that I ever think I stole one. Actually I think I did score a great deal on my wife's current suv (it had 1300 miles on it, was 6-7 mos old, so not new I suppose, but a lot cheaper), anyhow, I can only "take" talking to about 3 or 4 different dealer salesmen, I approach them all ready to buy. I make an offer. Usually they just say no, or counter offer with a number that is still high, and I walk away. They let me. So I know my offer was low enough. Then if I find a dealer that will sell me the exact same thing for the price I had offered, I figure I did ok. I just did the math for the first time. Just under 20 percent off msrp, like 19.6 percent, but, I did have a trade in, so, I know that has to get factored in. Still 2,900 and 4,100 cheaper than my other best quotes.
  6. How bad are my frame welds?

    Looks welded to me.
  7. ReadyLift UCA's

    Can somebody post a link, like right in this thread, with Instructions as to how to navigate this forum? I know. It should be obvious, but I've been a member of the ford truck, diesel, and snowmobile forums Forever, and this sight is beating me up. I have to go into my profile, then select Activity, threads I've posted in (only this thread) to even Find this thread. It's like I can't get past page one of the Current postings page. I'll figure it out.... Thanks though, if anybody has advice
  8. ReadyLift UCA's

    Wow, those right there look serious. I like grease fittings too. I'm thinking they are significantly pricier than what I like to invest in lifting though. Rally18, just interested in how "small" the stock tires might look. Is that after installation in your signature pic? Forgive me, I'm 100% new to GM, I haven't even really looked at photos or parts yet.
  9. ReadyLift UCA's

    Ooo, it does. That's a non gm. With a 2.5", covered by a custom salt/grime shield. Stock non gm UCA
  10. ReadyLift UCA's

    I like the stock wheels. Won't be changing those. Once my truck is here, and I get it in the garage to study it (I put jacks here or there, have my wife turn the wheel while I look things over) at that point maybe it will be obvious what I need to do. I'm thinking that a tire that is just an inch taller and mayyyyybe 1/2" wider, so only 1/4" of that would be on the inside, really should not contact the factory UCA, even if it's angled up from a 2-2.5 spacer. But I suppose I could be wrong. I would rather not ever run wheel spacers. I'm just not familiar with them, but I'll look into it if need be. Are the ReadyLift UCA's the "preferred" ones around here? I did see the video with their new shmancy bushings. Although I've never had any bushing wear out. Thank you all for the info
  11. ReadyLift UCA's

    First time post. I'm brand new here, new to GM as well. Dealer is suppose to have my new/leftover '18 1500 today, and have it prepped by Monday. I've owned two dodges and four fords since '98, they were new and I installed small 2-2.5" lift/levels on each one. Never had an issue. I was thinking I was going to do the same with this one...... $200 in parts, few hours, good to go, but now I see this may not be the case. It seems some company's say the UCA's are Absolutely required (which I'm sure they are the right thing to do), yet other company's (sometimes the Same company) also have on their websights that the UCA 's are not required. I drive my trucks as cars. No work, no off road action. Stock wheels, (20's) and just one size up on tires. One I get the truck I will jack it up 2-2.5", off the fame, (stressing the stock upper joint), and see how it looks I guess. Advice? Thank you. I've just not put $700 worth of lift parts (front and back)!in a truck in a long time. And way back then....$700 use to buy a lot of metal.

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