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  1. Turns out it was a "very bad" battery, got warrantied out, and it has started fine ever since, even with longer time spans in-between start-ups. The day I had to take it in, the driver's window wouldn't roll down, but the passenger's side would. After the battery exchange, the driver's side then started working again. Quite peculiar......
  2. Hadn't driven my 2016 Colorado for about a week-and-a-half, went out yesterday afternoon to start it up, lights in the dash came on as usual, but upon cranking it over, all it did was give the solenoid-clicking B.S., and wouldn't fire. Have only had the truck about 1.5 months, ordered new, zero reason why it should've done this. Hooked the battery up to my tester, 10 volts as it sat, but hitting the load-test button, dropped to 8 volts, well within the green "good" range on the tester. Left the battery on the charger several hours this evening, it got back up to 12V static, 10V under load, but why a brand-new vehicle sitting for that short amount of time would pull that crap is a joke. I could leave my 2014 Silverado under the cover for 3 months & it would fire right up....
  3. Thank you for taking the time to check on that, much obliged....
  4. Having a 2016 Colorado 3.6L built, still probably a couple of months away from getting it. In the meantime, I am planning ahead on options I chose to buy and/or install on my own, outside from any included with the build. The factory GM stainless exhaust tips are (for me) way overpriced at anywhere from $70-$80 apiece, so I am looking at aftermarket stainless tips instead. I have a 2014 Impala Limited LTZ which also has the 3.6L, and the tips (dual exhaust) would have been around $150+ for this car, so I found some aftermarket stainless tips for $28 & change shipped to my door. With this in mind, I would like to get a similar tip, but not sure if the Colorado has the same size tailpipe as the Impala; so, if someone with a 2016 or 2015 Colorado with the 3.6L would be so kind as to measure the tailpipe diameter, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. My regular cab 2014 Silverado has a whine coming from behind me as you drive down the road, ceases with taking your foot off the gas, returns as soon as your foot gets back into it. Easy to tell it is coming from behind your seat in a regular cab. Truck just today rolled only a little over 1900 miles, way too soon for this kind of nonsense.
  6. Please see pics for details. Had a 2003 GMC Sierra with 4.8, these are items left over. Sold as a lot, shipped for $35.
  7. Try this one more time at $60 shipped....
  8. Selling plug wires from my traded-in 2003 GMC Sierra V8. The Taylor 10.4mm wires were on the truck for 7233 miles, from 11/9/2013 to 8/29/2014. The Delphi wires were on the truck for 1218 miles, from 10/5/2013 to 11/9/2013. The MSD wires were on the truck for 59363 miles, from 5/2/2009 to 10/5/2013. The MSD wires were put on in place of the original wires. One of them had the metal tip that goes on the spark plug pull out, so 7 of them are still good. Not sure if the other wire can be repaired, but surely can be replaced. The Delphi wires replaced the MSD wires. They were removed solely to install the Taylor wires. I saved the metal insulators from the factory wires, and installed them on the Delphis. The Taylor wires replaced the Delphis as mentioned. They were removed before the truck was traded in. I had saved the original factory wires, and reinstalled them on the truck before being traded in, sans metal insulators. Being sold as a bundle, $70 SHIPPED, and the box will be surprisingly heavy, so please keep that in mind. PayPal only.....
  9. I bought a couple of rubber plugs to solve this issue. I pushed these up from the bottom, but I think a plug pushed in from the top would work better.
  10. Look at the description in this link, your truck apparently has to have regular production options MYC, XL7, X88, and Z88 pre-installed...check your window sticker, it should list whether it has these or not........http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/results.cfm?singlepart=1&partnumber=ElectricAcc
  11. I think your truck has to have four options already installed on it in order to use the kit, which you do have to buy. The kit is basically two different remotes, which must be programmed. I had thought about doing this on mine, but did not pursue it after reading on here another member having some issues after the dealer installed it on his truck. Try a search on here for "remote start".
  12. The guy that changed them out said the steel ones were pretty heavy comparatively, and he wasn't kidding, thought he was exaggerating, but he was right on....
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