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  1. Maybe the rack itself. Mine got replaced under CPO warranty. theres a bulletin on the steering racks.
  2. Steering rack and loose or shot tie rod ends. I bought a 2015 about 2-3 months ago with the same popping it would happen when I was turning sharp in a drive thru, etc. My truck was lifted when I bought it already but it had CPO warranty. I’d get them to check the steering rack for play in it and outer tie rod ends.
  3. Well, I want to color match my chrome bumpers for my silverado. I got a quote for $300 front and rear bumper powder coated however that would consist of me removing them myself and all trim pieces as well. So that had me thinking if I had it bare metal I may as well just wrap the SOB and save somewhere near $200 I was just trying to see if any of yall have color matched yall’s bumpers with vinyl wrap and which ones have yall used. Thanks.
  4. Still have the A pillar? Is it the one with the handle?
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