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  1. If someone rear ends you you get a check for ~$1,850 from their insurance company if I remover correctly. I can’t remember how the sensors and trailer hitch factored in. This one was Graphite Metallic.
  2. Topper Questions

    Does anyone happen to have sales information as to which bed length is the most popular? I have been searching multiple times per week across craigslist and an auto salvage listing website and have found approximately 2 toppers for sale for a 5.9' bed. Both were not close enough to what I wanted, far away and closer to new cost than I liked. That said, I could have bought any one of approximately 60 I have found if I had the 6.5' bed. 8' seemed to be in the middle.
  3. I think it was common in the 70’s and 80’s. Someone born before 1984 can correct me if they want. MPG’s became a thing in the late 70’s right? Manufacturing is so much better nowadays. One thing I noticed after 10k miles was the V4 mode kicking on more often. Could be a coincidence, or could be part of the computers programming?
  4. 2” or 3” leveling kit?

    Do you happen to know the offset on your wheels? And did you trim?
  5. Topper Questions

    Fair point, I never really looked at it that way. But in my defense I grew up with a self employed father/family business. I heard more than once about needing to make a big purchase at the end of the year to get the taxable income down. Also, in my current role on roads and bridges I am on the Project Management side, so I'm constantly looking for ways to save money, build it faster or safer and track how much is being spent. Lastly, after working in conjunction with a few public entities I got a good idea how many tax dollars are wasted. Also, still looking for a topper. somewhere near Colorado. Graphite Metallic paint preferred but not required for the right deal... I'm liking the pictures, I think I'm going to have to get some black 18's to complement the topper.
  6. Topper Questions

    Thanks for all the help. I think I'll wait it out for a cheap used cover or a costlier color matched one. It sounds like they are out there and as the 14-18's get replaced with 19's maybe the market will loosen up a bit. And now I know that when I buy a new truck in 5 to 7 years I should just buy a cover right away if I want one.
  7. Topper Questions

    The best I can find is listed prices for around 1/2 retail or originally paid around my house. No idea what the negotiated price is, but I think I'll never find one for $300 to $600. I'll keep looking. I really don't want too have to deal with Facebook and FB Marketplace...
  8. Topper Questions

    Love the Diamondback Covers, but I really want the cargo capacity and I never haul anything too big. I like the graphite paint/black liner look. Its way better than the Amazon Special bed cover I’m currently rocking. Its- I’m not needing the Toolmaster, but ARE is on the shortlist. I just want water resistant/tight. Skippy- if you’re anywhere near CO I asked first. Bike- if you’re near Denver can you share who you bought it from? Do you like the Leer? Think it will last 100k miles? Can you put any weight on the roof?
  9. I am pretty sure i want a mid to upper quality fiberglass topper for my 2017 CC short bed. Here are questions that I was hoping could be answered by those that have more topper experience than I. 1. What are they called in your area (for used sales searching)? So far I have come up with topper, camper shell, bed cover and cap. 2. What do they do for resale typically? For a decent one you are looking at $1,800 to $2,500. Can you get half that when you sell/trade in? 3. What does it cost to paint one? I called an area shop and they said $650 or so if minimal cleanup was needed. I can't see how that would take more than 4-5 hours, but I build bridges and runways and have minimal autobody experience. 4. I'm having a hard time finding a used one. I've searched Craigslist almost daily for a month and have seen 2 2014-18 short bed tops for sale. I've searched for used inventory in the area and come up with nothing. I am getting ready to search for graphite metallic trucks for sale and cold call seeing if they want to sell the cap only to me. Any advise other than keep looking? 5. Am I better off buying new? I despise buying new, paying the sales tax, etc. But by the time I get one that works for me (say half price of new), get it color matched etc I don't think I am going to save more than $500. And it sounds like (from the shops I have called) that if I get the accessories I want when I buy it new I'll get them under the warranty, get them mounted and pay approximately 1/2 the price vs. buying them and putting them on my used top. FYI, I'm looking at at least roof racks, potentially flip up windows and I think it would be cool to have a key fob controlled back window. If anyone in a state bordering Colorado wants to sell a color matched graphite metallic ping me and we can talk.
  10. Does anyone know what the 20" wheels on my '17 LTZ weigh? I'm going down an engineering rabbit hole...
  11. Cap/Camper Shell/Topper

    Bump. If we can get someone on board from Virginia we'll have a cross-country topper hunt going on...
  12. Cap/Camper Shell/Topper

    I'm not sure how toppers work on resale or trade in, but if anyone is planning to get a new truck and wants to unload their topper I may be interested if any of the following can be met: - Somewhat near Colorado, I can turn anything north, south and west into a road trip, East within reason. - A.R.E., Leer, Jason, etc. Looking for higher end models in fiberglass. - Roofracks - Graphite Metallic is ideal. I'm patient, just trying to find a better deal than new. Shoot me a PM with a pic to two. Thanks.
  13. What gear?

    I wish there was a way to tell as well. I want it for mountain highway travel so can better use engine braking/tow haul mode. I know when I'm in second, its the gear right after the slam/bang. I lose track after that. If I'm in 7th or 8th and click it into Manual it drops down to 6th automatically.
  14. Thanks all. CL in my area has similar combos between $800 and $1200. Does anyone one else find it ridiculous they are a $1,495 upgrade from stock? I guess it makes sense when I paid $60 for wheel locks too...
  15. I’m seriously considering putting new wheels and tires on my LTZ. I don’t like the chrome/aluminum on the Graphite Metalic especially with the painted bumpers. Also, I don’t like 20”s, I really don’t need to destroy them off road. What’s a reasonable price range for a set of 4 with Goodyear SRA’s with 9,000 miles? I got to assume they are desirable many owners.

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