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  1. I had Advance Auto pull the codes, it was U1501 and U1510. Searching here tells me it is the active shutter system. Looks like that probably stopped working like quite a few others at 50/55,000 miles. I guess I’ll replace that when we get back from this road trip.
  2. Thanks. Damn, I thought I was on to something... For anyone's future reference I disconnected and reconnected the negative terminal. The light went out, but came back after 2 or 3 restarts. The remote starter stopped working too. I will get it into the shop as soon as I can.
  3. That makes sense, and I will do that. Does anyone know if these will these trip the check engine light if the oil life meter gets below 5%?
  4. I changed my oil last night at 3% life remaining. I think once the life meter hit 5% the check engine light came on, but it may have been a coincidence. I changed the oil, reset the life meter and the light is still on. Any advice?
  5. I need to wire my topper cargo light and brake light. It got me thinking how little I use the factory under bed lights. I would use them more if there was a switch mounted in the bed. Does anyone know of a kit to do that? Or could I tap power off and tie it in with a switch inbetween?
  6. I bought a ATC topper off craigslist, but the topper is a brownish while my 2017 is graphite metallic. I have searched long and hard for someone to paint it for a reasonable cost, I can't find anything under $800, and that was Maaco. I looked at a wrap, but that was expensive too and didn't last long term. I researched and learned the process to paint it in my garage. My questions: 1. Is it possible, if I take my time and follow the directions, that it will look close enough to my factory paint (it won't look like an untrained monkey did it?)? 2. Can I get away w
  7. I am contemplating borrowing my parents 24', ~6,000 lb travel trailer and towing it from Florida home to Colorado for the summer. I have a 17 CCSB LTZ, my dad tows with a 15 CCSB LT (both with stock suspension, 5.3's and 3.42's) but does not use a WDH. I want to use a WDH, but do not have the luxury of having the trailer here, and I really don't want to deal with buying a hitch while on vacation. Can anyone tell me what I need to buy so I will have enough adjustability when I hook up to drag it home? My preference would be to buy a used hitch of the Craigslist because it won't get
  8. I bought a used Leer and had it on my truck for a few months. It had enough overlap that I tried to fix it, maybe a half to 3/4 inch on 1 side. Its easier with 2 people, 1 can crawl in bed and loosen the clamps, one stay on the outside and push like hell. Use a battery powered impact.
  9. Good luck. I searched relatively hard for well over 6 months before I found this one. Not sure if its my area or what? I could have bought a few really far away for almost new money and the wrong color. I ended up getting a hit on a wanted ad on Craigslist from a guy switching from a 1500 to a 2500- the dealer/used lot wouldn't give him much with it on his trade in so he was looking for a used one on the CL as he was listing his and contacted me. Also check out salvage yards/used parts distributors.
  10. I was thinking about Rhino/DIY Liner. I bet if I had a 2" or 4' stripe around the bottom you wouldn't be able to see the paint difference. Kind of like this https://truck-hero.com/are-overland-series-truck-cap I genuienly chuckled at "that slammin 70's look".
  11. I finally found a used used Leer topper in the area and bought it because it was a good deal and I had found veryyyy few toppers for a 14-18 shortbed crew cab 200 miles from Denver. This one came off a 15 that I believe is Slate Metallic or maybe something similar. The color is very similar, same metallic finish, but different enough up close that if I'm going to keep it I want to color match it. I'm going to visit a few autobody shops but from calls I have made I'm looking at $500 to $700 to spray it. Has anyone ever used spray aerosol touch up to color match? Would it work? Any o
  12. If someone rear ends you you get a check for ~$1,850 from their insurance company if I remover correctly. I can’t remember how the sensors and trailer hitch factored in. This one was Graphite Metallic.
  13. Does anyone happen to have sales information as to which bed length is the most popular? I have been searching multiple times per week across craigslist and an auto salvage listing website and have found approximately 2 toppers for sale for a 5.9' bed. Both were not close enough to what I wanted, far away and closer to new cost than I liked. That said, I could have bought any one of approximately 60 I have found if I had the 6.5' bed. 8' seemed to be in the middle.
  14. I think it was common in the 70’s and 80’s. Someone born before 1984 can correct me if they want. MPG’s became a thing in the late 70’s right? Manufacturing is so much better nowadays. One thing I noticed after 10k miles was the V4 mode kicking on more often. Could be a coincidence, or could be part of the computers programming?
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