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  1. Looking for advice from those that pull enclosed trailers. I have a 5.3 without max tow and looking at moving cross country this summer. My preference is to pack as much as possible in an enclosed trailer, move and sell the trailer. I intend to use a WDH, I probably will find an aluminum trailer. I don’t think I am going to tow more than 7/8k lbs, so I’m really looking at floor space/volume. Is a 20x8 out of line for my truck? What’s the biggest size I can tow? Am I better off going shorter and 8/8.5’ wide or 7’ wide and longer?
  2. Sensors that came off a 2021 Silverado. Make offer. I can take Venmo Paypal or send a check if you’re really old school. I’ll mail. Send me a DM.
  3. I made the switch this weekend. The only real PITA was switching over the sensors. You need a size 10 torx to disconnect the sensor from the valve stem. My 1/4 drive torx socket set didn't go small enough, and all I had was a folding deal with 10 sizes in it. I ended up cutting off the no. 10, but broke it when bending it into the shape of an allen wrench. I grabbed the now 1" long piece with vise grips and went to town on removing and reinstalling sensors 3/8 of a turn at a time while sitting on a 2x4 to push the sidewall down. Also have a magnet handy because those screws end up in the tire inevitably. Also, have a bigger magnet available for when the magnet ends up in the tire.
  4. For function not fancy, just go to Craigslist. I'm in Denver, there are a ton of wheels and wheel tire combos available. I am convinced it is from oilfield trucks, or more so guys with money and trucks.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I bought a set of 4 brand new AT4 wheel/duratrac/sensors takeoffs (mounted and balanced) for $950. How these 20's are worth even $500 is borderline mind boggling.
  6. How much are the 2017 20” LTZ wheels worth? I have a set of 4, 60k miles on them and am in the Denver area. No sensors, normal wear and tear, worn out factory good years still stuck to them. I can’t get a good average as nothing similar is listed on Craigslist currently.
  7. Thanks for confirming my current plans, I am hoping it works out. The financials should work out- comparable tires at the nearby Les Schwab are $1400 mount/balance/fees/tax/etc where this should be about $1k minus whatever I can sell my 20's and the 21 sensors for. My 17 is Graphite Metallic, so my plan is to the spray paint the polished part of the wheels black for a black on dark gray/blue/black/green look that the graphite metallic has. If I like it I will strip the paint and get them powder coated or live with the black spray paint. These are 265/65 18 so I will be going down slightly, less than 1% per the tire size calculator I used. Again, I appreciate the forum's help, there is a great knowledge base here.
  8. I am in need of new tires and am not really liking the 20" polished wheels that came on my 2017 LTZ. I have located a set of brand new take offs from a 2021 AT4 with Goodyear Wranglers. Questions: 1. Is there any way to get the tire pressure sensors from the 21 to work with my 17? 2. If the answer above is no, is it worth putting the 2017 sensors in the new wheels? I am concerned about lifespan, will they last another 60k miles? 3. If it makes sense to switch the TPMS sensors over, can I break the bead on the AT4 Wheels and switch the sensor? Has anyone done this without rebalancing?
  9. Thanks for the information. I ended up getting the in touch with a trusted source at the dealer who said 1/2 to 1 quart. The current issue was actually my next oil change. I prefer to change my own oil (due to time not sitting in a waiting room primarily) per the oil life meter. We got the truck back and headed to my inlaws 19 hours away with 16% left on the meter. My thought was if they replaced 4 quarts I would be good to get back home and do it in my garage. I ended up going to the drive thru place yesterday and gave them the oil/filter I brought with me. That also validated why I change my own oil as I: - don't need to be sold your insanely marked up windshield wipers - now have to smell the oil that was dripped/dumped because the tech couldn't handle a jug and funnel to save his life - don't need to watch you round off the phillips screws that hold the air filter on and then not be able to figure out the correct size of the bolt head (its 10 mm you utter dumbass) to show me the air filter and ask if I want to pay $45 for a filter you bought for $7. Now I know to give up on the last 16% of oil life and spare myself the misery.
  10. When the brake booster pump is changed, how much oil is drained from the engine?
  11. I got an appointment for Thursday. To answer some of my questions above, for future reference: - This is warrantied for 10 years, 150k (I still wasn't able to get a loaner/rental though because they sold all their loaners) - The bulletin was not needed, the service guy that answered the phone knew what needed to be done when I said I was having the booster pump issue - He said a code is thrown when it happens The biggest problem is my wife, who drives the truck regularly, is absolutely livid that GM can do this and all the supposed government overseers are allowing this to happen. I find it hard to believe that Ford, Ram, Toyota, Nissan, etc. would handle this problem any differently, but they haven't manufactured a vehicle for me yet that the brakes don't work occasionally so I can't confirm. It would be nice to have some confidence that this wont happen after its repaired, or at high speed. But then she read about the 2020 Equinox. And then the Volt/Bolt fiasco...
  12. 2017. When I sent my original post I had it in my head the powertrain warranty was 50k, now I realize it is 60k. So that helps. I just had to do the grill shutter replacement and that doesn't fall under powertrain, which caused my confusion. I feel a little better now, especially when it comes to a rental/loaner while it's being fixed.
  13. My wife was driving into the driveway last night when the brakes stopped working as they normally do, and she had come off the seat to push the pedal down before hitting the garage. She is not thrilled with the truck, and after a google search on the issue, GM. It has 58k on it, and last night was the first time this has happened. The recall for the booster issue was done over the summer. I am bringing it into the shop ASAP. The questions I have, primarily so I can get this fixed completely the first time, are: 1. Is this an intermittent issue? Will it happen more often now? 2. Is there proof of the issue (leaking booster pump, code, etc)? 3. What should be done by the dealer to fix it? 4. Is it worth noting the bulletin that is out there on the issue? 5. Being that is this is a known issue, is it on me to fix (I have the extended warranty to 100k, but have a deductible)? For the record, my wife wants to sell the truck and never buy a GM again. She hasn't been paying attention to the market though...
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