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  1. I'm on the 3rd setting from the bottom with 275/60-20 and have a little squat but nothing crazy. You would be even more level on the 2nd setting.
  2. I've been trying to track down a chirping sound from the dash for months, and THIS was the answer!! I've torn apart my dash, door panels, everything trying to find a loose bolt inside with no luck. I found this thread this weekend and it was the damn battery tray bolt. I don't know how it was so loud in the cab, but it's no longer driving me insane. Just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU.
  3. My dealer did the update without me even asking during my recent oil change. They also did the EPS steering update that I never got done.
  4. Same here! Ordered last week. After having it on my last truck via aftermarket head unit, I was starting to miss it.
  5. I bought some on ebay for my 2015. They came off a 2016 and IF the color is different, it's not enough for me to notice. I don't think the silver changed between years but I could be wrong. The caps are easy to remove with some trim removal tools, and the new ones snap right in. Here's a how to video from a member here:
  6. Have you check out this thread yet? Tons of info here:
  7. My fronts ended up being cheaper from 4Wheelparts than Amazon when I bought mine, but the rears were cheaper on Amazon. Right now the rears are $61 ea on Amazon which is pretty cheap compared to anywhere else.
  8. Definitely check out the Bilstein shocks thread. It helped me a lot when I did it. I went with the third setting with 275/60r20 BFG KO2. Tires fit fine even before I did the level. I almost went to the 4th setting, but didn't want to squat too bad when towing my jeep. It still squats, but not as bad as it would on the highest setting. If you don't tow anything, go with the highest setting. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/168860-bilstein-shocks-thread/
  9. I was looking at that when I posted earlier, that's a sweet setup! I think I'll be going that direction eventually.
  10. I read almost every page of this thread before putting on my Bilstein kit and want to thank everyone for the great information. I ended up setting mine on the third setting so I wouldn't squat so bad when towing. I still have a slight squat when towing my Jeep, but it's not bad. Here's a pic for reference for anyone who tows ocassionally like me.
  11. Recently traded in my '06 for this 2015 LT. I've already added 275/60/20 KO2's and Bilstein 5100 level set to the third notch. It did great towing my Jeep this weekend, felt much better than my old truck.
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