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  1. Im running roughly 34" = 285/75/17s on a my eibach 2.5inch level with some fender liner trimming. You can definitely run 35s on a 4.5 youll just have to pick your offset correctly. I believe mine were +0 or-6
  2. Re using the nuts is probably fine. I would definitely use new u bolts though. The u bolts get stretched and yield a bit when they are torqued correctly. If you do that again they will be weaker. Its up to you but most people will tell you they are a one use item.
  3. how are the balljoint angles? If the angles are more extreme than stock it can cause faster wear on the balljoints and the boots.
  4. Im thinking this matte black wrap on my truck would have a very cool murdered look.
  5. ngl at first glance i thought your truck was an avalanche lol
  6. Ya I did alot of digging when I wanted to put this setup together. Its absolutely the biggest you can get on a 2.5 inch level. I think a 3.5 from rough country you may be able to get 35s but thats a theory. The Toyo MTs im running are listed on the website at 34.1 so they are as tall as your current tire but a bit wider. Any ATs in that size are probably gonna be around the 33.8 like you have shown there. Something else to keep in mind is the selection of tires is pretty small in 285/75/17 so your favorite tire may not be available. Other than that I would say go for it if you are looking for a totally new setup.
  7. Main thing I always hear about is the AFM lifters going after awhile. To help with that on my 2017 I have tuned out the cylinder deactivation to help lengthen the life. If they ever go bad Ill just have to do the delete. Currently at 41k on my 2017 with no issues.
  8. Yea Im loving it man. Only time it rubs is when I back out of the driveway and its at like halfway turned. Its rubbing on the plastic cap on the cab corner. Its very minor and I dont intend on doing anymore trimming. If i turn it full lock it moves past and doesnt rub.
  9. I changed my fluids about a month ago on my 17 with around 39k on it. Im glad I did becuase a ton of shavings came out. I used amsoil 75w 90 in both the front and rear and their trans fluid in the transfers case. Did it myself and it took maybe 2 hrs to do it. I usually go slow and try not to make a mess. The trans flush cost me about 240 bucks at a local shop. They dropped the pan, changed the filter and refilled the rest with amsoil trans fluid. I think they replaced about 6 out of the 12 quarts in the tranny
  10. Couple days ago I got my BBP tune in the my inbox and I downloaded it into the truck. I have to say it was worth the money as of right now. It took a couple trips into town and down the highway to get the transmission to relearn but It drives much better than stock. Feels more like my brothers 08 5.3l when you press the peddle it does what its supposed too. Throttle feels better and more responsive and the transmission behaves better at low throttle and from a stop. Shifts feel crisp
  11. I think youll get a good ride with or without coilovers Since BDS makes a quality lift. The coilovers would make it that much better, I would say you need to ask someone who has the coilovers if its worth it since they are usually pricey.
  12. I was very close to getting one of these kits. It keeps all the suspension angles stock just moves them down and keeps the stock knuckle and with the new struts it would probably ride very nice. The other benefit is it doesnt increase the front track width like the BDS and other lifts do
  13. yea for sure a smoother ride. The angle on your control arms are pretty drastic rn. They should be back to stock/level with the BDS, plus the new shocks will be quality
  14. Thats pretty skeezy that they charge you 160 bucks to update the maps. Does the onboard navigation work any better than a phone? GPS reception better?
  15. Your not really going to find a leveling kit above 3.5 inches because it causing excess wear and ride stiffness. You would want to go with a 4-4.5 inch lift at least depending on what tire size you want. Zone/BDS are good companies to look at for 4.5 to 6inch lifts. Fabtech and CTS makes a good 4 inch lift as well
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