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  1. The original purchaser was an older guy that passes away and his son sold the truck back to the dealer, I know this because I ran into the guy a day later at the dealership he was getting his tags back (truck was only on the lot a day) Don't know where you are driving that 72 is a maniac.... Last I read warranty doesn't state posted speed limits Thanks for the info. I was just skeptical that bad tires was the issue because it seems like its an easy way out for the them since the tires are pro rated via warranty and I have to over part of the cost. I also am looking to put a size bigger tire on the truck since I added 5100s (truck shook previous to shocks) So Its promising to see someone else had balancing issues with the factory tires.
  2. I purchased a 2016 silverado a few months ago with 12k miles on it. I noticed the vibrations 73+ miles an hour. I took it in to the chevy dealer i purchased it from and they claimed to have never heard of chevy shake and didnt have customers complaining of this ? Sounds like BS with the amount of people experiencing this issue. They road force balanced the tires and said 2 of the tires would not balance out of "red zone" Anyone had this fix their issue? Factory bridgestone tires. I really am dreading going down this road with this truck. What seems to be a common fix??
  3. I am happy with the bilstein 5100s at max height +1.85. Not only did it pick the front end up but the ride quality is far better than the stock ranchos. Appearance aside, now having had the stock ranchos and the bilsteins, I would install 5100s even if I didnt want to level it out. I did also change out the rears to 5100s with no lift. The height front and rear is perfect, I removed the lower front bumper lip (valance) and also have a front hitch installed to hold my fishing rack. have not sized up the tires yet, I have a thread about that im still seeking answers on
  4. First post on this site. Few months ago I sold my avalanche and purchased a 2016 1500 z71 Rally 2. I have read countless threads on tire sizes and still feel I just need to ask (before everyone yells at me for not searching). Can anyone shed some light on rubbing vs no rubbing with 305/45, 285/50, 285/55 or 33x12.5 with OEM CK162 22x9 wheels? I currently have 5100's at max height (+1.85") in front and 5100 +0 height in the rear. The truck currently has 285/45 bridgestones and I am looking for something slightly more aggressive. I am seeing that options are probably going to be the G2's or ATMs. Anyone know of other decent A/T tires in theses sizes or anything about rubbing? Thanks for reading
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