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  1. If anybody out there has a 6.5in lift with 35’s wrapped around a 17in wheel please post picture I wanna see how it looks lift to wheel ratio wise, not many picture pop up with this setup don’t wanna have hockey Puc lookin wheel and tire combo with a 6.5in lift, thanks!!!
  2. So I’ve been seeing people with leveling kits with 35’s and 17in wheels, which is crazy I was thinking of doing a 4.5in Zone lift and having 35’s with 17in rim +1 Offset, I wanna know if anyone out there is running 35’s with 17in wheel on a 4.5in lift. Local dealer told me 4.5 wouldn’t work due to the wheel being too small and I’d rub on mechanical parts, which now I find hard to believe seeing 35’s with 17in wheel being run with just a leveling kit. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
  3. Do you have side profile pics? And I’m running 33’s with a 17 in rim. I have a 2.5 leveling block but the rubbing and noises are horrible which is why I’m switching to these shocks. And any problems on the 4th notch? And how the ride is uncomfortable for city driving?
  4. Hello, I have a 2018 Silverado Z71 and I’m going to install the Bilstein 5100’s I want a leveled look, does anyone know the best setting? I’ve heard so many things that the 4th setting is not good to go with but some say the 4th setting if perfect and provides the level. Looking to go either the 3rd setting or 4th just need some advice here before I install them.
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