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  1. Looks great, what lift are you running. Also does anyone know if you really need the .25 spacers with factory Ltz rims with their 3.5 lift?
  2. What size are those rims? 18s?
  3. Do you have any pictures of it each way? You using stock ltz rims?
  4. I just had all the plugs and wires replaced by the dealer at around 103,000 miles. One of my good friends and I checked out the spark plug on the cylinder with the issue and it looks fine, but it was a little bit looser than the other plugs. We tighten it put it back in, and switched its wire with another one from a different cylinder, we are going to see what happens then.
  5. Hey guys, I got a 2016 LTZ Silverado and I am looking at running either 33 or 35 Goodyear ko2s on the 20 inch ltz rims. I was wondering what the general consensus on if running 35s is worth it and how it effects fuel economy, towing, and acceleration. Currently the truck is leveled, but if I got 35s I would lift it with a rough country 3.5 lift kit, and might even lift it if I go with 33s. Tire sizes: 33s: LT275 /60 R20 119S D1 BSW 35s: 35 x 12.50 R20 121R E2 Thanks, Buzzy
  6. Would it be possible for it to be one of those options if there is no detectable difference in the engine running or driving when the misfiring is occurring / make the issue intermittent, or because of that is it more likely a bad sensor? If so, what sensors would go bad and cause a false flag for a misfire.
  7. Hello, I have a 2016 Silverado LTZ (8 Speed, 5.3) with around 110,500 miles currently. Earlier, back in December (107,339 Miles) after the truck had sat for a couple of days, I was driving down the flat highway (Going around 72) and all the sudden I noticed a flashing check engine light. I pulled over and then the light turned steady. I called onstar and they informed me that it was a engine missfire, since the light was no longer flashing I continued to drive. Later the light turned itself off. Later on in the trip the check engine light started to flash and then turned solid. Ag
  8. Hey everyone, looking for good suggestions for a lift kit and good looking chrome / silver rims for a 2016 Silverado LTZ in Summit White. I also would like to know with 20s, what size tires can I fit lifted vs. not lifted.
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