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  1. Yes sir it actually sold last night.
  2. txab answered it better than I could, thanks for that!
  3. I’m pretty sure when you purchase it, it comes with a license on it. I’ve always bought them (tractor, diesel trucks) with 1 vin license. This AutoCal has never been hooked up so it still has the vin license. I contacted BBP and they said it could be used for other configurations as well. Just hook it up, log stock file, send to BBP, they write a specific tune like if you have a CAI or whatever, they email it back to you and you load it. This should be the only purchase you make.
  4. I have a Black Bear Performance AutoCal efi live for sale. I bought it back in like 2017 and never put it on my truck because I was out of state. I have sold that truck and it has just been sitting here collecting dust. It was for a 2015 Silverado 5.3L but they told me they could be used on other vehicles. List on their website is $650. $400 Shipped.
  5. I know the size, I used to change tires on my trucks like people change socks lol. The OP said he didn’t have any issues with a 2” lift. I’m wondering if a 1.5” would have enough clearance and not rub the mud flap. I’ve have lifted and leveled trucks and really I’m kind of over that $hit, I’d like to keep my stock wheels but put some wider tires on. I wouldn’t be against a 1.5” level as these trucks seem to sit low, but I use my truck so even if I level it I don’t want to do rear blocks. Hell if I could get away with a 1” level I would do that, my truck seems to sit pretty level from the factory..
  6. Do you think the same tire would clear with a 1.5” leveling kit in the front? My truck looks level from the factory, I have maybe 1” rake and you can’t really tell. I really don’t want to lift the back any.
  7. I don’t get why everyone is comparing a 6.2L engine to a 3.0L engine!? Does anyone not get that the 6.2L is twice the size? So saying that a 6.2 has more power/towing capacity would in fact be correct as it should be..The 3.0 was designed for the people that still tow, but don’t need a 2500-3500 and want better fuel economy. I was in the same boat. I went from owning three 6.6L to a 5.3 now the 3.0 and I get the ride comfort of a 1/2 ton pickup and great fuel economy (38.6 best). Only thing I would like to be able to do to this truck is to delete it and run efi live on it. So far this truck has been all over the US on pipeline jobs and I’ve been very happy with it!
  8. Sub’d I have the exact same color truck but with the Duramax, I’d love to know the tire size and how much lift it has front/rear!!
  9. I can see what it would cost. I’m in PA right now working and I don’t really know when I’ll be home..I’ll have to see what I can get done
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