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  1. I don’t get why everyone is comparing a 6.2L engine to a 3.0L engine!? Does anyone not get that the 6.2L is twice the size? So saying that a 6.2 has more power/towing capacity would in fact be correct as it should be..The 3.0 was designed for the people that still tow, but don’t need a 2500-3500 and want better fuel economy. I was in the same boat. I went from owning three 6.6L to a 5.3 now the 3.0 and I get the ride comfort of a 1/2 ton pickup and great fuel economy (38.6 best). Only thing I would like to be able to do to this truck is to delete it and run efi live on it. So far this truck has been all over the US on pipeline jobs and I’ve been very happy with it!
  2. Sub’d I have the exact same color truck but with the Duramax, I’d love to know the tire size and how much lift it has front/rear!!
  3. I can see what it would cost. I’m in PA right now working and I don’t really know when I’ll be home..I’ll have to see what I can get done
  4. I’ve been looking at the AT3s. I’ve been trying to see what the aggressive side looks like in the stock 275/60/20 size looks like, I wish they were a touch more aggressive on the sidewall
  5. Looks good! I’m leaning towards the toyos over the RGs. I’ve ran several Nittos and they aren’t bad but heard the toyos balance and wear better and they are a little lighter than the RGs.
  6. What size tires did you go with? leveling kit?
  7. Anyone have a pic of 275/60r20 Toyo AT3 on stock wheels? I’ve been thinking about running them over the RG..Also had Whildpeaks in the back of my mind. Always had lifted trucks but wanting to keep this one closer to stock just with better AT tires
  8. I’m sorry I didn’t get a notification that you had posted a question. The front should fit, I’m honestly not sure about the rear ones. My buddy had a double cab but got rid of it right after I sold my truck. I’m thinking they are the same seats, only difference is leg room..
  9. Update: NIB Autocal $300 Shipped. seat Covers $200 Shipped Floor Mats $100 Trades/Offers?
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