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  1. I'm a lazy bum and can't read 43 pages. My setup 2021 AT4 1500 Stock 18" wheels Bilstein 5100 (AT4 version) raised to the max 1.1" and Cognito UCA's (tube ones) What size tire can I fit using the stock 18" wheels and something like a Nitto TerraGrappler G2 or BFG KO2? 33"? 34"? and will I need a wheel spacer? I live in BFE and there's not really a shop I trust that can order the correct tires without just telling them "order this ******". Thanks
  2. I'm having a shop do mine. $300 to install Bilsteins all around and alignment. Also going to replace UCA's so it'll probably add a little more cost to it.
  3. I'm doing nearly the same as you. I have a 1.5" motofab I haven't installed and I don't think I will. I contacted Cognito about installing their 1" top spacer with their UCA's and then running Bilstein 5100's at .55" and they advised against it. Their engineer said the Cognito UCA uses the strut as the travel stop and since the Bilsteins are longer it will be hitting and possibly damaging the ball joint by traveling too much. They said using just the Bilsteins with their UCA was good. I didn't ask about a lower spacer though. If you do, will you let me know? Thanks
  4. I'm getting the same 17-18mpg with town driving. 2 miles to work, 2 miles to the gym, 2 miles to work, 2 miles back home. Three stoplights in between each. I park my truck in a garage that stays 58* minimum so I'm not warming mine up. Start up and waiting on garage door to open, then away I go.
  5. I guess I decided to go a little bit further. I ordered the Cognito Upper Control Arms with their top 1" strut spacer. My thinking is with the Bilstein 5100 set in the middle position .55" in addition to the Cognito 1", that should get me the stance and 'almost-level' that I'm looking for. And with the upgraded UCA's I should solve that angle issue at the same time. If the middle setting and the 1" top spacer aren't enough, then I'll go to the top 1.1" setting on the Bilstein. Sounds like CV angle will be my only concern now... maybe? EDIT: Cognito said no-go with running the Bilstein 5100 front with their 1” top spacer. They said it would be good to go with their UCA only. FYI. Also the blocky Cognito UCA's will not work with stock wheels and tires according to them, they rub. But the tubular ones are supposed to be ok so that's what I went with.
  6. Ordering the 5100 front and back set for my 2021 AT4 3.0L diesel. Wanting to level the truck (as much as I can) so I assume set the front to the max 1.1"? I don't haul anything hardly ever, just want a better ride and control off-roading when I'm hunting coyotes and mulies. Also I'll be keeping the stock 18" wheels and stock Duratrac tires until they wear out then I'll likely go to the BFG KO2, always had good luck with those in the past. I'm not sure what size I'll be able to fit under there but I guess I have time to figure that out.
  7. Ordered the motofab 1.5” front level for my 2021 AT4 1500. I will run the stock 18” wheels and stock tires until the tires wear out and then get some different wheels and larger tires. any issues I should be aware of using stock shoes with the 1.5” motofab front level blocks?
  8. Same. I deleted my FB but this place seems to be pretty dead.
  9. This is amazing. Please keep the updates coming all along the way.
  10. I'll be getting these for my white AT4, so much nicer looking. I wish I had color matched mirror caps also.
  11. I need to get the 1.5" Motofab. Looks like it really improves the truck's look and stance. Does it affect MPG's any?
  12. Be honest, you paid the $0.99 to buy the full version of the truck and to level up faster. (joking)
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