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  1. short answer is yes its possible. https://www.1aauto.com/content/articles/bad-or-failing-crankshaft-position-sensor- you may already have done so, but getting a scan tool, or having your truck scanned would still be advised. The reason is because there are other issues that could cause the same things.
  2. just take you a few zip ties and tie the steering wheel to the shifting lever, and one to the directional lever just so you cant free spin the thing. When done you can just insert a small screw driver in the back side of the zip ties and retrieve them for the next time.
  3. at this point I would also agree with the dealer and say something in the gear box. To be honest, since you have no clue, the 65 bucks would be the route to go. I know paying it sucks, but if you get a direction to go, then sometimes its worth it.
  4. you may want to check to see if your truck has a neutral safety switch and test it. This is saying that your bulbs are good.
  5. Im not really understanding what your question is, but if you are worried about if you can move the truck without the front drive shaft connected the answer is yes, and you wont need to worry about damaging anything. This is, if in fact, you are talking about the front drive shaft that enables the 4 wheel drive.
  6. many tranny shops, will just exchange yours for one they give you that has already been rebuilt. Since you are doing the wrench work its much cheaper.
  7. I like the color matched both, I think you have enough bling on the front of the truck that you want to be the focus of attention. Sometimes too much going on takes away from the overall look.
  8. not likely. Make sure the connector at the resistor is very good. A few years ago I had issues with this, my issue was the fan would only work on 3 and 4 settings, but other times work on all settings. I changed out he resistor, only to have the problem come back a week later, took everything back out, and put the old resistor back in, and it worked for a few weeks. Long story short it turned out to be just the plug in, after cleaning it up really good, I havent had a problem since.
  9. as stated by SD and Cam, the issue you will have is rubbing not your caliper or rotor.
  10. If you look on the inside drivers door panel around where the lock assembly is, you will see a print out of what tire size your truck came with or you can do a vin number check. Just so you know though, my 2004 GMC sierra says 16 inch on the door but came with 17s at the time when I bought it. I have a 99 (new style) that came with 16s.
  11. its around 4000 lbs. 5 K is too much. You can get the receiver for little of nothing at a pull a part, and as mentioned above will solve your problems.
  12. You need to know exactly what you have before you search for a tranny. Not all 4l60e's are going to be the exact same, especially for your year. Some 05 and 06's I believe came with an input speed sensor if yours has that you will need one with it as well. A 4x4 4l60e is different as well. It can be made to work but would require some effort. In my opinion you should remove yours and see what you have so you can compare it to what you are buying. Keep in mind you buy it from someone who removed it themselves you have no idea what you are getting. Going to a tranny shop in this case and
  13. If you are going to go through the trouble to change the coolant, you might want to change your hoses if its not been done, as well as those HVAC couplings, which are a common fail point. These items are pretty cheap and will keep you from being stranded down the road. As Tx posted a good link to changing your coolant I wont bother commenting on that part.
  14. you would need to take it to a shop or dealer to get that done. It all depends on how much time is involved for them on what it would cost. A shop might give you an idea, as to how much. A dealer should have a book for how long it will take, and charge roughly according to that suggestion.
  15. you are right it could be many things. Taking your truck to a parts supplier such as advance auto, oreileys etc can get the codes read for free telling you exactly what your truck thinks is wrong. Seeing as you are saying the light blinks, I am going to guess a wire is loose, or has a very bad connection, and since this didnt start till after you replaced the battery, I would look at those wires first.
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