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  1. Did the dealership remove the amp and new radio your son put in and then try to reprogram the fob? How proficient at wiring in all of those things is your son? I don't think you will get much help here with the issue you are describing sorry to say.. If a certified GM dealerships service department turned your truck away, something has to be terribly wrong or not obvious. I am surprised they didnt recommend changing the BCM. I have seen people do damage (mostly on older cars) by wrongfully hooking aftermarket radios up. Dead shorts, parasitic draws, fried wires etc. The problem with trying to trouble shoot what someone else has done is not knowing where to start.. Most people will try to throw the most obvious things at the problem, but when that doesnt work, its onto the next item. Your problem could be nothing more then a frayed wire that is losing contact, but its extremely difficult to trace down.
  2. For the most part the simple answer is Yes. Pay attention to the year truck you have vs what you are looking at. Just because the tranny bolts up, doesnt mean its going to work without doing major mods, such as harness conversions etc.
  3. Cheyenne was only a base model truck C and K. C being a base 2 wheel, and K being a 4x4. There is talk about bringing the name back to the states, but really its just a base silverado so really not any point to it, other then the emblem name which you can get online if you are into that sort of thing. If you want to see this bad ass new, check out this
  4. okay, well then it could have been for a plow, winch or any number of items that would require a heavy ground, since it is cut, it serves no purpose now.
  5. That would be the cheaper route to go for sure, as long as you get someone who knows what they are doing and can if need be reprogram your bcm you would be fine. Especially as long as you keep it away from the guy with the hammer and screw driver.
  6. you should have made one of those old timey "Like a Rock" video, like GM used to do back in the day. Check out this one where the Chevy is pulling like 5 trailers of logs.
  7. I personally like the hyper flash on my actual lights outside the cab and what they do, not so much in the cab but I'll trade off for that.
  8. I recommend you take it to a dealership or a professional and actually get the steering column replaced before your security shuts you out and leaves you stranded somewhere.
  9. While in auto 4x4 there isnt power persay to the front axles but they are on demand or activated in case you are in a situation that say you are cruising highway speeds, come to a hill that might be a bit slippery, the auto 4x4 detects that you are losing grip, and automatically puts power to the front axle, where as if you didnt have this feature activated you would need to push the button (which you should do anyway) for 4 hi. It is sort of like a clutch. A slight moan is humming is completely normal, at least its been for all of my trucks when I have been in auto 4 or 4 hi.
  10. I have also used those exact bulbs for a year now, without issue. I also changed out my running lights with LEDs with no issues. When I did change out my parking lights, brake lights, marker lights ect, the only issue I found was that the turn signals flash faster, but they work fine. I liked the looks so much I even changed out the fog lamps to the dfrg led swap. Combined they give the truck an upgraded look, and very good brightness.
  11. I am just curious why you cant change the oil pressure sensor and filter? I get that its cold, but this is an easy job, and the part isnt that much money. Hell even a off brand sensor is better then no sensor at all, especially if its cold. Waiting till spring seems like a long time for this part. Most cases when these sensors go bad they actually leak oil, so keep an eye on it
  12. pf46e is the ac delco filter. I use Mobile one, full synthetic high mileage oil from walmart, and have never had a problem with it. I also get the Marvels mystery oil from there as well. I run 5 quarts of 5w30 full synthetic to 1/2 qt marvels each change. I dont have a lifter tick, although I did before I started using the marvels, but only for about 7 miles or so, then it would go away.
  13. Questions need to be answered or more information needs to be given for anyone to give you a good assessment of what the issue causing your tick might be. , At a glance dirty lifters could be the cause, and there are plenty of youtube videos that go over how to solve that. I would like to know, how long has it been since you changed the oil, what oil are you using, and filter. If you only have say 1k on the truck since your last oil change, and you used a good quality oil and filter, it doesnt look dirty or milky, and the level is where it needs be, then doing the lifter clean up might be your best way to go. ' If i am in your shoes,I am going to remove 1 qt of oil from the pan, then I am going to add 1 qt of marvel mystery oil and run it for a few weeks. Then I am going to change the oil with a good synthetic oil, with an ac delco filter. I am going to add 1 qt of marvel mystery oil with that oil change, being sure not to exceed the total amount for your truck. You can test the Oring on the pick up tube issue, by adding oil while your truck is warm. A qt should be plenty. If the tick goes away then this might be your issue, and you can proceed accordingly. Be sure to do this for test purposes only and do not run your truck this way. Doing it just before you change your oil would make the most sense.
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