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  1. I live in the south west and get virtually no snow or ice, but when something needs changed it needs changed. You can google search easy enough the advantages of what you are looking for. What it would come down to me is what I am willing to do for my truck. If money or time isnt an issue, why not? I liken the type of question to do I run stock lift or put in a 2 ". It really is about preference and in most cases the performance benefits are not so great as to justify the means, but sometimes looks better.
  2. Okay since I dont have the truck year that you do, I did some research. Your switch/sensor is built into the door latch assembly/actuator there are several youtube videos that describe the change out, but I cant find any for your specific year. If it is new then it should have taken care of your problem. Spraying up the lock assembly and cables, cant hurt anything. The odd part is you are not getting a driver door ajar message. I would think that would be one of the symptoms of a bad switch.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-D6066-Original-Equipment-Switch/dp/B000C9QJLI This would be the type switch. I am not sure if its the one for your year truck or not
  4. It sounds like you have a stuck or sticking dome light switch. Remove the door panel and spray with WD40 or PB. Also make sure your dome light over ride switch is set to where it needs to be. I know you said it comes on with the passenger door, but just make sure. If you have replaced the drivers door control module I am pretty sure you have to reprogram that, but you will have to check further into that, as I dont have your year body style.
  5. It does sound like warn bearings. If your 6.0 is a high mileage motor, it is likely the culprit. I am pretty sure your truck has a filter under the oil pressure sensor too. I didnt see where you said you changed that. You might want to replace it if you havent.
  6. if it were a wheel bearing I would expect it to make noise all the time. Might be front shaft U-joints.
  7. you could do that if you think that is where the PD is. Or since you dont use the truck anymore, go and buy your self a battery shut off for 13 dollars and just reset your clock when you are using it. https://www.amazon.com/Side-Battery-Master-Disconnect-Switch/dp/B001N72FES and the 2nd part of your question the answer is no, you cant change the hours or mileage as it is stored in the cluster, otherwise people would just shave off 100k before the sale.
  8. What you need to make sure of is that you have a good ground all the way to the actuator, and to the shift motor. Jumping in a ground might be the way to go if not. It doesnt mean this is your problem, but once eliminated you can move on. Your issue to me does sound electrical so if you have an ohms meter, check what you are getting at these two plugs, and then at your switch also while engaging/disengaging. If these test good, then try disconnecting your battery for about 10 minutes and see if this problem goes away. The other thing is have you tested if this truck is going in an out of 4 wheel drive? Can you hear the motor engage?
  9. yeah they are good, but you need plenty of throw past the end of the bolt for them to bite. The lip on your bolt might prevent that. Using a flat file you can file a flat spot or two on your bolt to let your vice grips get more bite, but if its giving you that much trouble a little heat on the coupling might be the only option. You have a better view then me, but from your picture it surely looks like a small pipe wrench would fit. The advantage of that is the more torque you put on the wrench the tighter it grips the bolt, and I cant imagine you will need much more then 1/4 to 1/2 turn before you would be able to just use an extractor.
  10. at this point I would get you some decent sized vice grips and try to get it out that way, or maybe if you can get a pipe wrench over that bolt. Due to the amount of grease I wouldnt try a grinder, unless as a last resort. I am not sure how much room you have, or if that lip on the bolt will allow it, but there is a bolt extractor set available on amazon called the rocket socket, its a set of 13 extractors that are 3/8s drive impact socket capable. Its a good product, but you would need to spend about 70 bucks for it.
  11. If your front actuator is engaging properly and you have tested that, It kind of limits why this isnt working in 4x4 to the transfer case, since you have a manual shifter.
  12. yeah that would suck. From what you have replaced already I am guessing you keep up with oil changes and fluid levels for that sort of thing but you really have narrowed down what the noise possible things could be.
  13. If I remember from your other posts you are from alaska, I dont know if they use salt there but I would imagine they do. 1st when you took your front apart to change the bearings your rotors could have had rust on them. Some times its inside and you dont see it. If this is put back on without a proper cleaning, when you apply your brakes that rust gets wedged between the pads and rotor and it creates a sort of glazing effect, and you will get a very slight vibration as well as poorer breaking ability. Since the pads are the next cheapest thing to replace, I would replace them and have your rotors turned, or replaced. If you installed the axles correctly and torqued your bearings properly you would have eliminated all possible issues with your front end. From there it would be in your transfer case or transmission. Of course the vibration might just be crude on your rim, or a tire out of balance, but that noise would come from that.
  14. Even though you dont think it smells like antifreeze , be sure to check very closely to the quick connect to your hvac system and the hose that attaches to it. I am going through this right now. I too have never had a leak, but recently have noticed a little water/coolant under the truck where the hvac radiator/heater core area would be. I tried to diagnose the issue but couldnt see any visible water leaking. Turns out after a few hours of driving, there would be ever so slightly mist/spray from the quick connect. Ive replaced it and so far no leaks. It is a common fail point for these trucks. Part # for quick connect 800-409 tool to remove it lisle 39400.
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