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  1. Absolutely lol. Have the ones I replaced in center console for that reason
  2. I had a pretty bad coolant leak was evident near the upper part of the Radiator. Went into a parts store and an employee told me to try the bars leak heavy duty radiator stop leak that his father swears by the stuff. I was skeptical but for $8 I had nothing to lose. Put it in and took it home that night. Next day I did not see the normal puddle of coolant I normally did under the front of the truck. I drove it for a couple hours and not a single drop of coolant leaked and the constant smell of coolant was gone. I did this 3 months ago and still have not had to put a single drop of coolant back in the truck. I know yours isn't the Radiator but point is some of these so called "snake oils" do actually work.
  3. Is my understanding that the resistors end up bringing back up the amperage therefore defeating the purpose of low watt LED's. and they no doubt can get hot especially depending on the load. Although when talking LED we are not talking that much but more heat than without and who knows if one malfunctions?? Not going to take that chance. "Yes, LED resistors can get hot. The heat generated is in proportion to the amount of current flowing through them and the voltage dropped across the resistor. Voltage X Current = Watts. The more Watts, the more heat."
  4. So what is your thought in just replacing the flasher relay with one that just disables the "hyper flashing"? That is the route I am going.
  5. Honestly I don't exactly know how it all works as well I just have been reading a lot of reviews of the stuff of late trying to figure out best route to go and that relay for me seems legit. But you are right you could also do the relay's. for me less possibly stuff and especially possibly hot stuff the better.
  6. Because LED draw's much less current than Halogen our trucks think the light is burned out therefore causing turn signal to hyper flash which is what it does to warn you when a light is burned out. The problem with those Load equalizers is they end up giving the actual amount of load to the LED which is my mind you do not want to be giving the LED more load than it needs. Also those resistors was told can/do run hot, and you need one per set of lights. No thanks. The fix is get the Relay that turns off hyperflash. No additional hot parts, etc. Search for Standard Motor Products - EFL-6 EFL6 Relay Is a direct replacement of your existing one.
  7. Welcome and that truck is super nice. Cannot wait to see all the mods you do.
  8. Found out you can get a "Flasher Relay" that replaces existing and this fixes the "hyper flashing" issue. Just will not know if you are out a light based on the hyper flashing anymore. Easy enough to check time to time and not have it hyper flashing anytime the turn signal is on. I will do that when I get other lights switched out.
  9. Just got the Sealight 9005/HB3 9006/HB4 LED Bulbs Combo Package and an very happy. Just got them installed last night. Was super easy and fit perfectly in my 2000 GMC Sierra 4.8 SLE. And what a difference I drove them for a couple hours last night and a huge difference for visibility over the stock Halogen's. Just drove for one night but do not feel they are on the "too bright blinding people" level. Even states in the description that the cutoff line is as clear as Halogen. I just did the high and low beams but now plan on getting the rest of the light's LED as well. Cannot believe I waited this long. On a side note my headlights were yellow hazed so I did a light restoration on them to really make them better. What a huge difference between the two mods I feel 100% safer driving at night now.
  10. Good stuff thanks for sharing the pics they do look really good. Cannot wait to upgrade mine.
  11. Thanks and I read some of the reviews on the kit and you are right they say it works out the box for my year truck. That is great news I will have Wednesday and will be replacing the Halogens. I just did the headlight restoration today and wow they sure cleaned up really good. the LED addition will surely make it safer for night driving.
  12. So I do a lot of driving at night and need better lighting. I have been doing research on the matter. Some have the issues of the LED's burning out due to LEDs don't draw enough current and it thinks the bulb is burned out, also flicker issues, etc. Now I cant get exact information if this is true for my truck or not. I was looking at replacing my 9005 and 9006 lights with the Sealight 9005 and 9006 kit(can find on amazon). So my questions are can I just direct replace the bulbs with these LED's? Was it just that the older bulbs didn't have the chips but the new ones do therefore eliminating the power/flickering issue? Some with experience with my Gen trucks going LED please help out here. I did just buy the LED kit from Amazon.
  13. Wow $1000 for the door handle replacement? Crazy. Glad I was able to do for just the price of the part ($35) and do myself farily easily.
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