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  1. I took my 2011 Silverado Z71 to a Chevy dealership for a P0011 timing issue. They said the timing chain had stretched and needed to be replaced. I have a 3rd party extended warranty, they agreed to cover the repair and the dealership did the work. I picked up the truck and the check engine light came on right after I left their lot. I took it back and they said now the camshaft phasers need to be replaced. The warranty company approved this work and the dealership replaced them. They called me up and said the work was done but they're still having the same CEL code. After going back and forth between them and the warranty company they did a tear down and found that a check ball had broken off of the end of the camshaft and scored it. The fix now they say is to replace the camshaft and lifters. The warranty company agreed to cover this repair but said they camshaft phaser repair was a misdiagnosis and that they expected the dealership to eat the labor and any duplicated parts. The dealer's position is that the phasers were bad and that it was a valid repair. They insist that they followed the proper GM troubleshooting and repair procedures and they are not willing to eat any repair costs. At this point my truck is sitting at their lot with the engine stripped down to the block. The dealer wants around $5000 to complete the repairs, this is on top of $4k+ the warranty has authorized and in addition to the combined $2500 the warranty company and I paid for the original timing chain repair issue. My question is does it sound like the dealership did a proper diagnosis? The warranty company said they should have noticed the damage to the cam when the phasers were replaced but the dealership said they didn't tear down far enough to see that damage as there was no reason to. My other question is how do I know for sure this will actually resolve the issue? I don't want to drop all this money into it just to find out there is some other issue. Is there anything else I should have them look at or do will it's down to this point?
  2. Thank you for the information! I've already filed a complaint with GM and I will ask them to show me why the gear shouldn't have been changed!
  3. I have an extended warranty through an independent company, not through GM. I think they just went off of recommendations from the dealership. They are saying that it's not normal to change the gears and that they have no way of knowing they are bad unless a code gets generated. Obviously they had to touch them to install the timing chain and I just assumed they would be changed with the timing chain. I haven't been able to find out if GM recommends changing the gears or not in their official repair procedure.
  4. Do you know if the official GM repair procedure requires charging or the gears?
  5. I have a 2011 silverado. I had a timing issue and took it to the dealership. They replaced the timing chain and tensioner. When I picked it up, the check engine light came on within a mile of the dealership. I brought it back to them and now they are saying the camshaft sprocket is bad and needs to be replaced but it's unrelated to the original repair. Shouldn't they have diagnosed the cam sprocket during the original repair since they had to touch it during the timing chain repair or an i missing something?
  6. I was driving home from out of town last night on a 200 mile trip. About 40 miles into the trip I stopped for gas. After getting back on the freeway my CEL came on. I happened to have my OBII reader plugged in so I grabbed the code and it was a P0521. I replaced the oil pressure sensor a year ago when this same code came up. A little while later into the trip the truck started making a ticking noise. It became more frequent as engine rpms increased. The oil pressure gauge read normal as well as the temp. I stopped and checked the oil and it wasn't low. I was limited to the troubleshooting I could do at night in a gas station so I continued on with the trip and made it home without incident. I didn't notice any loss of power or any other difference in the way it ran. This morning I got in it to go to work and the ticking noise was gone although the CEL was still on (I haven't bothered clearing it with the OBII reader yet). I thought maybe it was a lifter tapping although it didn't quite sound like that. It is really strange that the ticking was gone this morning. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this? It will be difficult to troubleshoot with it not currently making the noise.
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