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  1. Which transmission do you have and do you have Max Tow. We can tell you from that.
  2. Driving With Parking Brake

    Not sure how you even drove an inch with it on. I only use my parking brake at the boat ramp. I just tried mine out, holding 5000lbs+ on a slope. No way I am taking off with that on.
  3. Mid-sized truck logic?

    You were WAY over weight. If you have a 50 gallon water tank, that's 400lbs right there. Tow rating is an empty truck with driver only. You wife, kids, and dog sound like another 250+ on their own. Coolers, camping gear, food, etc and you are way over the 7000lb tow limit. It all adds up quick.
  4. Mid-sized truck logic?

    I considered a Canyon Denali Diesel; basically as loaded as they come. That config could still tow my boat - not as well as my Sierra, but could do it safely enough. Still, I said no to it, even though I would have saved 1-2k over my Sierra. Why? - Less interior space = less comfortable on long trips - Less features and has a cheaper interior feel than my SLT - Less capable truck for similar money I have a truck because I do use the bed just enough to have a truck (otherwise I would have bought a used Porsche Cayenne Turbo). But I wasn't going to spend basically the same money to have a lesser truck; made no sense.
  5. Fuel injector replacement

    Don't buy "refurbished" high pressure fuel injectors. Refurbished = a used injector someone might have wiped the grease off of it. There is no refurbishment of the injector.
  6. CarPlay music skipping

    Get an Android phone and use Android Auto.
  7. Silverado vs Tundra

    I considered all brands when buying my Sierra. Tundra was simply very dated, lacking features yet cost more. Didn't even bother driving one, as it would clearly be a bad purchase. The later models of this generation have awful bed shake as well. Never noticed it in the 1st generation or earlier (say '07-'13 generation). I was replacing a truck that was designed in '07...wasn't looking to buy a new truck that was also designed in '07 when it was 2018. I felt at that price point, I deserve something a bit fresher.
  8. I Installed Driver Seat Lift Kit. WOW!

    Are children driving these trucks? I wouldn't mind it if these seats were lower.
  9. Looking at a new 2018 LT Z71

    Think VERY mild hybrid.
  10. Well, yeah, time to get a phone from this century. My parents are in their 60's and have smart phones (and are NOT tech savvy).
  11. That is total BS that it is the same cost. Not even close. I can get a 5 quart jug of Mobil One 0W20 for $22. Hell, I can get all the material for about 1/2 of what the dealer charges and not pay any labor. Your 24 mile trip likely takes 30 minutes at least, so an hour drive time + time wasted there. Time is worth something too. I actually should go out to my truck and ensure the level is right. Once my freebie is up I will only go to the dealer for warranty work. Oh, and I'll probably complain about the tranny to get a flush with the new fluid for free at the next oil change, which will also extend my next service interval out for it.
  12. Just had my first free oil change...only because it was free. They took forever (even though I got there at 7am and they were not busy at all). I could have done it in less time, so even at the same cost I would still do it myself, simply because I would spend less time and be able to do it on my schedule rather than theirs.
  13. When was the part redesigned and did the new design fix the issue. Mine is a very late build '18 so I would assume it already came with the newest unit. I haven't had any issues yet.
  14. Phone mount?

    I am really confused why many of you have these. I am seeing a lot of center console trucks, where there is the rubber mat right in front of the USB ports. THAT IS YOUR CELL PHONE HOLDER. Hook in your USB, set phone there, done. If you have that, you have Android Auto / CarPlay, so a cell holder where you can see your phone is totally pointless.
  15. Why would you not have a cell phone?

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