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  1. So can anyone comment on the exhaust ticking sound (not the normal diesel knocking sound). I just want to verify whether it is normal OR if it was because of the crappy lifted truck I test drove. Thinking more about it, the diesel probably makes more sense for me. I don't really put the hammer down often on my current truck. Fuel mileage or even the additional $1500 for the 6.2 isn't a big factor. But range is a factor, as when we do long trips, that longer range would be beneficial. Also, from what I've seen on these towing videos, the diesel seems a little more laid back when putting the power down and is quieter doing that, which is obviously less tiring. I do not want a loud truck...I have a loud car for that fix, as well as my speed fix. Speaking with the wife, we may end up adding 1-2 extra long towing trips a year going forward, so that becomes a bigger priority.
  2. That's totally missing my point. In the Denali and AT4, they come standard with the spray-in liner, so the CarbonPro isn't offsetting that cost. Same goes for the SLT Premium Plus packaged trucks. The Elevation and lower models can't get the CarbonPro package, so it's a moot point. The only savings is if you buy a SLT base or SLT Premium package, then then the CarbonPro package is partly paid for by not ordering the spray-in liner. Good luck finding an SLT optioned like that.
  3. But who ported the MSD intake? There have been cases where porting actually has hurt the MSD performance over stock, due to the person doing the porting not being good at what they do. Now if it was a Mamo ported MSD, that's a different story. I have an MSD on my LS7 and I know I'm leaving a good 20 RWHP on the table not having Mamo port it - leaving another 15-20 RWHP more due to the stock TB (car has ported heads and a big cam, so it can make use of the extra airflow).
  4. I've decided to make the upgrade as well. I have an '18 SLT Premium Plus with the 6.2L. It was as close to a Denali Ultimate that you could get without getting one - I then did then the Denali cluster (which in the '19+ is the AT4 and Denali cluster) and wheels to get it that much closer. The '19+ trucks have a lot more toys available than the '14 - '18 trucks For me, I'm fine with the cab room, ride, power, etc. on my '18 - heck, if it wasn't for the stupid money being offered on newer, low mileage vehicles like mine, I'd just keep it. But the newer ones are nicer for sure. No complaints about the 8-speed, though. I had the shudder issues and the dealer flushed it with the new fluid that totally resolved the issue. After looking at the '21 Denali and AT4, I like the AT4 better. I think it looks better and I won't complain that is is cheaper. Only difference is all the chrome and fake wood I don't like, Mag Ride I have very mixed feelings about, and power running boards I could always add later (and likely would). One downside is the tonneau covers for the '19+ are differnet, so my $1000 Undercover Ultra Flex won't transfer over. Unless I get more for trade, I'm pulling that and selling it but will lose my butt on it I'm sure. Catch can is different between the 6.2 motors, so that will be sold as well. I expected to keep her for several more years - who would have thought I would be getting offers for more than I paid for it new 2.5 years later?
  5. The ticking sounded like it was from the exhaust in the back of the truck. It wasn't the diesel knocking sound, it was an audible tick (higher pitch). I wasn't thrilled to drive this "upgrade" truck (hell, even the bolts holding on the flares had corrosion - on a brand new truck). There were rattles that I know wouldn't be there on a stock truck and the ride sucked. I didn't hammer it off the line, but did a hammering at 5-10MPH and it just didn't have a lot to show for it. It's too bad I couldn't have driven a proper example, but we have a lot of GMC dealers and inventory is total crap, unfortunately.
  6. Test drove a 3.0 today. My local dealers are super light on inventory currently (checked the three closest); found one with a 3.0. Unfortunately, it had a crappy upfitter lift kit/tires on it, ruining the ride (and cheap wheel flares). Not that I was buying from them, but at least wanted to drive a diesel. Stop and go, traffic, cruising, I liked the diesel a lot - probably more than the 6.2L. One issue, and I'm not sure if it was an issue with this truck or in general, is the diesel makes a ticking sound from the exhaust with anything more than the slightest throttle application. Is this normal? It was annoying and always went away letting off the gas. It was easy to notice (radio off, windows closed). Other complaint was the acceleration...just felt doggish when I hammer it. Where the 6.2L feels like it is scooting, the diesel was pretty flat. Now I'm sure the lift/bigger tires are part of the problem, but it felt that way hammering off the line too, which should have been a little less of an impact. To be fair, I haven't drove my truck in a couple weeks and have been driving the Vette, so my sense of acceleration is more than a bit skewed. Otherwise, loved the rest of the truck - tons of new toys not available when I bought my truck.
  7. Why does everyone assume you have to lift the front to level a truck? You can also lower the rear...
  8. Exactly 1 year and just under 4000 miles since the fluid change and it fixed my shudder issues. Includes a 700 mile tow in there as well, some of which was through mountains. At least in my case, it looks like the fluid was the total solution.
  9. The idea of taking parts of existing inventory doesn't make much sense. A dealer has sunk costs into those vehicles, paying interest on them sitting there, along with a lack of opportunity to make money on those vehicles while awaiting parts. Unless GM would compensate them for that (doubtful) it would be against the dealership's best interest to do that.
  10. Lemon laws are state-by-state, so someone from a different state likely has different rules to deal with. For me, if I had an equal loaner, fine and dandy if they have my truck for months - I'll put miles on the loaner instead. But a loaner that isn't comparable, that's a much bigger issue, as I own a truck to do truck things. The shortage may not be something in GM's control, but at the same time, you are the one without a brand new truck. I would recommend contacting an attorney.
  11. From the GM builder site, it doesn't appear that the CarbonPro package has any impact on the wheels. In either case, the dealer has identical trucks other than the CarbonPro package, both with the 20" Carbon Gray wheel upgrade.
  12. AT4 and Denali come with a spray in bedliner and the SLT does if is has the Premium Plus package. So if you want a well equipped Sierra, it will have a spray in bedliner already, so this really does cost you $1000.
  13. You either overpaid for the truck or got screwed on a trade in. Excluding insurance (cheap) and gas, if I sell to Carvana today, I will lose $4960. My numbers include every penny of maintenance, registration, taxes, even the flight to the dealer to pick it up as I didn't buy local. That loss is also assuming I wouldn't just pull my catch can and tonneau cover and sell on my own (that's an easy $500 doing a quick sale).
  14. I did a bit more research, and the spray-in liner is standard on the AT4 and Denali for the T1 trucks, so that can't be figured into the savings. It is part of the Premium Plus package on the SLT, which was the same as when I bought my SLT.
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