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  1. Anyone have a P/N? The one pictured above is for a HD truck which is likely different as the front end is different (and didn't get the '16 update). Further, those numbers pictured didn't cross reference anything. I need to get this ordered in the next week or so.
  2. I bought my truck out of Illinois, which requires a front bracket on all vehicles sold. I have dealt with it since Ohio has required a front plate (though I don't have front plates or brackets on my BMW or wife's Audi). Ohio finally smartened up and as of July 1st, front plates aren't required. That means I need to get parts together to get rid of the bracket. I haven't really looked to see what it will take but assume someone has the parts list already.
  3. Pan dropping alone is the incorrect way as well. The best way is to drop the pan, change filter, refill. Then remove the tranny fluid outside port on the radiator and run a hose to a jug. Start the truck, run it until you just start seeing air bubbles then shut off. Refill tranny and do it again. Do this until all fluid is new. A pan drop only changes a portion of the fluid. This method changes all the fluid without the hazard of flushing.
  4. Your percentage on 1965 dollars is way off, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Try over 700%. But you made a lot less then. But that's inflation; perhaps you are comparing media income. In 1965, media income was $6900. In today's dollars, that is $55,985 . Median income in 2019 was $63,688. So you actually have a LOWER media income in 1965... As for paying off a mortgage early...who the hell is paying 7%? We haven't seen awful interest rates (baring poor credit) in a LONG time. Our house is financed at 3.25%. Could pay it off today, but investments tend to pay out more than that, ignoring any tax advantage. As for new vs used, it simply comes down to tracking actual cost. I keep spreadsheets of all of our vehicles, with all maintenance and repair costs, along with updating what i'd expect to sell it for regularly. Once that monthly cost number after sale climbs to a certain threshold, it is time to sell. That's what triggered buying my truck, my last one (Escalade EXT) was hitting a number that was no longer making sense.
  5. You come with one of these, for free: Pedal commanders are a waste of money. Zero power; adjust what you already come with.
  6. Why the hell did you pick a L99? Ignoring the fact it will be a tough task to get it to work in this truck, it's a dumb choice as an LS motor. It is a detuned LS3 with AFM. Why not but a LS3 or L92 (truck version, very similar) crate motor? Neither have AFM, make more power and your crate motor warranty would remain intact. Regardless, sell it at whatever loss you will take and get a L86 or LT1 crate motor.
  7. The awful sales numbers on the Tundra do not support your analysis. You choose to compare the tech to Tesla. Tesla sold over 2x the number of Model 3 cars as Toyota did Tundras - and trucks sell far better than cars. Simply put, your opinion doesn't support facts and the automotive market.
  8. Funny, I have been looking at these to upgrade the very dated iDrive Nav in my BMW. Difference is this unit is $700 for a 6 core setup while I can get an 8-core setup on that platform for under $400. Also, you loose functionality doing this in these trucks vs. nothing but gains on my older car. Personally, I wouldn't do it on these trucks.
  9. Sell it and buy a performance car. Doesn't sound like you need a truck at all. I have a truck only because I need a truck for: - Towing our boat - Family trips (something your truck is worthless for being a single cab) - Home Depot type runs If it wasn't for the above, I wouldn't have one at all. Hell, if it wasn't for wet life jackets/towels in the bed after boating and HD runs, I would have bought a used 2nd Gen Cayenne Turbo instead for towing duty.
  10. That's a GMT-900 truck - wrong forum for questions about that and a necropost. This forum covers K2 trucks.
  11. And might as well buy a 10 year old, low mileage one, as they are all the same. 2007 release, 2010 motor refresh and 2014 minor interior/exterior refresh. Have you tried to lemon law it? Sure sounds like a candidate. Nope. The '19+ Denalis are nicer for sure. The '15+ well equipped Fords have quite a few more features. The current gen Ram has a nicer interior and is more feature rich. I bought my '18 because of the price, not because it was the best of the bunch. When I needed to spend 10k+ (and pretty heavy on the + in many cases) to get an equivalent truck from another brand, it wasn't a hard decision.
  12. GM has never offered wireless CarPlay or wireless Android Auto...
  13. L92 from 2007-2008. L9H from '09 - '13 in the trucks (L9H is a flex fuel L92). This. Further, I wouldn't do a '14 or '15 at all. Older front end, have to do a HMI 2.5 upgrade to get a decent head unit, no LED headlight option, tend to have the most issues, no 8-speed on the '14 models.
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