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  1. You have to take one hell of a long road trip to get any meaningful charge. So why wouldn't you just plug it in at that point? Plus, if taking a road trip, why wouldn't you have Android Auto (or CarPlay if you are an Apple Sheep) and have Waze running to see cops and get traffic detours?
  2. My truck being a '18 has the "best" of the charging pads and it still sucks. Slow and pointless since you need to plug in to access Android Auto. I wouldn't waste your time with this mod.
  3. Display can't be reprogrammed. You can swap out the mini-display cluster for a Denali cluster. Much nicer and easy to do.
  4. If bought new as the original owner, you may be able to get a lemon law case going...
  5. There is a long, in-depth thread about this on here. The best solution: - Slightly lower thermostat - Reprogram fans Logging data proved that a more aggressive and earlier fan ramp-up will significantly reduce coolant AND transmission temps even at highway speeds.
  6. You are not getting the proper synthetic oil for $11 at 5 quarts. I do my own oil changes too but isn't that cheap to do it right.
  7. Incorrect. The last 5.7L GM vehicle was the full size van in 2002 getting the L31. It lived on a couple more years in non-GM vehicles and as a marine engine through 2015, where GM stopped manufacturing it. So no, there isn't, and has not been, a 5.7L in a while. Last time in a truck as 1998, so 22 model years ago.
  8. I have auto-up in my BMW. It's a '07 at that. Will open or close both windows and the sunroof. If the key fob range wasn't so poor on it, I'd probably use it more.
  9. Due to a high water situation at one lake and a very low one at our local lake (due to the dam being let down for repairs), I have had to launch our boat much deeper than normal. I haven't crawled under her to look where the vent is located for the rear diff. I was wondering if I should concern myself enough to change the fluid or if I'm fine. She is almost a year old with around 5k on the clock, so not exactly due for a fluid swap. But if water got in there, I want it out. I had water up to about the bottom of the bumper, but that's also with quite a bit of tongue weight.
  10. Mine is fine (with a whopping 5k miles on it), but if I were replacing my springs, I'd likely go with the springs from the NHT trucks (Max Tow).
  11. Which was insanity. My previous truck (Escalade EXT) had the stupid recall done on it for the fluid pump when I bought. I bought an aftermarket plug-and-play solution for about $90 that resolved the pump issue. Few minutes to put it in and my truck had heater fluid once again.
  12. Nope, Android Auto is more feature rich than CarPlay. And why used Google Maps when there is Waze...I want to know where the cops are!
  13. Why wouldn't you lemon law it instead of taking the trade in hit? My 6.2L with the 8-speed shifts great, no hunting for gears when towing either. Z71 suspension rides nice.
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