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  1. The fact the truck wouldn't start this morning via key but did via remote start tells us several important things - it isn't the battery, grounding, alternator or battery connections. Otherwise, it would have had the same issue via remote start. I'm leaning toward the key cylinder or something related to the keyed ignition.
  2. Denali cluster in SLT

    Now that I have had my Denali cluster for a bit, I wish it was more than it is. I don't regret the upgrade and would do it again. I just wish their was a way to customize it further than what GM offers. I wish all of the gauges would show up all the time that only show when in tow/haul mode. I want the compass to be more analog and not just the 8 directional points. I want to see the outside temp on the freaking cluster. I want to see the AFM status on every screen. Why not a screen that shows all active data it is able to display? How about additional display looks? I know, lots of wishing and something no one is willing to take the time to crack the programming and offer an upgrade to the functionality. It has the potential with a software upgrade to be so much more than it is. The frustrating part is the hardware is there to do it.
  3. HP Tuners is the way to go. Also the only option for tunning the TCM on a '18. It isn't THAT complicated, price isn't bad for what you get and you can always buy a used tuner and credits to tune your truck. It is the right way to do it. Hand helds are kind of a joke IMO.
  4. Stock E85 is pointless. You need a tune to unlock its potential. OP will have to tune to use E85, so that's a given. Also, not exactly a hard DIY mod, so something I also wouldn't have worried about if buying a truck. E85 wasn't an option on the L86 but I will be converting once my warranty is coming closer to expiring. It will REDUCE my fuel cost, even with the reduction in fuel mileage. Extra power is also an added bonus.
  5. I specifically chose to NOT have the long bed. Dealer had my exact truck in a long bed for a couple hundred more. I did not buy it because - Short beds are already damn long and stick out of parking spaces - Long bed has a harder resale regardless of what is said in this thread - Short bed looks better
  6. Anybody have a 10 speed

    They do, in the 6.2L T1 trucks. This is a K2 forum.
  7. Which tranny and rear end? Makes a difference. Also, why did you buy it if it didn't meet your needs. I drove an 8 speed 3.42 truck, felt like a downgrade from what I was replacing and kept searching.
  8. Compared to? The 5.3L is the base motor in some of the truck models. It's significantly slower than the 6.2L. E85 and a proper tune will wake it up nicely. The 5.3L fanbois try to say that will give it the power of the 6.2L but the Dyno proves otherwise...but it does narrow the gap a lot.
  9. Window tint

    Ohio used to crack down on tint but doesn't seem to any longer. My car is tinted (and no front plate); too dark to be legal but not overdoing it. Wife's car is close to legal on tint and no front plate; again good. My last truck was super dark on the sides and had a dark front window strip (the previous owner did it, never again). This truck I just want to match the fronts to the rears. Sadly, front plate mount was already installed so I am rocking a plate there.
  10. GM Factory Catch Can

    No, you stated "if it was a LT4" after your initial statement, indicating the previous motors you were talking about were not a LT4.
  11. Blue Driver is great. Paid for itself first time I used it on my last truck troubleshooting a traction control issue.
  12. Wrong forum. Your truck is the GMT-900, previous generation.
  13. Tuners

    That's not true. Though a laptop running W10 is cheap. I also vote HPT.
  14. - Grill - Colored Seat stitching - Denali Badging - Ability to get 22" wheels as a factory option (Premium Plus can only get 20" unless you did a dealer swap); 22" standard on the Ultimate otherwise an option - Power steps (Ultimate or option on the non). I did NOT want these as we get winter here and those are not great with ice/snow. I didn't have/want them on my last truck either and one of only two options it was missing - Gauge cluster, though easy to retrofit - Mag ride, which I didn't want - Painted bumpers, which could be had in an All Terrain but then you can't get a couple other options - Plastic chrome latch on the center console lid I think that is everything that would make it different. I fixed the 22" wheels and Denali cluster issue with my SLT PP. Will likely fix the grill issue as well.
  15. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    I considered one when buying my truck, but a few things stopped me from even going to a dealer to look: - Very few in stock at the several local dealers I looked at online - Most in stock trucks were cloth seats, lower optioned stuff. I'm not living that life - Very few incentives. If I could have found what I wanted, it would have cost a lot more than my truck - Interior felt a bit dated from pics

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