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  1. So you can afford a brand new truck but not a $30 switch...
  2. Why would you do a toggle switch instead of swapping in a OEM switch with the fog light button? The OEM switch is cheap. A toggle switch is ghetto.
  3. Those front shocks are $304 each on Rock Auto. Turn your own wrenches and save $1100.
  4. Or spend the few hundred bucks to convert the L86 to flex fuel As for everyone saying he needs a 3/4 ton...come on. His trailer is about HALF the towing capacity of a Max Tow L86. Half. Not exactly pushing the envelope here boys and girls. If really concerned, a heavier duty tire and air bags will only add to the comfort level towing.
  5. Somewhat mindful of curbs. I'm very used to it - my wife's car and my car run 18's in the winter, 19's in the summer. My last truck had 22". Even my boat trailer is on 18's. Never had a curb incident with my last truck.
  6. Pitting. Flaking. Staining. Problem with sealing and tire place needing to sand areas to get tires to seal. Upkeep on them sucks too. And I don't love the look of a fully chrome wheel, so swapping to a painted wheel makes a lot of sense.
  7. Big thanks to @EaglesZ71 who did the 4.5 hour drive (or probably more) one way to my house from his in Kentucky, going through a snow storm in the process. We swapped out my factory 20" chrome wheels for 22" he wasn't using (plus some money from me, of course). Mileage was similar between both - mine 1365, his ~2700, all were in brand new condition. Before: After (note, we swapped these out during a snow storm): So why did I do the swap? #1 - I don't personally trust GM and chrome wheels. Had all sorts of chrome wheel issues with my Escalade EXT. Maybe GM has improved, maybe not #2 - Prefer the look of painted wheels. Require less care as well #3 - Prefer the look/ride of 22" wheels #4 - Would have been a hell of a lot more expensive to do this when I bought the truck I reused my center cap/lugs, which I think turned out well. I'm pleased with the setup. Haven't drove it yet but I'm sure it will drive great.
  8. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    I was referencing you. Monterey doesn't sell a ski boat. Plenty of runabout's and are now trying to get into the wakesurfing scene with their forward drive boats, but those boats are a joke in terms of making a surf wave while charging what the real wakeboats cost. Fortunately, wake surf boards tend to not go much about $1500, so I'm good there.
  9. Supercharger. You can do an intake manifold, TB, CAI, long tubes, etc. Pile a bunch of money into it and still make less power (and started approaching the same cost).
  10. HP Tuners and a laptop. Done.
  11. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    I get a truck 100 years ago is very different than a truck today. Same as an airplane, car, home, etc. I live 3 minutes from a waterway where it is all water sports and fishing; 22' limit, jet ski's and tubes are banned...the fishing guys stay in the no wake and everyone else is doing water sports. I've never, ever seen an old jet boat, Chris Craft, etc. For ski boats, it's Malibu and Mastercraft inboards with a Ski Natique 2001 thrown in. Then you get a couple of I/O's thrown in usually knee boarding, a pair of skis or doing some weird and inappropriate things with a surf board. Even the Yamaha Jet Boat guys don't come out much. In the last 30 years, direct drive inboard is a ski boat. Period. Hell, I don't even ski a direct drive - my boat is one of the best Vdrive boats to ski behind (SV23 diamond hull Malibu), and to be honest I only slalom a couple times a year behind it - the rest is surfing with a bit of wakeboarding thrown in (and perhaps wake foiling this year if my wife wants to go even bigger on this year's Father's Day present, as last year was a $1000 surf board). I'm also pretty sure the OP was referencing a freaking I/O runabout as a ski boat. I/O's are for Wally's, not folks that are into water sports. Now a proper footing boat with an outboard, like a Malibu Flightcraft, that's a whole other animal, but even lighter than an inboard ski boat.
  12. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    Thank you for not being the a-hole slowing the freeway down. If the rig can't tow at the speed limit, probably shouldn't be towing on that road IMO (excluding up hill, bad weather, etc.). No such thing as a "very large ski boat." Too many people call run about's as ski boats (pet peeve of mine). If it isn't a direct drive inboard, it isn't a ski boat. Just like putting a tower on a run about doesn't make it a wake boat. As for your TT experience, did you have the WD hitch set up correctly. It seems that more people don't have it set correctly than do. Same with the tongue weight on the trailer. This makes a huge difference in the towing experience. And obviously the towing experience with differ based on how the truck is optioned - a Max Tow 6.2L will tow a lot better than a base 5.3 on the same body truck, for instance.
  13. Brake fluid is often ignored. On our German cars I have to do it every 2 years due to DOT 4 fluid, so I have a power bleeder that makes the job a cake walk. Highly recommend getting one for a brake fluid replacement job. I'd check on the service interval for your coolant as well. I would also consider switching from the mechanical vacuum pump to an electric one as well at that mileage. Little extra peace of mind there.
  14. Tailgate LED light bars

    They don't look all that good. Screams aftermarket and not in a good way.
  15. Tailgate LED light bars

    My last truck had one installed by the previous owner. I didn't hate it enough to remove. Had it ever had a problem I would have ripped it out. I would never waste my money on one.

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