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  1. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    I just installed my UltraCover Ultra Flex. Why did I go with this one? - Vinyl covers look cheap...because they are. Same goes for the vinyl folding covers. - Full one-piece covers are a pain in the butt. Pass - Roll ups are nice, but the canister takes up a lot of space AND have issues with ice That left a hard folding cover. Any cover that requires or recommends you lift the cover to close the tailgate is a joke - period. There is no reason for that BS. That takes a number of covers out of the market, including Gator's entire lineup. I liked the Lomax/WeatherTech cover, but it won't fold up to the cab, so that was a no-go. Then it ended up leaving me with the BAK or UltraCover higher end covers. BAK has a worse reputation for quality. I ended up finding an Amazon Warehouse deal, so at $735 shipped, it was a no brainer:
  2. I'd hardly call rubber buttons stepping up their game. I'm coming from a 2nd Gen Escalade EXT. Quality of wheel, I say the Escalade's was equal or better. Buttons are more functional due the higher tech in the truck, but not nicer. Wheel in my wife's Audi B8.5 S4 is much nicer, buttons and all. GM still needs to step up the wheel game. It is nicer than my BMW 335i, but that wheel was first offered in 2006... I'm not looking to pioneer this swap. Hoping someone else shares their leg work and I'll copy. Too many other projects to figure this out on my own.
  3. 6.2 Long term?

    That's what I call an ignorant statement right there. How would a catch can void your powertrain warranty? Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act protects you from exactly this. Further, to not even have that become an issue, you can simply pull it if taking the truck in for warranty work. DI only motors (like the L86) don't have fuel to wash down the valves. These poorly designed PCV systems allow oil into the intake tract, resulting in oil baking onto the valves. Some motors (like the N54 in my BMW) can be badly impacted by this, which is why I put a catch can on it days after I purchased it and also have an upgraded PCV valve. I only have 737 miles on my L86. I have already installed a UPR single outlet catch can. OEM grade fittings/hoses. Other than the need to drill the mounting hole out slight to fit the bolt, it was a 5 minute install. Simply pop the quick connects off on each side of the short PCV hose. Single bolt to mount the can, attach new lines. Only tool need is a 13mm socket or wrench to remove/install the can. Even if your truck blew the motor on the side of the road you could put it back to stock well before the truck driver arrived...
  4. From my less than 3 week old 2018 SLT Crew Cab Premium Plus. 718 miles on the trim, though most of that was the long drive home from purchasing it. All pieces are in like new condition except the rear passenger door piece; a couple small nicks on it...you probably wouldn't even notice unless it was pointed out. $125 shipped to the 48 states.
  5. It sounds like you are trying to connect your truck to your Verizon stand-alone WiFi hot spot. Questions: - Can any other device connect to it? - Why do you have this device instead of just using a WiFi hot spot on your phone?
  6. My only complaint on my wheel is the stupid rubber buttons. Even my near base model '18 Cobalt car at the office has the same rubber buttons (missing the collision alert and heated seat buttons of course). Same goes for the really crappy '19 Malibu I had as a rental the past couple of days...boy that car sucked; it felt like an oversized Cobalt while being slower and handling worse in pretty much every situation you could put it in and I wouldn't exactly want to own a Cobalt. Anyway, the T1 wheel is nicer for sure. Everything looks the same except the center buttons. Anyone do this swap? How were the results? Cost and P/N's? Airbags the same? Seems like a pretty logical upgrade and an easy resale on my wheel as a lot of folks like to do the heated wheel upgrade on their models that didn't come with it.
  7. Sure you can - but why the hell would you? When ordering, you won't get all the incentives. At that price point, you would be paying similar money to a T1 truck. The ONLY reason to buy a K2 now is for deep incentives...otherwise you will take a massive bath on resale. I paid 17k under the original sticker...otherwise I never would have bought my truck.
  8. I just bought mine 2.5 weeks ago. Dealer had 800 2018 Sierras on the lot or in transit to the lot. Yes, 800. That has zero to do with not a single unit I have found anywhere has the max tow package. What is the transmission cooler? Is it an external? Is it integrated but a different radiator setup? Is it just marketing and the same thing all the trucks get? Just like the 9.76" is marketing - ALL 6.2L trucks get those regardless of the package. What is different on the rear springs - P/N? Same for the shocks; would the Z71 be a better overall shock? Can you show me just one new '18 with the Max Tow for sale? I looked through 4 different states and found zero, which is partly why I didn't buy a truck with Max Tow.
  9. Max trailering package can't be found on new '18's on dealer lots. Same goes for a number of other packages. Sure, you could order one but if you were doing that it would be a '19. I'm asking what the actual differences are between the Max trailering vs standard or Z71 6.2L truck. At least in SLT trim.
  10. The Max Trailering package can't be found on lots. I have the 6.2L , Premium Plus, Z71 and I'm wondering what it would take to come close to duplicating the Max Trailering Package. So here is what GMC's sight says: 3.42 rear axle ratio - Yes, this one is a given - and an important upgrade. Gear swap required. Integrated trailer brake controller - Available as a stand alone or part of a couple different packages - nothing unique to the Max Trailering Package 8-speed automatic transmission - Premium Plus and Denali both have this Increased towing and GCWR rating - Just a rating Automatic locking rear differential - Isn't this just a standard feature on all the 4WD trucks? Handling/Trailering Suspension Package - Isn't this just marketing for the shocks and springs mentioned below? Enhanced cooling radiator - From what I've read, the radiator comes with a transmission cooler integrated into it without this package, and not just the regular flow-through cooler that has been done for decades. What is different about this "enhanced" cooling radiator? Different P/N? Revised shock tuning - What is different about these shocks vs. base and Z71? Would it be an upgrade or downgrade towing wise swapping to these shocks over the Z71 shocks? Heavier duty rear springs and increased RGAWR - What springs are used? P/N? How different are they vs stock/Z71? 9.76" rear axle - Standard in the 6.2L trucks, Trailer brake controller - Yeah, it is listed twice Trailering Equipment - Uhhh, don't all the trucks have this? From what I can tell and guess, there is a lot of marketing and the real differences are: - 3.42 gears| - Different shocks, but unsure what makes them different - Assuming stiffer rear leafs - an easy and I'm guessing cheap swap - "Maybe" a different radiator or external tranny cooler Anyone with any insight on this?
  11. I call total horse crap on that. My car is an early DI engine; BMW's twin turbo N54. Notorious for injector and HPFP issues when released, which took many revisions to mostly resolve (among a number of other common issues). My last oil analysis from Blackstone was 6,864 miles and 1 year on the oil. Less than 0.5% fuel in the oil - they considered less than 2% the normal. That mostly mixed driving and is a car targeting ~2x stock boost on stock turbos (16psi vs stock 8psi) and I'm not easy on the right pedal with her. That's a car with 140k on her at the time. She has been well cared for her whole life and most are amazed it has that many miles, but if an early, problematic, modified DI motor only has basically no fuel in the oil, these motors shouldn't either. I've never smelled fuel in any oil change on any of my vehicles, and I do all my own oil changes. I do have an upgraded PCV valve and catch can on my BMW, as oil control is garbage on the N54. I will be adding a catch can to my L86 as well when it arrives in a few days, but this shouldn't have any impact on fuel in the oil system. For my BMW, the only time fuel is known to get in the oil is with a leaky injector - a typical symptom is a long crank to start and rough running for the first several seconds after starting it after it sits for a while; this is something that needs to be immediately corrected or bearing failure is a guarantee. Any fuel smell in my oil would be highly concerning. Looks like I will need to monitor this closely. I hope it is more of a L83 problem than L86, though it appears it can plague both motors.
  12. Still liking the truck. Put an UnderCover Ultra Flex cover on her. The GM Snythesis interior kit should show up tomorrow to get rid of the cheap looking "wood" trim. UPR catch can is on order. Will try to get the windows tinted in the next couple of weeks. Next spring I'll likely remove the rear block in the rear, 2" drop shackles and an airbag setup. Should level the truck and not sag under weight. That should do it until the warranty expires.
  13. I ended up ordering the UPR single port kit and will simply pull it when making a dealer trip. No reason to take the chance.
  14. HATE My High-Beams

    I've only drove my truck a couple times in the dark, but so far I like the high beams and headlights in general. I've had multiple vehicles with OEM HID headlamp setups and like this one the best so far. Sierra with the LED headlamps.

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