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  1. Here is a link a youtube video from an automotive lawyer about the lawsuit. GM's claim in the suit is they do not need to cover the warranty as the problems are with the design, not a material or workmanship problem.
  2. I found this YouTube video out there where he said GM is arguing that they do not have to fix the transmission under warranty in court because it was a design flaw, not a material or labor issue.
  3. I am watching this topic closely as well as now with the colder temps, am getting the rattle at the glove box when I go over rough roads. To me it sounds like a wire connector bumping on the backside of the glove box. When the cab warms up, the rattle almost goes away. One other post mentioned going through the fuse panel and adding foam behind the wires and defroster duct. Will be a project for this weekend if not too cold to work in the garage. I hate rattles! Update: I think I found it! It was the sunglass holder in the upper console. I could have sworn it was in the dash.
  4. Check out the I Boards, they have them in 4, 5 and 6 inch. About $220. They are available in black or aluminum. The reason I went with those is they protect the lower parts of the doors from tire kick up chips. I also sprayed the rockers with bed liner to protect below that. Robert
  5. Hi All: Been a long time since I last posted. My new 2019 Silverado 1500 LD (old body style) is at the doctor with a shot pinion bearing. The rig was purchased new in June with 3100 miles on it (loaner). The rear end had a whine all along, but finally got tired of it (and could finally get it scheduled at the shop) so I brought it in today. Still getting used to it over my '06 GMC that is still going strong. Hopefully the new one is not off to the same start as the old one... Robert
  6. Yep on the LED replacement. Look on Amazon for the replacements. Just need to orientate the bulb correctly for polarity. bbwb
  7. I seem to recall, this was discussed long ago, and the conclusion was that GM put the thermostat on the block heater as without it, codes would be set. So to make sure the sensor temps would be below the threshold, they installed the thermostat. Also, for those that are wondering if the heater is working, go to the wall receptacle and pull the extension cord out (may have to do this several times) but look for a spark. If you get a spark, you are drawing current
  8. 2006 GMC Ext Cab...unlike the majority, my transmission crapped out at 61000; broken weld. Upgraded to heavy duty parts on the rebuild. Am at 84000 and shifting good (damn clunk on 2/3 upshift.
  9. I should clarify, two of them (right and left) were from the factory. One on passenger front was done under warranty, the other two on my dime.
  10. Get used to it...I am on bearing #5 for the front end with 76,000 miles; all stock with City and Highway driving. The first 4 were GM bearings installed by the dealership. bbwb
  11. Make sure that your rear shoes are adjusted properly. Excessive clearance will cause a low pedal. bbwb
  12. Yep gone through plenty in 76000 miles. Replacements went as follows: Passenger side shot at 37000, Drivers at 43000, Drivers side again at 73000, passenger front is getting noisy again...total of 5 now. All of the failures have been furnished and installed by GM. Last bearing is a National Bearing. This truck is trying to get me to trade it in...transmission blew to hell at 61,000. Seat backrest support wire broke and replaced about 4 years ago, just broke again today. Not to mention the fuel gauge that has not been accurate for years. I am so disappointed in this truck, certainly lives up to the name of "Light Duty" bbwb
  13. One trick that I did on my '94 to even the score some, is that I had GM replace the lines on my dime. Seeing as the GM lines are junk, it was easy to find them seeping within the 12 month/12000 mile warranty...I had them change them about five times for free. The last time I had it in the shop, I missed the warranty (mileage) by 1000 and lost out on the free bees. I traded the truck in on a new one. bbwb
  14. In all cases, there was noise. The first two were from the factory, the second two from a dealership, and the last one if from an independent shop. The first one to go out sounded like a cardboard box was being dragged under the truck...they all were shot. The noise would get louder when the wheel was loaded up (turning on the highway). bbwb
  15. Nope, bone stock on the truck. I agree that the greasing of the bearings is a innovative idea. bbwb
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