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  1. I ran 33x12.5x15 on my k1500 and a 3in body lift with no problem for years.
  2. First thing I thought of when clicking on the link was. Nissan Juke.
  3. Man this reply is hilarious! I read it and thought WOW! This just like most ram owners here where I am. Mirrors always extended out not towing a damn thing and stacks or stack coming out of the box. Most with attitudes. So yes I agree with the OP. Dbags
  4. Put on new brakes rotor and pads all around, and painted the calipers and brackets. Used VHT spray paint for the brackets, and Dupont paint, brush on kit for the calipers. Turned out alright.
  5. Heres my 4x4 lowered a few inches all around.
  6. In the market for different rims for my 95 3/4 ton GMC. Seen these on a truck that's for sale online. Anyone recognize them and know what make they are??
  7. Almost 100% certain it's the ignition module. Make sure to put the white insulating paste under it before installing it back on the distributor base plate.
  8. So I must be the only person who has ever had to remove air trapped in the abs unit. Without using a scan tool. Nice!!!
  9. Had a truck that did the same thing. It turned out it was bad grounds. Unbolt them and clean them up with sand paper and put some grease on them before re- attaching. There should be at least 3 under the hood area. Another possibility could be a battery that checks out good voltage wise but can't take a load when trying to start your Truck.
  10. Looking for some ideas how to get air out of the abs module on my 95 GMC 2500 4x4 plow truck. I replaced the m/c and proportioning valve recently. I hooked up my tech1 tool to do an auto bleed with no luck. For some reason it won't work. I have a code for a wheel speed sensor so the abs won't t activate to get the pump and solenoids going which I read if it was working I could Slam on the breaks on loose surface to remove air from the module. Would tapping the module with a rubber mallet or feeding 12volts direct the the abs motor help? What other ways would work. How about a power bleeder how well do they work?? The dealers are no help or other garages. I've tried. Gotta get this figured out soon.
  11. Lowered my truck this weekend. Used belltech lowering struts and lowering shackles out back with the block removed. Still has just enough bias to the rear so I can put some weight in the back or tow my trailer without having the rear sagging.
  12. So what do you use the MEK for? I use it at work to flush my paint lines and gun.
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