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  1. I've got a nephew who totalled his first truck (89/90 ext.cab, long bed, straight drive, 4x4)he named it "super cracker")....his dad has a 95 z71 with a burned up transmission (auto)...looking for advice on doing a automatic to straight drive conversion. I'm thinking this swap has surely been done, just wanting to hear from some of you that's done it, and what to look for and expect.....
  2. To use the 700r,...I know it has a t.v.cable, and a 4L60 doesn't. That cable has to be adjusted properly or it will burn the transmission up quick!...so you'd have to rig up something to go onto your throttle cable bracket at the....ahhh....flapper deal. (Yall know what I'm talking about)....as far as driveshaft lengths,...idk, but it's not to expensive to have one shortened, or lengthen I believe.
  3. What about the stabilitrack system code? I get that one also....
  4. My truck won't see any mud but going down my driveway....wanting to do 20-22" irocs 6's, level the back...maybe lower the whole truck idk....just wanted 4wheel in case I get stuck in the yard, or have to drive in some nasty stuff....
  5. just kicking around ideas in my head,....can a 4wheel drive be lowered?....just a cpl.inches.....?...I'm talking all the way around, not just squatting the back.....
  6. I'll be using this truck to pull my gutter machine, haul trash to the dump, 4wheeler in the back, brush/limbs, d/d (60mile round trip for work )
  7. Yeah, it's going to need to be steam cleaned to get the frame clean...(I got a detailing buddy ready to get ahold of it for me. )...engine and bay is clean also. Interior is clean and in good shape...took the pawpaw mudflaps off.....detail Buddy's going to take the pinstripe and Z71 stickers off for me. Thinking about a white grill, and some irocs 6's, and leveled in the rear. ..
  8. Thanks again guys!...that was pretty quick answers for someone just posting for the first time....
  9. Ok guys thanks alot!... Makes me feel better knowing this might be a common thing....when I went back to him, I told him about the rear end and we went in behind his shop in gravel/dirt and tried it and it done the same thing but not as bad as on the pavement...he called the previous owner and asked him about it, so I really belive he was unaware of it.....but like I said 2wheel drive 70mph, crusin......! This would be my first 4wheel dig, I'm not a mudder, I'm coming from the land of drop spindles and c notches!....$9500 is the asking price......
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