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  1. We just bought a 19 acadia with 9 miles used/new what happens is there are exec vechicles and sometimes they dont get used, But warranty has started. My buddy is a gm at local gmc dealer, he had mine shipped in from Oregon, were in NY, what eventually happens is they get auctioned off on a private gm dealer.only site, mine still had all the prtotective wrap on it as well
  2. Great deal, did u order it? Havent seen a 6.2 max tow around here at all
  3. Thanks guys, ive tried buying 2 leftovers so far but really no deal to be had yet, should have bought in dec
  4. Any issues i should ve aware of with a 17/19 acadia? Focused on a denali, been trying to find a nice used one 4 the wife But not a easy find, with everyone leasing 3 yr olds seem like throw aways lol, cant go new because we hate the push button drive. So far ive noticed the wheels are crap, every one has had clear coat peel, is there away to prevent this, wax? Any other common issues? Its either this or a xt5, Appreciate the thoughts
  5. Had my 20 At4 6.2 4 3 months now and havent looked back, my 16 all terrain was a good truck but had the tranny issue and i just didnt feel good about keeping it long term, 6.2 is so fun, its almost as fun as driving a sports car I Love it!
  6. Mine as well, i just assumed its a saftey deal but annoying as hell,
  7. Progress, stay on top of them, nicely but firmly, my 14 had electrical gremlins, they bought it back, it took 6 months maybe 7, it was a long exhausting process, #1 factor is having your local dealers service advisor and manager on your side, i never once went in and mother f anything or anyone, but read up on ur states laws so u understand your rights and the process, that way if they present u a offer u are ready, example, in NYS anything after 12000 miles there a charge per mile, by law
  8. Call roadside get towed in, get ur loaner and let em fix it
  9. Guys keep in mind whike gm had a strong 3rd quarter there 4th will tank from the strike, my gmc dealer has 2 old body elevations, 1 new crew elevation and 5 3/4 tons in stock, we have a chevy dealer nearbye that stocks well over 100 pickups and they have less then 20 as well
  10. Hey everyone, just looking for some info good or bad on the XT5, its about time to replace the wifes aging 06 grand prix gt, and she really doesnt like much, while looking at the Buick Envision she opened the doors to a XT5 and for the first time fell in love with a vechicle, so it appears im shoppong 4 one lol instead of a envision, Whats the good and bad Thanks
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