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  1. Ive been trying to deal on a at4, no luck at all just my supplier and the 2500 rebate they have beyond that nothing, noticed that some elevation crew cabs have come around, also noticed u can get max tow, and a moonroof, that maybe the route i take, i bet the 5.3/10sp/3 42 is a nice setup. My 5.3 3.42 tows my 9000 pounds very well, 10spd will now have a year out with gm, specwd to my liking around 54300, vs 62k for the at4 with 6.2
  2. How do i figure out if im getting a good lease? Have not been able to figure out the formula yet, but seems there doing better to help leases vs buying right now on a at4 i just dont know how to figure it out, looking at a 62500 truck 15k a year
  3. Congrats I'm trying to get one as well but there not dealing near me
  4. Anyone buy a 2020 yet? Dealer local to me has the truck I want coming in but it's a 20, so far I've seen no deals on at4 locally at all, but they keep selling, and there are no more whites in our area, once again the same rebates are out for the 3rd month in a a row so no help there
  5. Beautiful, especially with wheel well moldings matching
  6. agreed! white is my color, but the black grill over that red is the best imo so far that ive seen
  7. Same here, at4 Is what I want and there only giving me supplier + the 2500, just not good enough, need about 11k off to do it, I don't think that's a reach, but I guess I'm wrong
  8. Looks gr8 man, I wouldn't have thought white letter on these new ones
  9. Also I'm a tad concerned about the towing on the 19, my buddy had a 2015 5.3 3.42 towing 7k and now bought a 19 5.4 and they all seem to come 3.23 rears and has noticed a difference just around town, my hope is the 6.2l makes up for the gear change, but Idk honestly
  10. Yupper, I only tow my boat, nd snowmobile trailer, boat is all of 9500 pounds, loaded for camping long weekends maybe 11k, my 5.3 1500 crew is maxed, but with a perfectly balanced trailer, trailer brakes it actually performs very well, but I also don't go out trying to be big rigger either set the cruise at about 62 and go. The ramp is 1 mile from my house, other the 2/3 trips a year about 200 each trip my towing is not a lot, but I drive 20k a year, so,,,,,,, but If the mileage is 13/14 mixed use I'm going to choose a 2500, everyone I know with the 6.0 only get 9/10
  11. I'd take that, should improve a hair once broke in to, I was lining myself up to buy a 6.2 at4 crew, but dam a nice 2500 sle with buckets and console is only 55k sticker bye me, and even pricing out a gas at4 it's almost the same price for the options I'd want
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