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  1. Use a pointed tool to pry up the lever, just insert and press down on the tab.
  2. They're fragile, but if you pull firmly with needle nosed pliers wrapped in electrical tape they'll come loose as long as the white locking tab is lifted. I frayed one wire but wrapped it up and it works great. I think I used a pointed tool to seat the pin back in once I swapped them, they're long and skinny
  3. We’re both anxiously waiting to hear what he says...
  4. Same here, I’ve had the same problem you describe even with the “new” unit. My contact at NAVTV no longer responds to my emails. I have a reset switch under my dash that reboots it every time there’s a problem and that fixes it but this shouldn’t happen. Very frustrating.
  5. My installer put in a toggle switch to kill the power to it, so basic reset button. That corrects the problem short term. Let me know if yours works. I also had to pay return shipping, which is ridiculous of course
  6. Well I spoke too soon. While the popping noise is gone, it’s back to dropping the volume. This is the replacement unit with supposedly upgraded chip and new files. I’m thinking the Zen from NAVTV isn’t ready for our trucks...at least not mine. I’m going to just live with hitting the reset button when it drops the volume. At least the loud popping noise has resolved.
  7. I’ve just finished the exchange on my unit. I had the same problem, dropped volume and static. I installed the new unit and it caused loud popping noises periodically, especially with rapid changes in the volume up or down. I thought I had a bad connection or frayed wire but checked everything and found nothing wrong. Turns out the new unit they sent needed new files. Tony from NAVTV helped me install the new files last night and everything now works perfectly. So hang in there but be warned if the new unit doesn’t have the newest files you’ll need to update it. The popping noise sounds like a rock hitting the windshield...a little unnerving.
  8. I bought it in February. I’m going to take the seat off again today and take another look at all the connections but I didn’t see any problems when I looked the other day.
  9. Yes they’re working with me. This is the replacement unit because the first constantly dropped the sound and only a reset would correct it. That’s a known problem with the early units but this new one should be working properly.
  10. Well I have the new NAVTV Zen unit in and traded one problem for another. It’s only dropped the volume once in several days, but still occasionally has the staticky noise that resolves with a reboot. The new problem is a loud popping noise occasionally and when I turn the volume up or down rapidly. Sounds like a bad speaker connection but I’ve checked everything and it never did this until I put in the new Zen. I made sure I have the newest software. Very frustrating, appreciate any advice you guys can offer.
  11. Actually both, more often drops the volume but sometimes when I reset it there’s static when it comes back on. I got the update and that made it happen less often but still happens
  12. I’ve been in touch with NAVTV (Mine has been shutting off) and here’s the explanation. The early units had a part that wasn’t what they originally designed bc the supplier replaced a chip with one the supplier thought would work the same but apparently didn’t. This means it’s a hardware problem. They shipped me a new unit which I plan to install tomorrow then send the original unit back to them. I’ll let you know how it turns out but they say this will solve the problem.
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