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  1. Front 5100 struts are available and give 1” of lift. I see also that the 6112 are available now as well and have an eibach spring but still require assembly
  2. I don’t think you would need to with only being 1.1” of list. Most guys are saying they start getting ball joint bind at 2” of lift. I’m probably going to go higher at some point or add a spacer depending on tire size so I figured I would put a UCA in now
  3. Catch can captures crank case vented pressure. Both heads are connected by the block. My guess is the other valve cover doesn’t have a pcv port to feed back to the intake anyways. One can is all that is needed
  4. Added oil. Moving the oil reservoir out gains more room for valving and such in the main shock tube. Was going to go with the 5100s but got a good deal on these
  5. Yup max setting and a new UCA. should just go with the 6112 but I didn’t think the front needed to much help compared to the back. Should give me about a 1/2” of rake
  6. Pretty much yup. 5100s for the trail boss are for levelled or 2” max lifted trucks so they’d work good for you
  7. Do the rears. No issues with having different front to back
  8. Did the first non dealer oil change (finally out of free ones). Shorter antenna and then added some bilstein 5160 reservoir shocks to the rear.
  9. I added the 5160 rear reservoir shocks today and they make the ranchos feel like worn out junk. Planted this truck the way it should be
  10. Installed. The reservoir sits high and protected beside the frame
  11. Just installed the 5160 rear reservoir shocks and they blow the ranchos outta the park. This thing is planted now. On the fresh compact ice and snow roads and gravel the back end used to dance around to the point of slowing down. Now it’s planted and soaks them up. Can’t wait for my UCAs so I can put the 5100s up front.
  12. The uniballs are a superior joint in my mind but the joint needs to be lubricated while slacked off and moved. I believe also you need to slack the uca bushings off to grease them every so often. Lots of YouTube videos on how to service your uniball UCAs
  13. The camburgs are nice but a uniball joint is over kill for daily driving and servicing (albeit not frequently) still sucks compared to a regular greased ball joint. I went with a set of cognito UCAs
  14. Removed some badging and added the carbon pro AT4. Black gmc front and rear. Little jet seal coat before winter and now waiting on the bilstein 5100 front and 5160 rese rears to show up with cognito control arms.
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