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  1. Got it done. Power from the bed lights to the relay and 12v from the trailer harness. Works exactly as I wished. Thanks gang
  2. And I'm OK with that for now. As long as I can use it as a utility and back up I'm fine with that. I'll have to find a full time 12v to wire them to. Where should to fuse go..?
  3. Well... it didn’t work. I installed the Rigid lights in the bumper and tied them into the bed lights.... when I hit the cargo light switch, the bed lights blink twice (not the cargo lamp) . And then the bed lights shut off. As do my Rigid lights I just installed. I assume the system is to smart and feels to much draw? any suggestions? I really do t want to run a whole new circuit.
  4. I thought the bed lights go out as soon as the vehicle goes into any gear... Does it not?
  5. GM did us no favors by tucking everything in so tightly to the tires....
  6. Weird, that is exactly what I want... This is what they replied to me. Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately we do not offer an option to enable the bed cargo light on while the vehicle is in motion. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. Has anyone installed this? One thing I see is, it states that the button must be pressed and held while in gear.. Do I really need to push and hold it in?? Thats not what I want either. If I am going to go thru all that, I'll just run a whole wire harness.
  7. I called Boost. They dont have anything for the cab lights. Yea, I know why they dont allow it. But my 2015 F-150 allowed me to turn them on while in motion. So, where is what I am trying to do. I am installing work lights on the rear, to be used while hooking up a trailer, getting my hunting gear on, etc.. Instead of running a whole wiring harness to a switch, I was going to tap them into the bed lights. I would also like to use these as back up lights. The cab/bed lights. Do they turn off the instant you put the truck in gear? As soon as the vehicle starts moving, or do they shut off at a certain speed?
  8. Bumper replacement? (Not to hijack the thread) but what bumper did you find for the Diesel? Also, I am getting between 20-23 MPG pretty regularly. Best ever was 31 in my AT4 cruising at about 55 mpg. I just installed 285/70/18's and have noticed a decrease in mileage just from the tires...
  9. Seems like the cargo and bed lights cannot be turned on while moving. So they turn off as soon as you start moving? And if so, can that be overridden?
  10. So the Torque Lite App. Where all of those settings or monitors pre-programmed in there? I ran into a guy who was telling me he had to download some PID's I think he called them. Id basically love to know when the truck is about to go into regen so I Can keep driving through it and not stopping half way through.
  11. Hmmmm, I like the idea of wiring them to the bed lights....... I may do just that. Way easier. And I dont think they will pull to much power off that circuit. I miss the switch my F150 had in the bed to turn the bed lights on.
  12. Funny you should post this. I was taking measurements for the same lights today, mounted in the same location. Do you have any pics of them with the lights off? also, how bright are the diffused lights? I like to have them on a switch for when I am hooking up a trailer or unloading the bed at night. I was thinking of going with the flood version. That was stupidly way more money.
  13. Are these UCA's "bigger"? Meaning are they closer to the tire... i want new UCAs bht i dont want to run spacers or have to get new wheels.
  14. I don’t see a listing under 2020 for the Sierra. Only Canyon.
  15. Good information. And yes, I have a AT4. I just added 285/70/18 Ridge Grapplers. They claim 34" tall. But I found real world off the truck, they are about 33 1/8.... far cry from 34".. But to be honest, i think a 34" would have been dang close to rubbing. And the contact patch is a hair over the factory 275's. And I am fine with 1" lift up front with the Bilstein's. Thats all I really want. Does anyone make an UCA that does not bring it closer to the tire? I have about a finger's width between the tire and UCA now.... And I do not want to run spacers. When I move back north, sadly I'll have to get new wheels anyway. I'll need to push the wheels out to get chains in. I could never run chains being that close to the UCA...
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