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  1. Last week the side airbags accidentally deployed while doing some off-roading. This was an adhoc incident, as have been off-roading in the dunes for a couple of months, but this time there was no reasons for the airbags to deploy. Therefore need to install a switch to cut them off while doing some trails or tracks getting to a camp site.
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong. I have a 2016 Silverado 1500 they can fit 33x11.5 factory. Negative Offset in a wheel pulls the wheel out from the inside of the wheel well. so if I have say a -24 mm offset wheel I can accommodate a wider tire. I have mixed reviews on largest tire size. I only have the front leveled 2 in. I just ordered a set of 5 pro comp wheels with -38 mm offset. Could pull the wheel out 1.5 inches. im looking for tires. I wanna run a 305 70 r17 34x12 this should fit with no rubbing? I forgot to mention I have a barricade pre runner front bumper with skids. just looking for some reassurance on that tire size before I order. Looking to order on Thursday.
  3. While out on a dirt road enjoying my newly installed prerunner suspension I successfully turned off the Traction Control and ESC (electronic stability control). Went for a run down the woops and ESC turned itself back on and applied the brakes during one of my drifts. COMPLETELY unexpected and caused the truck to handle undesirably (to say the least). In talking to another Chevy guy he said the ESC turns itself back on at 35mph and above!... Is there anyway to 'tune' this out and make it stay off when desired? This is exactly why I held onto my 05 Duramax for so long. It had ZERO 'nanny hardware' that would f*#k with me while offroading.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. Just put a deposit on a 2021 Sierra AT4 Carbon Pro w/ 3.0 Diesel. Taking delivery in 3 days. Has anyone found or tried to install LED Light Bars in the front bumper and or behind the grill. I travel a ton to remote locations after daylight hours in northern Alberta, Canada. I need better lights than what comes factory. Those critters are everywhere. Something that looks OEM or similar. Not looking to look like a Desert BAJA truck. Cheers!
  5. I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 with 20x9 zero offset fuel wheels. I recently slapped a 3.5 inch suspension lift. I was running a 275/60/20 bfg ko2 tire on 1.5 inch leveling kit previously. I’m now trying to figure what’s the biggest tire I can get. I don’t want to go 12.5 wide bc id rather increase in diameter. I’m looking to run at 285/65/20, 285/60/20, 275/65/20 ridge grappler or ko2. The 275/65/20 will fit with no ruB I think but I want To go bigger than that, I’m thinking both the 285/65/20 will require a little bit of cutting of liner. Ideally I want the 285/85/20, is there anyone running this same size tire on 3.5 inch lift?
  6. Just brought home a 2020 LT with max tow, regular bed, some cabin mods. Can I put 17s with mud rubber on for the season and not incur tow/suspension/drivetrain problems? Newbie question, appreciate your input.
  7. I am looking for tires for my truck. I have a 2016 1500 high country. 3 in. Lift with leveling kit. I am looking for tires. I have 35x12.5xr22 toyo open country m/t tires now and I want a quieter tire but still the aggressive look to them.
  8. Hey all, I'm back in a Chevy finally! I come from the prerunner/ high speed offroad side of things and have been building, buying, and selling a few dedicated offroad toys recently. Decided to take a break and finally got back into a Silverado and I love it so far. Thought I'd take the time to share with you my experience during these past 3 weeks of owning a 2018 Silverado. I picked up a 2wd LT 5.3L crew cab in white and the parts ordering began immediately! Of course, I had to have the aggressive offroad look so I went with the following parts: 35" BF Goodrich KM3 M/T Tires 17" Method NV Wheels King 3.0 Coilovers w/ Adjusters King 2.5 Rear Shocks w/ Adjusters Icon Uni-ball Upper Control Arms Cutting for the 35" tires proved to be quite a task since I wanted to make sure there was no contact at full bump and full lock. Although the suspension hadn't shown up, I still had to throw the new wheels and tires on! 35s on a stock Silverado just looks hilarious! TO BE CONTINUED BELOW:
  9. New to this forum, I have a 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 and I’m trying to beef her up a bit. I bought it already with a leveling kit installed and now it’s time to get it up higher.. my previous vehicles were all jeeps so I’m semi new to the whole off roading with a truck scene. What’s the best way to get 4.5-6 in of suspension lift ? Body lift ? What parts would I absolutely need to swap out for a lift of this size? I have 32in MTs on here already, but looking into getting a 35s’ after the holidays . Thanks for your advice and time!
  10. I have a Go Rhino sport bar in transit, I believe I will be purchasing (5) Q Series LED pod lights from Rigid Industries. I'd love to see how others have ran their conductors for power, fuses, disconnects, and cab / interior switch setups. Any and all pictures , and information are greatly appreciated. Youtube and forum searches have been mostly a bust. Interested in what lights you all are running? 2016 Silverado Z71 LT Crew Cab
  11. Hello How it going? I wanted post and ask some questions as along the way and see if I am crazy enough to upgrade and discuss about modifying a stock GMC 2016 4x4 2500HD 6.0L Gas suspension system. The truck needed a nice smooth riding stability control system on it's suspension system and along it needed to takes more weight load carrying capacity controls from major loads when towing big loads from over hauling trailers. Plus even on it's no-loads capacity as well when you need to drive on a everyday needs in all conditions from all driving ability and keep safe from going out of control from all major issues on the roads conditions on a stock 2500HD/3500HD, I can tell things are getting out of control as conditions are getting worsts beyond our controls when dealing with a stock HD trucks suspension system on a bad roads conditions. Anyway I wanted to upgrade this truck to improve the truck without spending to much money but enough for the truck to drive better than possible so here some ideas and list of parts of modifications that I have studied and thought about thought I post something asked and shared and discuss as asking some ideas for some upgrades. Thanks for helping guys as I need some helps. So far I already installed a rear Hellwig Big Wig Sway bar the model # is 7270 and have it on the medium setting on the links holes for the sway bars as it on the #2 holes. The center hole is considered is medium setting. The far out as #1 hole is the lose setting and far back to the axle #3 hole is tighter setting for the sway bar settings. And I have to say I already feel a huge improvements to the rear suspension by adding a rear sway bar. I can tell by it does prevents the waving as rocking side to side when driving into a drive ways or pulling into a intersections or running over pot holes or curbs or jumping over a railways or hills and some major improvements on things like those quadruple humps and ripples as dips on the road that make your whole truck shake everywhere and wobbling back and forth from going over on those melted asphalt from the roads and highways as it swerves out of control at a high speed and including hauling something that makes it bounce everywhere even to lose control on a empty bed. Plus the improvements over driving into by turning fast and pilling out or in front of the traffic as keeping the truck lock down on the road to pull in and it enforce it from leaning over, keeping the truck from waving over as swerving out of control from rocking by it side. And the sway bar does improve towing. It help you to control your trailer from losing out of control from a dodge moments on cars and winds and other moments to prevent your trailer from wobbling on a highways. Keep the back end stable as twisting the roll body of the truck especially pillingout on a burn out. it been been lot of flooding in Texas lately and I need to spray paint it black and painted the u bolts as well as keeping it from rusting including the axle drive staff joint. Rust is a disease to metal. I only have this 3 months of use of this Hellwig and this truck has 9,786 miles on it. Now the questions is do I needed to go ahead and buy the front sway bar? And put a bigger heavier duty links as well that hooks on to the front sway bars? I don't know what size the is the original stock front sway bars as in inches from as American scale, so far, I founded out the size it is 1.250 of a inch? Is that 1 inch and 3/8 in size? or is that 1 and half of a inch? And the links that came with the truck looks little poor. Looks like it needed to be on a 1500 models trucks and asking for a bigger set of links to control the front of the sway bars on the 2500HD front end suspension. But anyway the Hellwig has a 1 and 1/2 of a inch in thickness of the sway bar and if the the truck stock sway bars is the same size then I don't need to get it it be a waste of money by having the same size bars. I don't know if that make anything big of a different but maybe it will in tightness of a sway bars as for front suspension system if it little bigger right? Anyway here are the list of the modifications upgrades for the suspension system packages that are listed for a smooth ride with major medium payloads capability. Feel free to post some idea of some more modifications suspension system for a stock GMC /Chevy 4x4 2500HD / 3500HD 2014 to 2019. Hellwig Rear Sway Bar 7270.......Weight: 8,000lbs Hellwig Front Sway Bar 7716......Weight: 5,000lbs Hellwig Leaf Helper Springs Stabilizer LP-3512.....Weight: 3500lbs Leaf Spring Shocks Absorbed Sulastic Shackle For Axle SA-06...Non-affect load carrying capacity BDS NX2 Single Steering Stabilizer with Mounting Bracket Kit.....Get Boot Cover Protection PPE Stage 3 Tie Rod Assemblies #158031511.....Has Larger Ball Joints and Staff SuperSpring Front Sumo Spring SSF-202-54......Weight: 2000lbs SuperSpring Rear Sumo Spring SSR-203-40-2....Weight: 2600lbs Max at 80% 3000lbs G2 GM 10.5" 14 Bolt Rear Brute Ball Milled Aluminum Differential Axle Cover.....Amsoil 95W-140 Gear Oil Fox Shocks 2.5 Reservoir Front and Rear. These are my upgrades for a medium high performance stabilizer for the truck suspension system modifications. As for tires and rims I would love to have a 20 inch rims with 285/65/20 tires Or 18 inch rims with 285/70/18 tires one day. This should improves the overalls of the trucks capability right? Dream engine on this truck is LS1 427 32V 6.2L 25MPG on this 2500HD 4.10 gear ratio with the twin as y air filter intake system with dual exhaust .... Goals <3.. I wish I could afford this and to put a 8 speed tranny on it.
  12. Just wanted to share my thoughts after owning my '18 Silverado Z71 for a little over 3 months now: 1. I love this truck. Compared to my old '04 Dodge 1500 this thing rides like a Cadillac. I honestly never thought a truck could ride this good. I know some people complain about the stock rancho shocks and z71 suspension but to me it seems to ride exceptionally well. One thing I have noticed though is quite a bit of body roll in corners, more so than in my old dodge, but that could be because of the light tires that come stock? 2. I'm impressed with how capable this truck is offroad. Now I know most people will say that the airdam is too low, not enough ground clearance, etc. but honestly for the vast majority of people I think this truck has all you need. It's gotten me to my campsites, taken me to some great hiking trails, and allowed me to scout my hunting areas for this fall. All the things that I thought it couldn't do stock since my old truck had 33's and a leveling kit. Of course, It's not going to take on any hardcore offroad trails in Moab but that's not the reason I bought the truck and even then I'm sure someone could mod it enough to take on any trail out there. 3. The technology in these new trucks is great! I know a lot of people talk about the AFM system being annoying or intrusive but honestly I never even feel it! It's crazy that all of these new advancements allow me to get an average of 17.5mpg which is incredible compared to my old truck's 11mpg average. Apple CarPlay and bluetooth have also been great to have so far! It's nice being able to make phone calls hands-free, play a song using my steering wheel controls, and send texts by voice. Overall I am just impressed with this generation of Silverado trucks. I have owned 2 chevy trucks before, a 1984 C10 and a 93 s10 and dang it feels good to be behind a bowtie again. Just wanted to share my love of Chevrolet and my truck with you guys and I hope y'all are out there enjoying your trucks as much as I am! I'd love to hear your experiences and thoughts as owners!
  13. Hello, Everyone! I never menction much about my job, but im the Parts, Garments and Accesories Manager on a Polaris Dealer (Pue, Mx) As some of you may have seen on my last video, i like to go off roading on my ´15 Silverado 2wd, and some of my customers at the dealer constantly want me to take them on trails i know up the popocatepetl volcano, which is active, and is a couple of hours away from the city Last time i made a video about it, hope you guys like it, and subscribe to my youtube channel, it always makes my day. I´ll also leave some pics here as well
  14. Turns out the Rebel TRX concept is heading to production very soon. Has anyone seen this new unveil from Ram? Been waiting for a performance truck from GM for almost 2 decades now. Not a street unit, but apparently this beast will have options for a 575hp 7.0L NA Hemi, or the supercharged 6.1L Hemi making 707hp as found in the Hellcat and Trackhawk. I never thought I would consider a Dodge, but this thing puts the Raptor and anything GM makes to shame in the truck department. https://www.ramtrucks.com/en/limited-editions/ram-1500/rebel-trx/ https://www.caranddriver.com/features/the-2018-ram-rebel-is-a-car-worth-waiting-for-feature What do you guys think?
  15. Hi there, this is a two part post, so please bare with me, First, I'm wondering what everyone recommends for lift/level on a 2013 Siverado. It is a Z71 4x4, and the previous owner had installed Monroe shocks and struts. There is 1.25 inch blocks on the rear leafs (leaves?), but I can't tell how much lift the front shocks gave the truck, and what it would look like when I take those out and put a new lift/level kit in. Second, I'm wondering whether this setup is considered a level, and if that's the case, how can I gain as much more ground clearance as possible without stressing the driveline and axles too much. I currently have 265/70/r18 tires on the truck and I know tires are what give the truck ground clearance so I guess bigger tires is what I'm really looking for?Any inout is very much appreciated!
  16. 2 brand new, still in plastic, LARGE Z71 emblems. Dims are approx. 10" x 2". $40 for the pair. Buyer assumes all shipping costs.
  17. Project: Alpine Inquisition Welcome to my build thread. There are many build threads but this one is mine. I hail from BC Canada which is home to some of the roughest terrain and best off-roading anywhere in North America, I may be bias but I think so. I purchased a GMC because I am an enthusiast and hobbyist and have been learning about and working on vehicles since I was old enough to reach the pedals. I prefer the GM brand because it is the easiest to work on, the easiest to fix and has an abundance of modifications available. This truck is intended as an adventure and showcase platform to take me where ever I was to go and explore beautiful summer and winter landscapes from the west coast beaches to the top of the Rocky Mountains. As well as haul whatever I need with me, while showing off what a such a piece of engineered machinery is capable of with the proper modifications. Platform: 2015 GM Sierra SLE, premium interior, Z71 offroad package, 5.3L EcoTech engine, 20'' Ultra Bright Aluminum wheels, trailer package. MSRP $48,175 The day I bought her her off the lot. I saved up for a long time to own this vehicle and was very proud of my purchase and selection. There were many like it but this one was all mine. Plastic still on. I took the vehicle out of transport mode myself. Modifications: Bed Liner: My first upgrade 3 days after purchase was a bed liner. I really like the how it turned out and added a lot of protection. Highly recommend doing this right away if you are thinking about it. I wondered if I should have let the bed get scratched and dinged up but do not regret not waiting at all. Note: the folks who did mine were consummate pros and made me aware of the 20-30lbs difference. While it may not seem like much serious truck owners may want to take note. Canopy: Adding in a Canopy with insulated top and removable sliding rear window: Note: These can be a pain to buy for new vehicles and if I wanted a perfectly flush fit I had to buy brand new at the time. This is not a cheap upgrade and can easily run upwards of $1800. A canopy can add 150-400lbs of weight depending on make model and options, serious truck owns may want to take note. Cosmetics: Blacking out the badges all around: Note: Peelable rubber spray is very cool stuff. After doing this I was quickly looking for other things to coat around the house. I did mine in a gloss look and armor-all or any protectant spray keeps in looking like new and adds UV protection. Fender Flares: Adding on Bolt On style pocket fender flares: Note: These were an easy install for anyone capable with a set of tools. Added a great look and some pretty good functionality as I drive on dirt roads often. On the GMC Sierra you do not remove the stock flares, this had me puzzled for a bit reading the directions. LED SLT Style Aftermarket Headlamps: I was then looking to add a light bar as was looking at several options for a roof mounted bar. I was talking to a lighting expert who made a lot of sense when he said I may want to think about increasing my stock lighting before looking at a light bar. I did a lot of research on what was available and installed some Spyder headlights for the 14-15 GMC Sierra, I had the the halogen light and projector lens removed and upgraded to a Philips LumiLED bulb with a precision LED projector. Note1: This was an install I would rate at moderate level. A lot of the effort is getting the front valence off you can look at videos on how to do this. Note 2: Whenever you or anyone else ever tinkers with your headlights make sure to align them ASAP. You can check out various videos on how to do this. Be safe out there for you and others, if your are not sure have a professional do it. Note 3: While I upgraded the lights I also added SLT style functionality in my SLE by using a GEN5DIY harness you can find this on thier site with my glowing review from Canada. My lights now have a fully functional LED strip only DRL. This has made the vehicle unique in that there are not many 2015 with LED headlamps and DRL strip functions. It is now one of a kind and still all mine. Jarred at GEN5DIY is a superstar and no one has paid me a dime to say that which is the best review I can give. Fine detailing: Two days worth of 3500 grit wet sanding the entire truck as well as polishing and buffing to remove the factory orange peel and give it a true showroom shine.The results are amazing and speak for themselves in this high res unaltered image. Note 1: Skill level advanced. Many people may not care about this and truly you need not. Every car coming out of every factory has some orange peel only very high end super cars and such get a pro detailing before you purchase. You can hire people to do this but as I said it is a lot of work so cost will vary depending on skills level and your area. You can check out some of the stuff 'Ammo NYC' does on youtube, this guy knows his stuff and works on very expensive cars doing high end shows, I would not want to pay his bill personally. Not cheap. Note 2: I would again not recommend this for everybody. I happen to have grown up around a custom paint shop so to me this is a must. Painting and detailing is second nature to me at this point. This is only for people who have far too much money on their hand or those like me with the know how and far too much time. Do not touch your truck with any grit of paper unless you have first practiced on lots of junk. Next up: 6inch lift and installing some 35x12.5 AT/AWT/M+S tires. Performance dual cat back exhaust Airaid Tuning Headers Lightbar, as I still wish to have one but believe I made a wise choice upgrading what I had before adding more. ...and a whole lot of 4x4 and off-roading. One day: Magnuson Supercharger Please follow my Instagram below to receive updates of Trucks, Dogs, Cats and Westcoast life. *click for gif Gratuitous image of my mascot: I look forward to sharing in fellow enthusiast builds and you sharing in mine. Happy trucking all!
  18. Looking to buy a set of method racing wheels running 17". If anybody is selling a set of mesh 17 by 8.5 shoot me a pm with an asking price. Or something similar to them as they are simulated deadlock.
  19. So I have a 1999 gmc Sierra that has the stock sized 265/75/16 tires on stock rims, I just bought 285/75/17 inch tires on Craigslist, what will I need to do to comfortably fit them, do I need a full suspension lift kit or should I do something cheaper?
  20. We are having a sale on our Gloss and Matte Black wheels for 2014+ Silverado 1500/Sierra wheels This sale applies to our N301, N302, N401, N402 wheels Wheel specs: Size 20x9 / Bolt Pattern 6x135/6x139.7 Dual drill / Offset ET +15, 0, -15 Sale price: $800 shipped (lower 48) Our wheels are 100% Made in America and will be custom made for your truck. Each wheel is available in three different offset options: +15, 0, -15. Our wheels carry a 3600lb load rating and have a lifetime structural warranty. Comment below, PM me or email me at [email protected] If you are interested We also have other wheels available on our site www.nascarwheels.com
  21. Hope this is in the right area, but I am ready to get some custom off-road bumpers for my truck. Ive looked at quite a few bumpers on the market and no matter which one it is, I'll like it, then a few days later, come to some conclusion on why I just can't justify purchasing it for my truck, whether it hang too low or not do what I need to be able to. So Ive decided to turn to just working with a fabricator, (preferably in southern LA but if I have to I'll go elsewhere). I have an idea of what I want, general design, and what it needs to be able to do. But lack the skills to be able to make it myself. If anyone in LA knows anyone, whether its a shop that specializes in it or just a friend of yours who feels confident enough in his skills to build a heavy duty off-road bumper that can hold a winch, get pulled on, and do all the things that an off-road bumper should be able to do, please let me know about them! Thanks in advance - Mike
  22. Hello all, I am Michael from NASCAR Wheels. We are a wheel manufacturer located in Dade City, Florida. Yes – our wheels are MADE IN AMERICA. I am here to introduce you all to our new line of licensed NASCAR Wheels. We currently offer a dual 6 spoke series (300) and a dual 8 spoke series (400). There are a total of 36 different wheel options. All of our wheels are 20” x 9”. We ALSO offer each wheel in three different offset options - +15, 0 and -15. We are giving you this rare opportunity to order directly from the manufacturer and get the exact wheel you want for your truck. I am also personally going to try to contribute as much as I can to this forum by sharing any and all technical knowledge I have. I am here to answer any questions you may have. Visit our website at www.nascarwheels.com Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nascarwheels Check out our Instagram www.instagram.com/sbwheelmfg/ Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/SBWHEELMFG Email me at [email protected] I almost forgot – we want to give everyone here 15% off of their entire order. Just use coupon code MADEINAMERICA
  23. Hello! I have for sale this Rigid Industries SR 20 (Combo Spot/Flood beam) in excellent condition. Model # 92031. I bought this for about $550 when new a year ago or so. Will come with the wiring harness and original box! Asking $400. Text is preferred, but feel free to call or e-mail also. 765-210-6254. [email protected] Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you! Here's a link to the product on the manufacturer's website for more information if needed! http://www.rigidindustries.com/led-lighting/92031 I will also include the 2 clear covers. I have the mount brackets which fit in the bumper of the 2011-2014 Chevrolet/GMC 2500's if interested. http://www.rigidindustries.com/mounting-options/40339
  24. Rigid Indistries bumper mount, had it on my silverado but ive got a sierra now and they arent interchangeable....who knew. Anyways it retails for $70, Id like to get $50 for it. Let me know! Fitment: Chevrolet 1500 (2011-2013), 2500 / 3500 (2007-2010) Bumper Mount
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